Monday, February 24, 2014

After Instigating Coup U.S. Needs to Stay the Hell Out of Ukraine

The U.S. warmongers are still drunk off of the magic elixir of their joyous weekend coup d'etat of the democratically elected government of Ukraine and the accompanying delight of sticking it to the hated Vladimir Putin during his international Olympic showcase at Sochi. The bloodlust of vampires like the deranged Senator John McCain and his ilk albeit temporarily slaked by a week of mayhem in the streets of Kiev will be back soon as there will be the imminent demands that the Obama administration engage in backing a rogue occupying force that is ready to engage in some serious pogroms against their hated enemies. While the corrupt media was exulting in such raw propagandizing as the replacement of a statue of Vladimir Lenin with a golden toilet - reminiscent of the military psyops exercise of hauling down the statue of Saddam Hussein during the early days of the Iraq 'Shock and Awe" invasion. There was also a bit of a lurid tale making the rounds about a golden toilet that looked like a throne in the palace of ousted president Viktor Yanukovich but that was exposed early on as a hoax before it ended up on Rachel Maddow and Bill O'Reilly's shows on Monday night cable television's electronic cesspool.
That the at least temporarily in power western backed group that is in the orbit of the sleazy Yulia Tymoshenko, a woman who is the celebrated head of the media cult of personality and who has her own history of corruption relied on vicious goons including neo-Nazis to oust Yanukovich is lost on the cheerleaders masturbating over the latest episode of the "two-minutes hate".  Hell, it was only a few short months ago when President Barack Obama and Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry were ready to scramble the bombers to attack Damascus targets in a war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad that they and the war pigs who run the establishment were throwing in with fiendish Islamist militants affiliated with al Qaeda and a taste for human flesh. Despite the best efforts of the American war machine and the chronic meddling of one Saudi prince who goes by the nickname of "Bandar Bush" we managed to avoid getting dragged into that morass thanks to none other than Putin himself who pounced on a typical  Kerry diarrhea of the mouth moment to ride to the rescue and spare us all another disastrous Middle East war. The reigning war freaks within the Washington 'consensus' of the elite have been itching to feed Putin to the pigs ever since and inciting a civil war on Russia's borders does exactly that - at least in their eyes.
Today, after managing to get through the closing ceremonies at Sochi without going ballistic over blatant meddling in Ukraine by Washington and Europe Putin let it rip correctly denouncing the west for backing "terrorists" and "extremists" to oust a democratically elected leader - he didn't mention the Nazis though but the images from Kiev and the manhunt for the on the run Yanukovich speak for themselves. The U.S. is once again exposed as nothing more than a criminal state which it has been since the end of WW II when the hellspawn that is the CIA was created and one of the first things that Allen Dulles and his fellow treacherous scum did was enter into a pact with Nazi war criminals including General Reinhard Gehlen to form an alliance against the Soviets. This shit is getting old and the Cold War should be in the past and the current flock of red-baiters including McCain and the rest of the Neocons have been so discredited that in a sane country they would have long ago been exiled from any sort of legitimacy. But as with the Arizona legislature and their attempt to turn gays into the new 'niggers' (or Juden) under their white supremacist Jim Crow II jihad against decent civilization it is apparent that we are never going to get past any of this and will remain necklaced by the heinous prejudices of that much hyped but truly mediocre "greatest generation". Sure they are dying out but their policies are resurgent and in continuing to push for the destabilization with Russia they may yet incinerate the rest of us.
The coming weeks will see more saber-rattling, neocon lies on what should be publicly owned media airwaves but have been hijacked by the fascist fifth column and will surely embolden those like McCain to continue to instigate and raise funds for the same type of murdering psychopaths that are typically supported by the empire. Note the Latin American death squads of the hallowed Ronald Reagan. There are however voices of sanity although they will continue to be mocked and marginalized by the venal, ass-kissing careerists in the so-called mainstream media. The libertarian icon Ron Paul has already spoken out against U.S. intervention in a ginned up civil war:
The usual interventionists in the US have long meddled in the internal affairs of Ukraine. In 2004 it was US government money that helped finance the Orange Revolution, as US-funded NGOs favoring one political group over the other were able to change the regime. These same people have not given up on Ukraine. They keep pushing their own agenda for Ukraine behind the scenes, even as they ridicule anyone who claims US involvement.
A recent leaked telephone conversation between two senior government officials made it clear that not only was the US involved in the Ukrainian unrest, the US was actually seeking to determine who should make up the next Ukrainian government!
Senator John McCain, who has made several trips to Ukraine recently to meet with the opposition, wrote last week that the US must stand up to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea.
Why are US government officials so eager to tell the Ukrainians what they should do? Has anyone bothered to ask the Ukrainians? What if might help alleviate the ongoing violence and bloodshed if the Ukrainians decide to remake the country as a looser confederation of regions rather than one tightly controlled by a central government? Perhaps Ukraine engaged in peaceful trade with countries both to the west and east would benefit all sides. But outside powers seem to be fighting a proxy war, with Ukraine suffering the most because of it.
If you asked most Americans how they feel, my bet is that you would discover they are sick and tired of the US government getting involved in every crisis that arises. Certainly the American people want none of of this intervention in Ukraine. They understand, as recent polls have shown, that our interventionist foreign policy is only creating more enemies overseas. And they also understand that we are out of money. We could not afford to be the policemen of world even if we wanted to be.
While widely ridiculed by the presstitutes former Congressman Paul has been nothing if not consistent against the cancer that is the American warfare state. It took a lot of balls to oppose wars and interventionism when Paul did, back in the days when the alternative internet media was  in its infancy and the PNAC dominated Bushreich was embarked on a world domination tour abroad and a relentless attack on civil liberties in The Homeland. Paul rose to the occasion repeatedly, never more so when he took over the stage at the ridiculous Republican presidential 'debate' back in 2007 to assign a reading list to at the time front-runner Rudy "Mr. 9/11" Giuliani. The blowhard former Big Apple mayor never recovered and has become a punchline today.
It is up to those whose bullshit detectors are always on high, fully understand that the domestic media does nothing but distort, obscure and spin that which is true in order to push the big business of war and military expenditures and wrap it all up in the star-spangled Hitlerian 'Big Lie' of spreading "democracy" to take a stand against this latest and very dangerous provocation of Russia. 
You won't find the truth on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, MSNBC, CNN or any of the other propaganda arms of a criminal empire but you will find it here and in the alternative media. There is a reason why the state wants to use their vast unconstitutional spying apparatus,  their rigged courts and their bought and paid for Congress to destroy freedom of speech on the internet and that the legitimacy of their coup in Ukraine has already been already come into question only makes them more intent at doing so.