Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fearing a Repeat of 2008 Fiasco Team Hillary Looks to Chop Off Biden’s Balls

If you listened to the Clinton political machine back in early 2008, the queen in waiting was as invincible as the 18-0 New England Patriots who only had to beat the upstart New York Giants in the Super Bowl to make history. The heavily favored Patriots choked, going down 17-14 to a wild-card team in one of the greatest upsets ever. Just a little more than four months after the Pats collapsed, Hillary Clinton conceded the Democratic party nomination to a young hustler from Chicago named Barack Obama. It was a crushing humiliation to an anal retentive narcissist who was hellbent on making history as the first female U.S. president and haunts her to this day. Now, with the Dems having made what in hindsight appears to be a catastrophic decision to go all in on Hillary even though she would take the whole party down with her if she imploded again, history is on the verge of repeating itself.

Beset by problems of her own creation as well as her not exactly being a likeable person (translation: bitch on wheels), Hillary is going down in flames and the Hillemmings are frantically looking to lay their hands on fire extinguishers. With Vice President Joe “Foghorn Leghorn” Biden having received Emperor Obama’s blessing to challenge the Clinton crime family for the nomination, Hillary is going into full out bitch mode. It’s like that line from the Clint Eastwood western The Outlaw Josey Wales about getting “plumb mad dog mean” and Mrs. Clinton is ready to chop off old Joe’s balls with a pair of rusty garden shears before he gains any sort of momentum.

As reported by the Associated Press via Yahoo News in the story “Before Nation's Top Democrats, Clinton Sends Biden a Message”:

In ways both subtle and blunt, Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is sending a message to Vice President Joe Biden about his potential presidential campaign: This won't be easy.

While Clinton and her team speak warmly of Biden in public, they have taken steps to make clear how they've taken control of the party's establishment in hopes of discouraging the vice president from entering the race.

The latest came Friday in the most public of settings: the Democratic National Committee summer meetings. In a speech to the party's most committed activists, Clinton cast herself as its standard-bearer and vowed to win the presidential race and rebuild the party from the ground up.

"We are building something that will last long after next November," Clinton told party officials gathered in a Minneapolis ballroom. "Other candidates may be fighting for a particular ideology, but I'm fighting for you and your families."

The speech came after her team rolled out a string of high-profile endorsements in early-voting states and scheduled an onslaught of fundraisers across the country in the effort to ice a Biden bid before he even gets started.

Behind the scenes, they're pressuring donors and delegates to pledge their loyalty to Clinton. Her team sent a slate of top aides to the meeting this weekend armed with pledge cards asking party delegates to commit to Clinton.

It’s not surprising that Clinton would be exacting loyalty pledges in that she is “left” in exactly the same way that Joseph Stalin was. Bloomberg News is reporting that Team Hillary already has locked up hundreds of superdelegates in a preemptive move to squash any and all competition well in advance of next year’s primaries in the story entitled "Clinton Camp Says One-Fifth of Delegates Secured for Nomination":

As Hillary Clinton's campaign seeks to project dominance in a field that could soon include Vice President Joe Biden, her top advisers are touting a decisive edge on a little-discussed metric: superdelegate commitments.

At the Democratic National Committee meeting in Minneapolis, where Clinton spoke on Friday, senior Clinton campaign officials are claiming that she has already secured one-fifth of the pledges needed to win the Democratic presidential nomination. They come from current and former elected officials, committee officeholders, and other party dignitaries.

The campaign says that Clinton currently has about 130 superdelegates publicly backing her, but a person familiar with recent conversations in Minneapolis said that officials are telling supporters and the undecided in the last few days that private commitments increase that number to more than 440—about 20 percent of the number of delegates she would need to secure the nomination.

So as far as the Dems go it’s just fuck the debates, the caucuses and the primaries because it is already a done deal and the Clinton machine doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what the voters think - everyone owes this to her for dry-dicking her in 2008. But while Hillary and her army of supporters are manning the ramparts and boiling up industrial sized cauldrons of hot pitch, the feds are closing in on her over those mysterious State Department emails.
Reports have surfaced that the FBI may be contemplating whether to invoke the archaic World War I Espionage Act – a favorite of the Obama goon squads over at the Justice Department - against Mrs. Clinton. Barry and Hillary have never exactly been enamored of each other, especially after 2008 and in the waning days of his second damnable term he may be looking to once again piss on her parade by unleashing the attack dogs on her ass in order to put his thumb on the scale for Biden.

This shit is getting pretty fucking interesting right about now, be sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand for what is going to be one hell of a show.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Even Frank Luntz is Now Saying that Trump May be Unstoppable

In a troubling sign for the Republican party establishment, even their longtime pollster Frank Luntz has been forced to admit that insurgent candidate Donald Trump may now be unstoppable. Luntz, who ran afoul of Trump with his obviously rigged focus group right after the big Fox News debate and was blasted as a “low class slob” by the Donald, has conducted another focus group study and the results are stunning. The people who were involved indicated that their support for Trump marked a total rejection of a political establishment that has finally taken a dump on them one time too many and that they are mad as hell about it. Mr. Luntz stated that“This is real. I’m having trouble processing it. Like, my legs are shaking.”

As reported by political analyst Claude Brodesser-Akner of in the article “ Trump may be 'impossible to take down,' top Republican pollster says”:

A new focus group commissioned by GOP pollster Frank Luntz shows Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is virtually invulnerable to attack by rival 2016 candidates and the media, leading Luntz to say that it is now "totally conceivable" that Trump will become the Republican Party's nominee for president.

"The Republican leadership needs to wake up and see that the grass roots has abandoned them," said Luntz, the head of Luntz Global, a top GOP polling and messaging consultancy.

"This is a different cat," Luntz added. "It's not like Ross Perot in 1992, where people were simply unhappy with the two major parties; they're choosing Trump affirmatively. Honestly, my legs are shaking looking at these numbers. All those people who think he's going to implode are wrong. He's not going away."
Assembled in a room behind mirrored glass in an Alexandria, Va. office building, 29 current and former Trump supporters held forth on what they like and dislike about the controversial real estate tycoon, who owns three New Jersey golf courses and once owned three Atlantic City casinos.

Most notably, the intensity of the group's support for Trump was matched only by their dislike of establishment GOP candidates and politics as usual. At one point, a woman named Rhiannon explained her support of Trump by lamenting that "it appears that there's only one party." A whopping 25 of 29 participants in the focus group immediately and heartily agreed with her.
"Nobody is listening to us," echoed another supporter identified only as 'Suzanne.' "(But) he's listening to us, he knows what we think and he's successful just like we want to be."

Elections do have consequences and it is a pretty safe bet that a good deal of the anger towards the GOP establishment and their massive slate of candidates – Jeb! and the 15 dwarfs – stems from the great betrayal of the 2014 mid-term elections. Conservatives mobilized and turned out in huge numbers to express their disapproval with the Obama occupying government and were fired up by promises of change, accountability and stopping Barry’s policies dead in their tracks. They were then rewarded with having a butcher knife embedded between their shoulder blades by the “leadership” dream team of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who immediately resumed their positions as Obama’s footstools once they had been safely reelected.

Naturally conservatives felt betrayed, especially when McConnell and Boehner surrendered to Obama after they gave up any leverage on preventing amnesty for illegal aliens when that big greasy pork sandwich the "cromnibus" was passed to fund the government last December. There are only so many times that you can play people for chumps and suckers and get away with it and now with a huge number of the party base embracing Trump it looks like the jig is finally up. While the establishment still plots to somehow knock him out – barring him from ballot access in Virginia is the latest scheme – the ship has sailed as far as being able to easily sell the Bush restoration to the peasants who now have armed themselves with pitchforks.

When even a guy like Frank Luntz is forced to admit that Trump’s support is real and growing and that he could be the nominee – a Clinton slayer – it should serve as a wake-up call for the party bosses to get out in front of the parade lest they be trampled by it.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Whoops: Super PAC’s Iowa Mass Mailing Flyer Has Jeb! With One Black Hand

Establishment golden boy John Ellis Bush aka “Jeb!” has had a rough go of it so far in the early going of the GOP primary season. The family brand name has been trumped by the Donald and the former Florida governor has been struggling to gain traction in the polls. One big problem with Dubya’s younger brother is that he doesn’t have any of his notorious sibling’s personality and that has contributed to lackluster performances in the debates and on the stump that have alarmed donors.

Mr. Bush has been cranking up his condemnations of Donald Trump as of late – primarily lame Frank Luntz style bullshit accusing him of being a Democrat – and is even starting to flip-flop on his “moderate” immigration stance. So considering that he has enough trouble already it hardly behooves him that his Super PAC has just made a major error in a mass mailing to thousands of people in all-important Iowa.

The Bush Super PAC, Right to Rise, has to be looking for some new Photoshop experts this morning after the embarrassing mailing of 85,000 flyers to Iowans incorrectly shows the king in waiting with one black hand. With the money that must have gone into the mailing you would think that it would have been scrutinized a bit better by the quality control folks.

As reported by NBC News in the story “Jeb Bush Super PAC Mailer Has Awkward Photo Goof”:

Well, this is awkward.

The Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise sent a mailer to more than 85,000 Iowa voters, but something is a bit off in the photo of the group's favorite 2016 presidential nominee.
The group also tweeted the photo as a teaser for the mailer. Take a close look at Bush in the second photo of their tweet and you'll see that his left hand appears several shades darker than the rest of his skin.

Liberal news blog ThinkProgress accused the group of superimposing the GOP nominee's head onto the body of a black man, while TIME pointed out the background in the picture is actually a stock photo of Cedar Rapids.

Perhaps it is Bush's entire body pasted onto the stock photo and the mailer's creator just got a little carried away with Photoshop's Burn tool, which is used to darken parts of an image. Whatever the case, it appears to be a pretty big Photoshop fail on someone's part.

For “Jeb!” it is another problem that he doesn’t need as his organization is working desperately to overcome his underwhelming performance so far. It also can’t exactly be bolstering the confidence of Iowans who are placed on a pedestal by the national media for their titanic importance in setting the course for the other 49 states in the presidential race. It’s not as if that photo op of Bush manning the grill to cook pork chops for the peasants wasn’t phony enough and now this ugly mistake gets delivered to their mailboxes – even Iowans may start thinking that something is amiss with this guy.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Better Late than Never: Subway Takes Down Jared’s Pants Dance Game

Still reeling from the total shock of having their longtime national frontman exposed as a child molesting pervert, Subway was caught with their pants down over an online game that in light of recent events was grossly inappropriate. The sandwich chain’s website was as of Wednesday morning still featuring the child’s game “Jared’s Pants Dance” even as the game's namesake, Jared Fogle was in court pleading guilty to charges of having sex with a minor and possession of child pornography. Mr. Fogle’s fall from the lofty status of being the smiling face of the global fast food giant to just another disgraced pederast had to have caught the company completely off guard and leaving the “Pant’s Dance" game up after they had cut ties with Fogle is yet another public relations headache. The game has since been removed.

Subway has scrapped an online children’s game called “Jared’s Pants Dance,” after former pitchman Jared Fogle agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to child pornography charges and to crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors.

Mediaite reports that young players were tasked with catching Subway sandwiches and other items in a pair of Mr. Fogle’s famous oversized blue jeans.

The game was taken down after CNBC’s Ben Berkowitz tweeted about the game’s existence following Mr. Fogle’s announced plea deal on Wednesday.

The sandwich chain cut ties with Mr. Fogle just a day earlier.

Fogle has represented the image for Subway for so long that it is hard to believe that some people are aver going to be able to look at one of their restaurants again without thinking of him. The lurid details continue to come out as well including that he had pornographic images of children as young as six years old and that his preference for prospective sexual partners was “the younger, the better”. This is about as sleazy and disgusting as it gets and even more so when you consider that Fogle had toured schools across the country to promote healthy eating.

The dirty little pederast Fogle is now reaping the consequences for his despicable acts, his wife is divorcing him, his high school has removed him from their alumni hall of fame and he soon will be headed to prison. Subway is left to rebrand itself and wonder how they were ever duped so completely by a twisted operator like Fogle while Jared himself prepares to spend at least five years doing the pants dance in the pokey.

Big Surprise: Jeb! Wants More Power for NSA Stasi

Now that Rand Paul is imploding there are no prospective Republican nominees who will take his place to defend the Constitution and reign in Emperor Obama’s out of control NSA Stasi. On the contrary, there will be many candidates who will now resort to using the fear of terror to double down on the surveillance state powers that rose from the ruins of the World Trade Center only to be exploited and turned into a highly lucrative boom industry.

While Marco Rubio has already called for making the USA PATRIOT Act permanent – before it was replaced by the tepid crock of piss Freedom Act – and Chris Christie worships the authoritarian powers of the state, it is none other than the chosen one “Jeb!” who has now called for a vast expansion of the NSA. The rogue intelligence agency has long been operating with impunity to spy on, monitor and engage in the data-mining of millions of law-abiding Americans and that is just fine with Mr. Bush who like Obama and his brother before him, wants that power at his own disposal if elected president.

According to the Associated Press via Yahoo News “Jeb Bush: NSA needs broader powers to combat 'evildoers'”:

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the government should have broad surveillance powers of Americans and private technology firms should cooperate better with intelligence agencies to help combat "evildoers."

At a national security forum in the early voting state of South Carolina, Bush put himself at odds with Republican congressional leaders who earlier this year voted to end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone records.

The former Florida governor said Congress should revisit its changes to the Patriot Act, and he dismissed concerns from civil libertarians who say the program violated citizens' constitutionally protected privacy rights.

"There's a place to find common ground between personal civil liberties and NSA doing its job," Bush said. "I think the balance has actually gone the wrong way."

Nobody has to my knowledge ever said that the feds shouldn’t go after those who are truly trying to plot to attack or harm Americans but the illegal practice of stockpiling telephone metadata (an indexing system), all internet activity including emails, social media activity, reading lists, personal and financial data and everything else that the NSA can scoop up without bothering to get a warrant takes a dump on everything that we are supposed to stand for. This is the type of raw power that Hitler or Stalin had at their command only without state of the art technology and it is what is going to put the final stake into the heart of what was once a free country - and guys like Jeb Bush will be pounding it in.

The establishment is desperate right now to fight off a mass uprising that could shake them to their roots and break up their corrupt political rackets. It is evident in the reaction to the rise of Donald Trump and to a lesser degree, Bernie Sanders that millions of folks have had enough of the lies, graft and bullshit. It is imperative to prevent the people from ever wresting control of the political system back from those who have hijacked it and like any totalitarian would, the key for it is the ability to spy on and target political dissenters. That’s what all of this is about, not about fighting “terrorism”, that is just something to sell to the suckers and the easily scared, there will always be a bogeymen that can be whipped out by the politicians.

If the establishment is really so concerned about the “terrorists” then why in the hell has the southern border been left wide open since September 11, 2001? That is the dead giveaway that the phony war on terror has been a crock of horseshit since day one.