Saturday, November 22, 2014

Desperate Hours Tick By in Ferguson as FBI Allegedly Thwarts Bomb Plot

In the desperate waning hours leading up to the grand jury verdict in the Michael  Brown shooting case there are multiple stories of ominous developments. School closings have been announced locally for the upcoming week and as reported by multiple news outlets gun sales are way up. There are stories that actual members of the Ferguson Police Department are encouraging citizens to arm themselves as well. 

Increasingly restive protesters are being arrested on a nightly basis again and local police are refusing to rule out the use of tear gas and rubber bullets on the day when the shit hits the fan. But the real indication that things are about to get truly ugly and escalate into Thanksgiving Day riots is the federal government’s dispatching of squads of FBI agents to the St. Louis area.

Things are getting very serious now and news has broken that the FBI has busted two members of the so-called “New Black Panther Party” who were allegedly planning to detonate bombs amid the coming unrest. Reuters reports in a story entitled “FBI arrests two would-be Ferguson bomb suspects: law enforcement source”:

Two men suspected of buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, once a grand jury decides the Michael Brown case, were arrested on Friday and charged with federal firearms offenses, a law enforcement official told Reuters.

Word of the arrests, reported by a number of media outlets Friday, came ahead of the grand jury's widely anticipated decision on whether the white police officer who fatally shot Brown, an unarmed black teenager, should be indicted on criminal charges.

The Aug. 9 slaying of 18-year-old Brown under disputed circumstances became a flashpoint for U.S. racial tensions, triggering weeks of sometimes violent protests in the St. Louis suburb by demonstrators calling for officer Darren Wilson's arrest.

He was instead placed on administrative leave, and Ferguson has been bracing for a new wave of protests, especially if the grand jury chooses not to indict Wilson. An announcement was believed to be imminent.

Against this backdrop of heightened tensions, according to a law enforcement source, two men described as reputed members of a militant group called the New Black Panther Party, were arrested in the St. Louis area in an FBI sting operation.

As initially reported by CBS News, the men were suspected of acquiring explosives for pipe bombs that they planned to set off during protests in Ferguson, according to the official, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the case.

The foiling of a potential bombing plot really takes this to the next level in that such an act would represent a major escalation and result in a good amount of dead bodies. Then again, given the FBI’s fondness for “sting” operations in which they entrap morons and the mentally ill it could just be more of the same. The feds are rather adept at such setups where they can then swoop in to bust the dupes in order to justify their existence. These type of operations seem to have become common practice, especially in the era of the Global War on Terror (GWOT). So who really knows whether the story is legit or not although there are indeed many outside agitators descending on Ferguson like starved vultures dive bombing a freshly decomposing corpse.

Were actual bombs to be detonated it would give the feds a perfect opportunity to initiate a crackdown on legitimate political dissent nationwide. Such a thing would bode ill for many groups but in particular conservative or more flagrantly right-wing types that are routinely targeted when Democrat presidents are in office. A battered but unbowed Obama would probably like nothing more than to send his various alphabet soup Gestapo forces on a divine mission against domestic “terrorists” and wrap it in the flag. It’s not as though such groups haven't already been singled out by Obama in consideration of the infamous MIAC Report as well as the unleashing of the IRS against tea party affiliated groups. There is also something called the “Ferguson National Response Network” that is planning “events” in over 80 U.S. cities after the grand jury results are announced.

The perfect storm may be about to break in The Homeland.