Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Democrats Whip Out Their Slick Willie

Outside of Adolf Hitler himself it would be hard to imagine a historical political figure who is as much a turnoff to so many as President Barack Obama. Barry is now officially radioactive to the point where his even speaking at a campaign stop to bolster a hapless Democrat’s election hopes sent hordes of disgusted Americans scrambling to the exits. One could say that he is about as popular as the Ebola virus these days which is particularly ominous for the staggering Dems as they are about to be given the knockout punch by voters. So what do the Democrats do?  They bring in the big gun, former President Bill Clinton to troll for suckers in the waning days before political Armageddon 2014.

Bubba Clinton’s stops include several in the Bluegrass State to stump for Alison Lundergan Grimes in her bid to upset longtime Senator and the man who would be Senate Majority Leader, the turtle-faced con artist Mitch McConnell. This comes despite the fact that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) pretty much threw in the towel last week by bailing on funding  her negative ads. It is as though the shameless old degenerate with the allegedly crooked penis is a man of miracles.

According to a story from the website of  Democratic party propaganda network MSNBC:

National Democrats may have abandoned Alison Lundergan Grimes in her fight to unseat Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell next month, but Bill Clinton isn’t giving up hope: The former president returns to the state Tuesday afternoon to campaign for Grimes in two rallies, his third visit since she won the Democratic primary earlier this year.

Clinton’s efforts to stump for the Democratic hopeful reveal his continued support. He will attend an event in Owensboro at 3 p.m. local time, and in Paducah at 7 p.m. local. He made his first appearance on her behalf in February, ahead of the state primary that Grimes later won by 37 percentage points. In August, Clinton visited the state again to address a crowd of supporters. And just last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined her husband in Louisville, where she warned voters that they will regret taking a victory for granted.

Unlike President Barack Obama, whose approval ratings in Kentucky continuously hover near 30%, the former commander-in-chief remains popular among residents in the mostly conservative state. Thousands of residents flocked to hear him speak during his past two appearances in the Bluegrass State. And both Clintons carried Kentucky in their respective presidential campaigns.

Grimes is likely doomed but according to some reports she may end being beholden to the Clintons for their last ditch effort to bolster her hopes.  The Louisville Courier Journal published a story: “If elected, Grimes would owe the Clintons” and it is a good bet that the man who is incapable of keeping his dick in his pants is counting on exactly that. Slick Willie is probably just sizing up a prospective new piece of ass for his likely return to the White House as first husband in January 2017.

The mainstream media is already swooning over the restoration of the Clinton dynasty. The Washington Post is running a story entitled "Hillary Clinton is a bright spot on a gloomy Democratic election landscape" that states:

The presumptive Democratic front-runner for 2016 is among her party’s best assets to raise money and energize voters amid a gloomy election landscape for Democrats this fall, and she is campaigning hard even on behalf of apparent lost causes.

As a pair of events this week in California illustrated, Clinton’s efforts to raise money and get out the vote for Democratic congressional and gubernatorial candidates often dovetail with her own political agenda. Her first political season after stepping down as secretary of state has combined political boosterism for Democrats — including in key presidential states — with high-dollar fundraising and lucrative paid speeches.

The appearances give revealing clues as to what kind of candidate Clinton might be in two years — emphasizing women’s issues and striving to thread the needle between her hawkish, centrist history and the more liberal base that rejected her in favor of Barack Obama in 2008.
Here in San Francisco on Monday, Clinton gave a spirited call to arms to Democrats as she road-tested what is likely to be her economic message if she runs again. The November midterms, she said, come down “to a simple question: Who’s on your side?”

For conservatives who thought that the corrupt state-corporate media was in the bag for Barack I have news for you: you haven't seen anything yet. America just loves stories about goofy dipshit couples. I mean my God, in what other country could the reality TV series "The Osbornes" have been such a smash hit? Outside of  the endless wars, the imposition of a national domestic surveillance state, using the IRS to target political foes and botched responses to natural disasters and diseases, the media has suffered through years of boredom. There is nothing quite like the smell of tawdry sexual naughtiness and marital betrayal that is more alluring to our panty-sniffing tabloid press.

Like it or not, America is going to get reacquainted with the nation’s “first black president” William Jefferson Clinton very soon. I suppose that it was inevitable but the chubby little trollop who occasionally served as Bubba's humidor, Monica Lewinsky has recently surfaced again as well. If nothing else, the future is not going to be lacking for sheer entertainment value. That is if you have a really twisted sense of humor.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pentagon Announces Domestic Emergency Ebola Response Team

Living in the America of the post-September 11, 2001 era one must understand that the answer to pretty much everything is to call in the military. The ongoing wars in the volatile Middle East are one thing but such ideas are beginning to bleed over into the domestic realm. We already have the Pentagon underwriting the militarizing of the American police and the intelligence services working with locals law enforcement to set up Fusion Centers. Now the feds are kicking around the idea of a military response to an Ebola outbreak. Can an excuse for martial law be far behind?

According to a story that just broke on the website of the Los Angeles Times entitled “Pentagon announces Ebola rapid-response team for U.S. cases of virus”:

The Pentagon announced Sunday it is putting together a 30-person rapid-response team that could provide quick medical support to civilian healthcare workers if additional cases of the Ebola virus are diagnosed in the United States.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered U.S. Northern Command Commander Gen. Chuck Jacoby to assemble the team, which was requested by the Department of Health and Human Services, said Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby.

The team will consist of 20 critical-care nurses, five doctors trained in infectious disease, and five trainers in infectious-disease protocols.

"Once formed, team members will be sent to Ft. Sam Houston in Texas for up to seven days of specialized training in infection control and personal protective equipment," Kirby said in a statement. "That training is expected to start within the next week or so and will be provided by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases."

Once the team is trained, they will remain in Texas in a "prepare to deploy" status for 30 days, available to be sent to other U.S. locations as required, he said. The team will not be sent to West Africa, where the Ebola virus is running rampant, or elsewhere overseas.

The creeping cat’s feet of American fascism continue to get louder and the introduction into The Homeland of the Ebola virus may be just that “serious crisis” that Rahm Emanuel would never let go to waste. It really is only a matter of time until an American president crosses the Rubicon and declares a state of martial law - you can bet on it.

The Posse Comitatus Act has pretty much been rendered null and void by the establishment of NORTHCOM several years back. This command ensured that the military would be properly equipped and legally authorized to deal with unspecified domestic issues in a time of national emergency. Whether it will be Obama, Hillary or some Republican upstart the power and ability now exists to implement martial law. Sadly, the public acceptance of it also exists.

Operations in Beantown in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing where militarized police conducted warrantless door to door searches were essentially a live drill for martial law. Now the government is no longer even bothering with the pretense that the troops won’t be called out on American soil when that “serious crisis” arises. It could be Ebola or it could be in Ferguson in a few weeks when a grand jury does not indict right-wing hero and rogue cop Darren Wilson for the murder of the unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the riots start but it’s coming.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower must be rolling in his grave now that his dire warnings of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex went unheeded and have now become fully realized.

The proverbial camel’s nose is already under the tent if you have bothered to take a good look around.

Orwell 101: Obama Downplays Ebola as Elections Loom

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and 2+2=5. Those all come from George Orwell’s enduring classic novel of a totalitarian dystopia "1984" but could easily be adapted for Obama’s America in 2014.  A critical component of Orwell’s book is the perversion of language and the triumph of the lies of the state in enhancing its own power. It is called “newspeak” and is an indispensable item in big toolbox of the American political establishment. The government now lies as a first resort, no longer even bothering with the truth. The corrupt state media – long in bed with the Obama regime – then reinforces the lies and the system continues to rot as Americans get the shaft over and over again. El Presidente, with the clock ticking down towards the November elections did Orwell proud during his Saturday morning weekly presidential radio address.

President Ebola’s message to the nation is described by the Washington Post in a piece entitled “Obama: ‘We can’t give in to hysteria or fear’ of Ebola” from which I excerpt the following:

President Obama on Saturday sought to tamp down fears of an Ebola outbreak and defend his administration from Republican critics who have called for a more aggressive response to the disease, including sealing off U.S. borders to visitors from countries battling widespread outbreaks.
“We can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa, where this disease is raging,” Obama said in his weekly radio address. “Trying to seal off an entire region of the world — if that were even possible — could actually make the situation worse.”

Such actions would make it harder for American health-care workers, soldiers and supplies to reach stricken areas and could prompt residents of countries in West Africa where Ebola is still spreading to try to evade screening on their way to the United States or Europe, Obama said.

The president’s main message was one of calm, coming at a time of growing worry in communities throughout the country. “We can’t give in to hysteria or fear, because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need,” Obama said. “If we’re guided by science — the facts, not fear — then I am absolutely confident we can prevent a serious outbreak here in the United States.”

Just ‘trust me’ is the message from Obama and how many times have Americans heard that one before only to be hornswoggled?  Travel restrictions are off the table and would only "make the situation worse". There is more than a whiff of 2+2=5 in that sort of batshit crazy type of reasoning.  Had travel restrictions been imposed on flights from the Ebola hotbed in Africa to begin with and had Barry’s incompetent lackeys not downplayed the danger of bringing Ebola victims to America the virus would still be alien to the U.S.A. Ironically, this could not have happened at a worse time for Obama with another electoral "shellacking" looming and now the Democrat propaganda machine is frantically flying into action.

The cesspool of keening, orange bellied liberal cyber-swine, Daily Kos had Obama’s back in a post “Obama explains Ebola to the fear-based, freaked-out public in weekly address” and a coordinated effort is now in the works. The most critical aspect of the domestic Ebola outbreak now is how to best control the message in the waning days before the elections.  Democratic party operatives are already attacking Republicans as racists responsible for spreading an Ebola panic in order to score political points but that is just total crap. Not that the Republicans aren't racists - they are - but the Dems are equally rotten with selectively playing the race card whenever it suits their political needs.  There are even smears being peddled to attack libertarians such as Rand Paul as being an “Ebola truther” to stifle criticism of Obama. The desperation from the red jackass party is intense and growing by the minute. Any downplaying of the threat of the virus is all sleazy politics to keep the Senate under Harry Reid’s corrupt leadership and the dogs of impeachment at bay.

This is why Sunday morning’s propaganda circuit features Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on all five major networks to assure the sheep that all is under control. The elections were likely a key concern in Obama’s appointment of longtime Democrat political hack, Ron Klain as Ebola czar despite the inconvenient truth that he has no medical background. It’s all about keeping the lid on things until after November 4th and avoiding the loss of the Senate. If Ebola is going to go national, it just needs to wait until after the votes have been cast. That's the way that the administration sees it.

So don’t worry, be happy and vote for a Democrat.

Orwell was an optimist.

Investigation Opened After Sadistic Texas Cop Lures and Executes Dog

In yet another sick story of a law enforcement officer shooting a beloved family pet another investigation is being conducted by authorities over an alleged dog murder.  The incident took place back in August in Cleburne, Texas and was captured on video by a police body cam. That video is now going viral on the internet. This particular incident is bizarre in that the shooter was apparently making sounds of a non-threatening and even accommodating nature in order to draw the animal closer before he pulled the trigger.

According to a story from the website of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that is entitled “Cleburne police reviewing officer’s shooting of dog”:

Cleburne police are reviewing an incident involving an officer fatally shooting a pit bull that appeared to be aggressive — an event that was captured on video.

On Aug. 10, police responded to a 911 call from a woman who said that she, along with an elderly woman and a baby, were trapped in their car by several pit bulls.

In a news release issued Friday, two months after the dog was shot, police spokeswoman Kelly Summey said, “The city is obviously concerned about the video showing an officer shooting a dog. As is often the case, the short video does not tell the whole story.”

Summey did not return phone calls late Friday afternoon.

Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain said that the video was “bad” and that an internal investigation is underway.

“Obviously, the video is very disturbing, and I am very upset about the video,” he said. “We want to hear the officer’s statement as well as statements from witnesses, but I can assure you that if action needs to be taken, that it will be swift.”

When asked why information was released in October when the shooting took place in August, Cain said, “That is something I would like to know.”

The Cleburne shooting comes on the heels of a recent incident involving Fort Worth Deputy Chief Kenneth Flynn, who faces animal cruelty charges after he shot and killed a German shepherd with his city-issued weapon after the dog killed his cat.

“The officer was using his body camera. The dog was wagging its tail, but we need to look at the dog’s body language,” Cain said.

The dead dog’s owner, like Mayor Cain has questioned that why if the animal was shot in August did an investigation not take place until mid-October? Dallas-Ft. Worth television station WFAA 8 interviewed Amanda Henderson who states  "I see him murdering my puppy, our family... our dog". The likely answer is that the release of the video online made the shooting impossible for the city to ignore any longer.

The cop’s account is that the animal was aggressive but if that were the case couldn’t mace or pepper spray have been used to subdue the animal? Why didn’t the police - with the call being placed specifically over the behavior of the dogs – call in animal control professionals to deal with the situation? In America there are any number of professions where dogs are encountered yet you rarely if ever hear of mailmen, meter readers, appliance repair personnel, leaflet distributors, delivery service employees or pizza carriers opening fire on an animal.

Maybe it’s the uniform and the accompanying allure of being a government enforcer that a percentage of sociopaths and power freaks are drawn to. Such individuals are able to slip through the screening processes and when they inevitably act out cities and counties have a public relations mess and litigation on their hands. Such incidents and worse happen with such frequency now that it is obvious that there is a systemic crisis underway.

The most disturbing aspect is the video itself, where the dog appeared to be lured by the offending cop with kissy sounds and then sent to the great beyond. If that is the case then it is a vile and sadistic act and should result in not only legal action against the City of Cleburne but also disciplinary action against the officer himself.

The phenomenon of cops busting a cap into a furry, four-legged animal is a sign of the times in these days of moral and social decline. This type of behavior coincides with the rise of the American police state after 9/11 and it won't be stopping anytime soon.

This stuff should just not happen in America and fittingly belongs in a banana republic somewhere.

Friday, October 17, 2014

We Are Screwed: Obama Chooses Democratic Party Hack as Ebola Czar

Today President Barack Obama began to mitigate the damage that the arrival of the Ebola virus in the United States has done to his already dismal reputation. With the mid-term elections now only eighteen days away and the Democrats hemorrhaging worse than Thomas Eric Duncan, Barry stepped to the plate and is ready to name the nation’s first Ebola Czar. Meet Ron Klain, a Democrat party hack who formerly served as a chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden. Mr. Klain has no medical background but can be counted upon to be a reliable water carrier for the party which is what really matters.  Just when you think that the Obama operation can’t sink any lower they hit bottom and set up a drilling rig.

According to an article from Yahoo News, “Obama taps former Biden aide Ron Klain as ‘Ebola czar’”:

President Barack Obama has picked Ron Klain, an inside-the-Beltway veteran and well-regarded manager, to oversee and fix the wobbly federal government response to West Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak.

“The president has asked Ron Klain to take on the task of coordinating his administration’s whole of government Ebola response,” the White House said. His formal title will be “Ebola Response Coordinator.”

Klain, a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, “will report directly” to Obama Homeland Security Adviser Lisa Monaco and National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

His job will be to ensure “that efforts to protect the American people by detecting, isolating and treating Ebola patients in this country are properly integrated but don’t distract from the aggressive commitment to stopping Ebola at the source in West Africa,” the White House said.
Klain, a veteran of political knife fights like the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida, is generally well regarded in Congress by Democrats and Republicans for his managerial skills. As Biden’s chief of staff, Klain oversaw the implementation of the 2009 economic stimulus package.

Klain, a lawyer by training, currently runs Case Holdings, which oversees the business and charity interests of former AOL Chairman Steve Case. He is also general counsel at Washington-based venture capital firm Revolution LLC.

The announcement came a day after Obama acknowledged that “it might make sense to have one person” overseeing the process “just to make sure that we’re crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s going forward.”

Klain literally has credentials to die for.  You might recall that back in 2005 during the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Katrina that another incompetent political stooge drew savage mockery and scorn from Democrats and liberals. Michael Brown, the hand-picked FEMA director of President George W. Bush rocketed to national infamy as New Orleans drowned. Bush ensured that he would forever become synonymous with cronyism of the worst type with his proclamation that "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job".  Brown had as much real life experience with disasters as Obama’s latest pet ass-clown has in epidemiology.

Naturally the Democrats are down with the appointment of a political apparatchik and brain dead buffoon to manage what could end up being a national catastrophe. Hell, with Klain’s appointment we are even more likely to experience a national Ebola outbreak. What on God’s green Earth is wrong with these people? Not to mention that this fixation with naming “czars” is creepy, such a title is decidedly un-American and is a better fit in one of history’s tyrannical communist regimes than a supposedly free country.

The entire Obama response to the domestic Ebola invasion – which his administration bears much responsibility for – has been underwhelming and idiotic. Days prior to his naming of a longtime party loyalist as "czar" he was promising an "Ebola SWAT Team". This should make Americans feel really good in the era of militarized police goon squads. SWAT teams are not your friends. They are the Kevlar clad government thugs who kick down the door in the middle of the night, throw flash grenades into the cribs of toddlers and gun down the family dog. It really makes a person wonder whether some of those sordid and sleazy internet rumors about El Presidente being a closet crack-head may have just a smattering of truth mixed in.

You just can’t make shit like this up!