Wednesday, February 26, 2014

War Pigs Squeal for More Military Intervention

Now that they are riding high over humiliating Russian leader Vladimir Putin with a cluster bombing of disgraceful propaganda related to the Sochi Olympics and feeling their oats after their meddling led to the toppling of the democratically elected president of Ukraine the U.S. establishment war freaks have once again set their sights on Syria. Putin was the fly in the ointment that prevented Obama and Kerry from sending the bombers and cruise missiles into Damascus back in September on the pretense that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had “gassed his own people” – it worked to perfection when they took out Saddam Hussein and the sheeple swallowed it again hook, line and sinker until Putin’s intervention took the wind out of the war machine’s sails. It is always very easy to dupe the American people into support for more war even while the domestic infrastructure crumbles and as their pensions and retirement benefits are looted so as to not impede the war machine.
The hypocrisy of the American empire  is strutting around like the proverbial cock of the walk today after having engineered the ouster of  Viktor Yanukovich with their typical horseshit about democracy. What happened in Kiev would never have been tolerated in the U.S of A. it would be like if the so-called tea party had taken up arms after being instigated by fascists to march on Washington D.C. to demand the removal of Barack Obama from the presidency, staging street battles with police and setting buildings and cars on fire. Just how long do you think that would have been allowed to go on?  The paramilitary police response to such a thing would have made the defacto imposition of martial law on a large chunk of Beantown during the search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and that pales in comparison to what would have happened were the Ukraine model were used here in The Homeland. It’s not just Obama either, what would Bush have done? For too long this country’s power elite have relied on mob violence to implement ‘democracy’ which really translates into leaders who will protect the economic interests of American corporations and energy cartels.  But the most important thing to take away from Ukraine and the continually morphing situation on the ground is that it was really an operation that was a part of the larger proxy war against Putin
The dominoes were all set up to fall perfectly for the opening of a new front in Syria before the damned gay-hating Putin interfered, the war porn videos of the Ghouta victims had prepped the public, they were a masterpiece of war propaganda, right up there with Saddam’s soldiers ripping Kuwaiti infants out of incubators back in 1991 (which was a lie) to Saddam having ties to al Qaeda (more bullshit) and last week’s  incredible movie like footage and stills of Kiev alight with fires and clashes between ‘freedom fighters’ clad in improvised Medieval gear and the state police. The Ghouta use of Sarin gas on civilians has never to this day definitively been proven to have been an official act of the Assad regime so the bloodsucking parasites who continue to feed off of the American taxpayer will have to find something new to roll out when justifying an attack on Syria. Don’t worry though, there are billions of dollars of money pumped into a network of state media organizations, public relations firms and other official and underground lie factories to do what the father of modern propaganda Edward Bernays tabbed the “engineering of consent”. They will soon find some other outrage to sell to the schmucks.
While getting the military into Syria is the primary objective the apple of the eye of the neocons, a war with Iran is still possible and a number of renegade Senators continue the relentless push  to sink the P5+1 talks, this time with the language to impose a wave of onerous new sanctions deviously tucked within an unrelated bill as an obvious gift to "King Bibi" when he arrives for his latest visit to D.C. You have to give it to the fuckers, they never give up and a new round of sanctions would almost certainly scuttle the talks and punch the nation’s ticket for yet another ruinous war. This is really on the verge of getting dangerous with Syria and Iran the venues for the next two stops on the PNAC’s world domination tour and the agitation in Ukraine we are getting closer to a nightmarish scenario in which Russia will be sucked in and then we are talking WW III. I know that this would send the neocons, the lunatic right-wing in Israel and their Armageddonist foot soldiers that are the American Christian Zionists who need a global eruption of apocalyptic violence to bring Jesus back but it would bode ill for billions of other humans who don’t have either vested ideological or financial interests in such a conflagration.
My regular morning review of the news always begins with a visit which is far and away the best foreign and domestic policy information source in regards to our addicted to war nation and the fascist surveillance state that it needs to quash dissent. This morning writer Justin Raimondo delivers his usual excellent commentary in a column entitled “A World of Trouble” from which I excerpt:
Of the above listed trouble spots I would rate Syria as potentially the most worrying. This is true for two reasons: 1) Geography – the country is smack dab in the center of the world’s most contentious region, the Middle East, bordering volatile Lebanon, conflict-torn Palestine, and the shaky regime in Iraq – with US-aligned Jordan adding a base of US operations to the south. Another important factor is: 2) Politics, i.e. domestic US politics, which is always the decisive factor in determining how and when the War Party will strike. The interventionist lobby, concentrated as it is almost exclusively within the political class, doesn’t take defeat easily, and they are running true to form in this case. Prominent voices have called on the President to reconsider his stance, and the pro-Israel lobby in collusion with the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are both stepping up the pressure.
US military intervention in Syria would have serious consequences for the region, first and foremost the derailing of the US-Iranian peace talks. Assad’s Syria is one of the mainstays of Tehran’s defensive alliance, the other leg being Hezbollah: air strikes or other US military moves against Assad would give Iranian hardliners all the excuse they need to call for an end to the negotiations – and the Supreme Leader would be under considerable pressure to take heed.
The end of the peace talks would set the clock ticking again on the prospect of a US and/or Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. As I wrote here, Iran is the biggest foreign policy issue the US faces in 2014, and the reason is fairly simple: war with Iran, a country twice the size and population of Iraq, would make "Operation Iraqi Freedom" look like a Sunday school picnic. Every nation in the region would be drawn in, with Russia not likely to stand on the sidelines.
War with Tehran would mean economic disaster for the West, with the price of oil skyrocketing, shortages, and real suffering here at home. "Sticker shock" doesn’t even begin to describe the consequences: sticker trauma is more like it.
With the possible exception of Venezuela, none of these multiple crises can be considered in isolation: the key connecting factor is Russia. Vladimir Putin has set himself up as the antipode to the US and its dream of constructing a "new world order" based on unipolarity and America’s undisputed military dominance. Ideologically, Putin has positioned Russia as the conservatizing factor in world affairs, as opposed to the "progressive" and revolutionary character of American influence abroad. In effect, Washington and the Kremlin have switched positions as a new cold war breaks out, with the former leading a global effort to overturn the old order of sovereign nation-states and the latter resisting US-backed revolutionary movements throughout the world.
My fellow Americans – how does it feel to be citizens of the new “Evil Empire”? There has always been that drive to having to be “number one” that we have been indoctrinated to believe as though it is holy gospel. Well rejoice for we are now thanks to our warmongering establishment the “number one” threat to not only the rest of the planet but also to the continuing existence of the human race itself thanks to our elected representatives being corrupt fools with no foresight given to what will happen when their real life war games lead to a scenario where the nukes are unleashed.