Monday, July 6, 2015

Chris Christie Calls For Rand Paul to Face Stalinist Style Tribunal

I used to believe that the term “fascist pig” was a cliché and a bygone part of the hippie era lexicon but now it is apparent that Chris Christie is the modern personification of it. The Sopranos state Governor today floated the trial balloon that a sitting United States Senator – and political foe – be forced to stand before a government tribunal for actually defending the Constitution. Ironic that such a thing can be said less than 48 hours after Independence day but that is a contradiction that seems to have largely gone unnoticed by most here in the banana republic of Obamastan.

Still tipsy from the adoration showered on him at that weekend slumber party at Mitt Romney’s vacation home the bloated Christie went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and called for Rand Paul to be brought up before Congress because he opposed the unconstitutional mass surveillance of millions of Americans. The surveillance or bulk phone metadata collection was ruled to be “illegal” by a federal appeals court but was recently renewed by Obama’s top secret surveillance court. Christie would fit in very nicely as one of the authoritarian apparatchik in a totalitarian state but this takes it to another level.

Gov. Chris Christie on Monday escalated his criticism of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over his stance against the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of telephone call records, saying his rival for the Republican presidential nomination should be forced to testify before Congress if the U.S. suffers a terrorist attack.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Monday morning, Mr. Christie said that Mr. Paul’s opposition to the NSA’s metadata program had made the U.S. “weaker and more vulnerable.”

“He should be in hearings in front of Congress if there’s another attack, not the director of the FBI or the director of the CIA,” said Mr. Christie, a former U.S. Attorney who launched his presidential campaign last week.
Mr. Christie also said that Mr. Paul’s fundraising off his opposition to the NSA program was “disgraceful.” Mr. Paul has frequently put up messages against “NSA spying” on his campaign website.

Mr. Christie has attacked Mr. Paul on the NSA repeatedly this year, at one point comparing him to Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor whose large leak of secret agency documents touched off debate in Washington over the phone data program.

Mr. Paul has made his opposition to government surveillance one of his top political issues. Mr. Paul argues the surveillance invades personal privacy and is an affront to civil liberties. He was a vocal supporter of a bill that passed the Senate 67-32 last month that curbed the NSA’s bulk phone data collection program. President Barack Obama signed the bill into law.

A spokesman for Mr. Paul’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Mr. Christie was set to appear on three national TV morning shows Monday.

The WSJ mentions Christie’s past gig as a U.S. Attorney but shouldn’t such officials be bound by a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution? Christie’s big triumph was the massively overhyped bust of a bunch of hapless Muslim morons labeled as the “Fort Dix Six” who were entrapped. The case was ludicrous from the start with the plot supposedly being that the losers would dress up as pizza delivery drivers and take on hundreds if not thousands of heavily armed soldiers on a highly secured military installation - you just can't make shit like that up or maybe, if you are Chris Christie - you can. 

The website The Intercept chronicles how Governor Jelly Doughnut, who was the prosecutor at the time relied on shoddy evidence and entrapment to get a national springboard for a gubernatorial run in the piece entitled "Christie's Conspiracy".

But back to Christie’s ranting about Paul being blamed for a “terrorist” attack which is such a grossly stupid and arrogant statement that it could have come flying out of the mustachioed pie hole of Joseph Stalin himself. But that is exactly who Chris Christie is, an incompetent, corrupt, bullying fascist who worships big government and seeks to use it as a bludgeon against his political enemies. This guy would make Obama look like a piker if he manages to get elected president which thank God is a really, really long shot.

We are really on the edge of crossing the Rubicon in America where a top presidential candidate  -who is practically being blown by the lamestream media - can get away with such insane threats and innuendo. Rand Paul would be treated like one of the poor schmucks who were rounded up by the NKVD, trotted out for a show trial before a kangaroo court and then sentenced to katorga in the gulags. That is what Chris Christie's vision of America is.

Chris Christie believes that political dissent should be outright criminalized, his strident defense of the USA PATRIOT Act and prior statements confirm it. Why the squealing porker isn’t ever called on his anti-American horseshit shows just how far down the rabbit hole that we have all been dragged by the rogue government since 9/11. While Christie has little chance of winning the GOP nomination he may make an alluring pick for Attorney General under a "Jeb!" regime.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Fourth of July Suckers: Government Hyped Terror Alerts Were Just Another Hoax

Fireworks displays and celebrations delighted millions from sea to shining sea yesterday as they celebrated the Fourth of July which for a welcome change didn't fall on a work night. There were family gatherings, ballgames, barbecues and beer, concerts and patriotic hoopla galore as is our long running national tradition. To get into how things have shifted since my youth when the day was observed for what it actually was intended to represent into what has today been morphed into - a celebration of militarism and the state itself  - would be to show my age. Best to just leave it at that and just say that times have changed one hell of a lot.

In New York City the damn Yankees edged out my hometown Tampa Bay Rays 3-2 and when night fell,  the annual Macy’s fireworks display was televised nationwide. In an interesting footnote, Nashville, TN actually beat the Big Apple in terms of sheer firepower this year but the establishment media would never dare to acknowledge such heresy. A dude nicknamed “Megatoad” won the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest by devouring 62 of the things in ten minutes and the violence in Chicago continued to rage with eight more dead, including a 7 year old. What did not occur was that massively hyped alleged terrorist attack that the media and federal government had been fear-mongering about over the past week.

The Obama regime’s latest sleazy attempt to subvert freedom and liberty couldn’t have been better timed because nothing is more subversive than pissing on a great American day of the celebration of breaking free of tyranny. In a nearly fourteen year running imposition of fear upon a once proud and brave people it was really scraping bottom - but for the Obama occupation government that is just par for the course.

In a masterpiece of propaganda that would do Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels himself proud, Reuters reported on the glory of Fourth of July - and minimized the scare tactics - in the story “America celebrates July 4 with hot dogs and barbecues amid tightened security”:

Americans marched in star-spangled parades, ran relay races, gathered for fireworks shows and crowned a new world hot dog eating champion as they celebrated Independence Day in traditional style on Saturday.

Possible security threats, wildfires in the West and rainy weather on the East Coast apparently did little to dampen the spirits of celebrants decked out in red, white and blue from their headbands to their shoelaces.

Crowds at Boston's Old State House erupted in applause and cannons shot out tri-color confetti after the annual July Fourth reading of the Declaration of Independence.
Later, thousands flocked to the Charles River Esplanade for the annual Boston Pops concert and fireworks. Krystle O'Brien, 27, wore an American flag cowboy hat and passed out glowsticks.

"It's a good day for Boston," she said. "There's so much history here, we can celebrate this freedom."

In Maplewood, New Jersey, Meskie Hyman, 11, exuded patriot pride in a star-spangled shirt and a hairband with two American flags that fluttered under cloudy skies.
"I love that it's a free country and we have the right to speak. It lets us see everyone's potential and find our heroes," she said.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued an alert this week asking local authorities and the public to remain vigilant for possible threats following recent calls for violence by leaders of radical Islamist group Islamic State.

In New York City, the nation's biggest police force assigned about 7,000 officers and nearly all its counterterrorism personnel to handle security around Independence Day events.

No incidents were reported as of late Saturday, but tens of thousands of spectators crowded onto the banks of Manhattan's East River to watch fireworks shot from barges.

In a stunning upset on Coney Island, 23-year-old newcomer Matt Stonie grabbed the famed mustard-colored champion's belt after gobbling 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes in the annual Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Stonie, of San Jose, California, ousted long-time champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who still holds a world record of 69 franks eaten in 2013. Miki Sudo hung onto the women's title, downing 38 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

On the U.S. West Coast, which is battling wildfires, communities in Washington state and Oregon restricted or banned fireworks for fear of more blazes. Cupertino, California, and Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, also canceled firework shows.

In downtown Los Angeles, thousands of revelers poured into Grand Park to enjoy music and food before a fireworks show.

“I’m Mexican, so I’m thankful to be born here, and being able to celebrate your heritage but mix with the diversity of other cultures too,” said Erica Moussa.

A celebration in Austin, Texas featured country music legend Willie Nelson at an all-day picnic replete with music and drinking.

To cut through the bullshit everything was fine and it was an obvious – and ham-handed – opportunity for the fascist Obama regime to get people worked up and terrified and then to pat themselves on the back that they are the ones responsible for ‘keeping us safe’. Pretty sad state of affairs in The Homeland these days and for some reason that I just can’t seem to put my finger on I don’t imagine the Founding Fathers would be pleased for the hijacking of Independence Day by Leviathan.

Monday, June 29, 2015

CNN Refusing to Own Up to "ISIS" Butt-Plug Flag Faux Pas

The self-proclaimed most trusted name in news – CNN – has descended into the sleazy tabloid muck of milking airline disasters and fear mongering about terrorism to grab ratings and it came back to bite the network in the ass over the weekend. During coverage of one of this weekend’s many gay pride fests a dimwit CNN McNews bimbo got her panties in a twist over what was hysterically hyped as an ISIS flag being flown in the middle of the hoopla. The extremist Islamist group isn’t exactly friendly to gay folks – or anyone else for that matter – but leave it to CNN to blindly sound the “be afraid” alarm. Much to the network’s chagrin, the flag that was spotted in London was actually a display of a number of anal sex toys including dildos and butt plugs on a black and white banner that somewhat resembled that of the so called Islamic State. Whoops!

Normally a retraction and apology would be issued from any self-respecting news network but not CNN. This should not surprise anyone who realizes how putrid and corrupt that the mainstream media has become in Obamastan. As of early Monday the network is refusing to cop to the error. As Washington Post media blogger Eric Wemple asks in his column “Will CNN address Islamic State-sex-toy-flag screw-up?”:

John Oliver added his name and HBO franchise (“Last Week Tonight“) to the group hammering CNN for its Saturday “exclusive” on the alarming appearance of an Islamic State flag at London’s Pride parade. Based on reporting from international assignment editor Lucy Pawle, the network claimed that no one but CNN had taken notice of this “unnerving sight.”

Turns out some clever individual had pocked an Islamic State lookalike flag with images of sex toys.

In his sendup of the situation, Oliver said, “The greatest moment in global pride celebrations actually had nothing to do with gay marriage and everything to do with the idiocy of CNN.” After running through the dynamics of the screw-up, Oliver noted that one day after the embarrassment, “They’ve still not addressed that mistake on air, probably because it would be just too embarrassing to have a professional journalist say, ‘I’m sorry, despite working at CNN, I still don’t know what a [phallic sex toy] looks like.”
Nor will CNN be addressing the matter. When asked whether it would issue a statement or otherwise do any interviews on the flag mess, a CNN spokeswoman e-mailed, “no.”

CNN should be quite familiar with dildos considering their so-called ace ‘journalists’ like Peter Bergen, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper among others, so it is just plain sloppy sensationalism and if nothing else, it should at least be acknowledged by the network that they fucked up. After all, the crackerjack staff at CNN is quick to pounce on the sheer outrage of a Confederate flag cake but that is just pandering to schmucks and currying favor with the Obama regime as well as liberal political correctness Nazis and ginning up emotion to draw eyes and web clicks.

I suppose that we shouldn’t expect anything better from a network so desperate for ratings that it spent so much time airing crackpot theories of the disappearance of that Malaysian jetliner last Spring as well as exploiting the grief of suffering loved ones that it should have renamed itself as the Missing Airplane Network. I was actually somewhat surprised that they didn't find a way to pitch a Natalee Holloway tie in to MH370 but it still may happen. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about spending much time waiting for CNN to apologize for their latest screw up because they have no shame.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Old Blood and Guts McCain Brays for U.S. Taxpayers to Arm Ukraine

You have to love the increasingly senile Senator John McCain. The deranged old bastard is one of the best examples of why term limits are so desperately needed in American politics and he is once again pushing for another costly war. This time though he is agitating for what could turn into a conflict against nuclear armed Russia, not some chickenshit hellhole like Iraq or Afghanistan. You just have to love these guys, they can’t even spend time doing their jobs by securing our own porous borders yet they want to risk provoking a nuclear exchange over an ongoing border dispute in freaking Ukraine, a country that the majority of our dumbed-down populace can’t locate on a map.

McCain’s latest screed was published as an op ed piece in the Washington Post entitled “John McCain: The Russia-Ukraine cease-fire is a fiction”:

Last weekend, I traveled with Sens. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) to eastern Ukraine to meet with the courageous men and women fighting there for their country’s freedom and future. I arrived on a solemn day as Ukrainian volunteers grieved the loss of two young comrades killed by Russian artillery the day before. They had lost another comrade a few days before that, and four more the previous week. Their message to me was clear: The cease-fire with Russia is fiction, and U.S. assistance is vital to deterring further Russian aggression.

During my trip, the Ukrainians never asked for the United States to send troops to do their fighting. Ukrainians only hope that the United States will once again open the arsenal of democracy that has allowed free people to defend themselves so many times before.

How we respond to Putin’s brazen aggression will have repercussions far beyond Ukraine. We face the reality of a challenge that many assumed was resigned to the history books: a strong, militarily capable state that is hostile to our interests and our values and seeks to overturn the rules-based international order that American leaders of both parties have sought to maintain since World War II. Among the core principles of that order is the conviction that might does not make right, that the strong should not be allowed to dominate the weak and that wars of aggression should be relegated to the bloody past.

Around the world, friend and foe alike are watching to see whether the United States will once again summon its power and influence to defend the international system that has kept the peace for decades. We must not fail this test.

The inclusion of young Tom Cotton, the Arkansas bathhouse Rambo who is a full blown whore for the military contractors that constantly fleece U.S. taxpayers smacks of the old man passing the baton to a new generation. McCain and the fascist warmongers have been feeding the American people bullshit for months now to start the new Cold War and to send arms and money to a Ukranian puppet government that not only tolerates but openly accepts extremists including neo-Nazis. Yet Americans are supposed to cough up our hard earned money that could be better spent at home to dick around in yet another foreign land that has zero bearing on our own national security. Putin may be world class prick - there is little argument on that - but only suckers and rubes believe that shtick being pushed about him recreating the USSR, the bottom line is what it always is: money. With Obamatrade being shoved down all of our throats by Congress including McCain it is by now obvious who they represent and in McCain's case he has always been a pimp for defense contractors.

Let’s hope that with McCain coming up for reelection again next year – his sixth damned term – that some pro-American conservatives such as the Tea Party gets their act together and sinks his miserable ass in the primary.  I haven’t seen this week’s Sunday morning McNews show guest list yet but it's likely that at least one one of these con artists or Obama’s lunatic new Secretary of Defense Ash Carter will be trotted out. The objective as always is to dupe Americans into sending our troops into harm’s way for nothing more than the continued profits of what President Dwight D. Eisenhower – who knew a thing or two about the subject – tabbed as the Military Industrial Complex.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Obama Regime Releases bin Laden "Treasure Trove" Sans Pictures of Body

The Obama administration and it’s intelligence apparatus pushed back hard today against allegations that they lied about circumstances surrounding the killing of Osama bin Laden. After being caught with their pants down over the blockbuster expose by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh that the official account of the terror master’s death may have been manipulated for political gain it was a foregone conclusion that the Emperor would strike back.

So this morning, the Obama junta launched a massive propaganda blitzkrieg and the corrupt mainstream media is all in to cover Barry's ass. There were a plethora of documents dumped including love letters and sinister plots as well as a reading list that should send shivers up the spines of Americans who are critical of U.S. foreign policy because you just may be a “terrorist” too if you have purchased any of these books. It was a total media swarm but one key item remains missing from the public sphere: pictures of bin Laden’s actual body.

As reported by Reuters in a story by longtime Washington press insider Mark Hosenball entitled “Bin Laden fixated on attacking U.S. interests: documents”:

Osama bin Laden was fixated on attacking U.S. targets and pressured al Qaeda groups to heal local rivalries and focus on that cause, according to documents the United States says were seized in his hideout in Pakistan and released on Wednesday.

The documents published by U.S. intelligence also contained details of purported negotiations between al Qaeda, its allies in the Pakistani Taliban and representatives of Pakistani intelligence, and what seemed to be an al Qaeda job application.

A July 2010 letter showed that bin Laden pressed al Qaeda in Yemen, one of the group's more active affiliates, to make peace with the government and focus on America.


The documents released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence were part of a cache seized by U.S. commandos who conducted the May 2011 raid on bin Laden's house in Abbottabad, Pakistan when bin Laden was killed.

A document of several pages, which the United States says was printed on stationery carrying a watermark reading "The Security Committee - al Qaeda Organization" appeared to be a blank job application form for would-be al Qaeda members.
It said applicants should "please answer the required information accurate and truthfully," and "please write clearly and legibly."

It asked when an applicant had arrived "in the land of Jihad," how much of the Koran they had memorized, which sheikhs or Muslim dignitaries they knew, which countries they had visited, how many passports they possessed and whether they were interested in carrying out a "suicide operation."

The presstitutes were having orgasms but probably none more so than CNN’s terror “expert” Peter Bergen who weighed in with a bit of shtick called “Secrets of the bin Laden treasure-trove”. In a week when ABC’s $105 million man George Stephanopoulos showed just how slimy that the lamestream media can be it would seem that Bergen is giving him a run for the money. CNN never bothers to air any sort of disclaimer that their “expert” could stand to be damaged credibility wise if the official story were in any way debunked because he wrote the definitive book about it all.  The “Secrets of the bin Laden treasure trove” is just more of the same government bullshit fed to the public by their lackeys in the media. It is about as Earth shattering as when Geraldo pried open Al Capone’s vault and is just a repackaging of administration hogwash and regurgitated talking points.

So while Obama’s halo gets polished anew by his media toadies and fascist worshippers of weaponized big government, the entire thing has a rather nasty smell to it. Not only does the administration account get reestablished as the national gospel – minus the body of course – but the “bin Laden treasure trove” just happens to be launched into the media domain on the very day that the administration and the Senate are desperately trying to cram through a renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act. You just can’t make shit like this up.