Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toro! Toro! Obama Waves Red Flag at GOP Bullshitters

In a matter of hours Emperor Barack Obama is slated to give his big speech on immigration “reform” to a less than national television audience. The major networks - with more than enough mind-numbing reality show bullshit of their own - will decline to air his stemwinder. But Americans can be reassured that the 24/7 electronic sewer of cable TV will be all over it like gravy on rice. I can only imagine the near masturbatory ecstasy that will occur on the set of the Democratic party propaganda network MSNBC as El Presidente grants amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who will be allowed to skirt the official procedures. Hell, you would think that they were Wall Street bankers or something. This may not be politically correct and it may be insensitive to the plight of many affected but corporate American desperately needs this in order to keep wages depressed due to job scarcity and Mr. Obama is once again doing their bidding as the top bagman in the USA! USA! USA!. Those trapped in the middle are just pawns in the big game of "fuck you I got mine" that is Corporate Monopoly. 

Tonight is the night that Obama is going to take out that "red flag" and wave it at the bullshitter that is newly crowned Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who talks a good game but never backs it up with action. It was good ole Mitch who led the recent effort to scare the crap out of Americans with threats of ISIS beheadings on every street corner to torpedo reforms to Obama’s NSA Stasi. McConnell likely got a nice pat on the back from dear leader for that one and the two are colluding on the job killing, ultra-secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) globalist trade deal as well. So the new Republican majority will be subjected to it’s first test as Obama extends his big middle finger and tells them all to eat shit wrapped in a tortilla shell.

At least there is the flamboyant Senator Ted Cruz (the Texas Zamboni) who is on Obama’s ass like an ICE enforcement squad after a pack of Guatemalan ten year olds. Cruz is garnering big time media attention today with his virtual declaration of war on the executive order machine in chief. According to a snarky story from the Washington Post entitled “Ted Cruz goes Peak Senate in opposition to Emperor Obama” the potential 2016 contender invoked the Roman Emperor Cicero in delivering a broadside to Obama:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) thrives on drama. He has a flair for hyperbole and a penchant for wrapping mundane aspects of policy-making in the costumes of the American Revolution or classical literature.

And so, with President Obama expected to announce a series of actions on immigration Thursday night, and with Cruz having long sought to frame Obama as being imperial, Cruz took to the floor of the Senate to deliver a speech worthy of the great Roman orator Cicero to criticize Obama's behavior.

And when we say "worthy of Cicero," it is meant literally. Cruz actually took a speech from Cicero from 63 B.C., changed references to murder and revolution into ones about the IRS and the Constitution, and hammed his way through.

You have to give Cruz one thing, he makes this entire stupid political circus worth watching as America circles the drain just as Rome did. I don’t know about Cicero but Obama could certainly pass for Caligula or better yet a modern version of Nero who plays golf as the country burns. So far McConnell is doing his best imitation of the invisible man and that is not the leadership that GOP pundits claim that Americans voted for two weeks ago. This is of course a lie because the real thing that did in the Democrats was their own complicity in the ongoing destruction of this once great country. Americans may be stupid as well as lazy but they may have been inclined to turn out to vote had the Democrats actually stood for anything outside of Republican Lite. 

Cruz has a set of solid brass cajones and will be putting the wood to Barry for months to come. But at some point it will become the undercard as Obama becomes less interested in lording it over America and eyes his lifetime of hitting the links at luxury courses worldwide on the taxpayer dole. The real steel cage death match will come when he takes on Queen Hillary the Inevitable which will be like Godzilla versus Megalon and will almost be worth paying to watch. Cruz may be a grandstanding douchebag but is he really that much worse than anyone that the Democrats have to offer?

Like it really matters which fucking party is in power anymore so just enjoy the show that is being broadcast to the schmucks in steerage as the USS Collapse steams towards the iceberg.