Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eric Cantor's Perpetual War Doctrine and those Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

When House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the pride of Virginia's 7th Congressional District delivers his annual speech at the 2014 AIPAC Policy Conference next week it will be interesting to see whether he offers up credit where due as  the Ukrainian coup d'etat was accomplished with the help of Neo-Nazis , a group that should be anathema to the audience. When Cantor picked up the PNAC/Clean Break Neocon torch on President's Day after he gave a red meat filled speech to the Virginia Military Institute that made George W. Bush look like Ghandi he also signed on to the longtime doctrine to take down Russia as a world power. The speech delivered to cadets - the same sort that chickenshit bastards like Cantor who never bothered to serve would send to their deaths in wars of their creation - was a cornucopia of repackaged Bush-Cheney era talking points peppered generously with the obligatory references to Hitler, WW II and the Holocaust and then dipped in a vat of American revisionist history swill.
The on a roll Cantor was a major hit that day and it likely marked the launching of his long-awaited move to mount a House of Representatives putsch against the constantly under duress Speaker John Boehner with a longing glance at what is now a wide open race for the GOP presidential bid come 2016. That this on very day there was a meeting to mend fences (and possibly unite against the newly energized neocons menace) between Obama and the orange tinted man from Ohio may not be a simple coincidence. Nothing quite unites like a common enemy and the on the ropes, dry drunk Boehner and the prickly narcissist Obama are both well within the target coordinates of what promises to be a free fire zone as the war pigs squeal over military budget cuts, back the irresponsible swine who have pulled off a hostile takeover in Kiev (including the neo-Nazis) and roll out the red carpet for "King Bibi" as he brings his filthy carnival of perversion to the U.S. As the old saying goes, politics makes for strange bedfellows.
But I digress..
In his heralded foreign policy speech Cantor used the opportunity to blast Russia with both barrels, particularly the hated and demonized leader Vladimir Putin, denouncing Barack Obama for not following through on the Saudi-Israeli backed push for a new war in Syria last fall and paying the standard paeans to the blessed Ronald Reagan. I excerpt from the House Majority Leader's prepared remarks:
“Look no further than Russia, a traditional ally to Leftist regimes in Latin America, to see the consequences of disengagement.
 “When President Obama came to office, he seemed intent on engaging an old adversary and extended a hand to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Secretary Clinton famously pressed a ‘reset button’ to symbolize a new start to a more harmonious relationship with Russia.
 “Well, despite the idyllic pictures from the Olympic coverage at Sochi, Putin is still living in the Cold War. He has demonstrated that he’s neither interested in better relations with the United States nor is he fearful of poking America in the eye.
 “Just in the last year, Putin has blocked U.N. Security Council Resolutions, provided lethal support to Bashar Assad’s Syria, threatened the independence of Russia’s neighbors in Eastern Europe and suppressed dissent at home. He’s even rolled out the red carpet for a traitor- Edward Snowden - whose theft of incredibly sensitive classified information has done incredible damage to America’s security.
 “We should acknowledge the truth about Putin and his government. An America that leads must have policies based on a clear understanding that Russia behaves like an adversary, seeking every opportunity to undermine our interests and push its advantage. We should work with Russia when doing so is in our interest, but we should also speak clearly against Russia’s aggression abroad and its repression at home.
“Recent reports of Russia’s violations of the INF treaty, and the apparent lack of a response from the United States, raise profound concerns about Russia’s trustworthiness as an arms control partner, either with respect to new bilateral reduction treaties such as New START or multilateral negotiations with Iran. Russia’s behavior, and the growing threat posed by proliferation, are a stark reminder that the United States must maintain a credible nuclear deterrent capability, which has been paramount in providing security to allies around the world.
“We could learn a lot from President Ronald Reagan, who understood the value of an America that leads. Reagan’s clarity of vision and strength of purpose in calling for Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” inspired millions behind the Iron Curtain. He made clear to Soviet leaders that America would not be pushed around.
“Reagan’s clarity of purpose and commitment to rebuilding America’s strength compelled Soviet leaders to make concessions on ground-breaking arms control agreements which paved the way to end the Cold War. An America that leads must regain its clarity of purpose and commitment to prevail for freedom's sake.
That Cantor has the audacity to call out Putin for "still living in the Cold War" is a testament to his accomplished ascent to the hall of fame for pathological liars in American political history - there has been no group that has been more desperate to reignite that sick period in our national saga than the neocons. As for the invoking of Saint Ronald it was that doddering old fool who openly backed some of the most ruthless atrocities practiced since the real Nazis when he sang the praises of Latin American paramilitary groups that tortured and murdered tens if not hundreds of thousands of people whose only 'crime' was to desire to rid themselves of the yoke of U.S. imperialism goes unmentioned. Reagan had the gall to actually compare them to the Founding Fathers despite the grisly accounts of mass slaughters such as the one at El Mozote.  Reagan also revered the militant Islamic "freedom fighters" who were waging a costly war of attrition against the Soviets in Afghanistan, this support would come home to roost on the pristine morning of September 11, 2001 'the day when everything changed'. To a seasoned grifter like Cantor, a man who has already hit it big by landing one of those well paying 'big gubmint' jobs on the taxpayer dole  it matters nothing when it comes to throwing in with savages and scum as long as there is personal political gain to be reaped.
So no, I don't imagine that even someone with the shameless gall of Mr. Cantor who despite his ongoing exploiting of them for political gain would dare to stand up in front of an audience of Zionist Jews praise the critical contributions of Neo-Nazi terrorists to support the violent instigation to facilitate the removal of a democratically elected leader in a dangerous proxy war against Putin and Russia. That would be a bridge too far for even the conniving Eric 'Iranium' Cantor who is the walking embodiment of that great quote by the legendary American writer H.L. Mencken: “Imagine a gentleman, and you have imagined everything that he was not.”
Congressman Cantor is about the worst of the worsth that this most tainted and lamentable current political class has to offer which when considering his competition says one hell of a lot about this amoral lying jackal. Hopefully the voters in Virginia's 7th Congressional district will have a collective road to Damascus moment and do their patriotic duty in November to lance this boil on the ass of the American body politic.