Monday, December 23, 2013

New Revelations Show that NSA Spied on Top Ally Israel

Stunning new revelations from former government contractor Booz-Allen-Hamilton employee turned whistleblower Edward Snowden have shown the NSA has been spying on that most indispensable ally of them all – Israel.  In a Guardian story that broke Friday it was reported that the American Stasi and their partners in crime across the pond GCHQ were spying on former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the latest addition to the list of “allies” that been targets of the rogue intelligence agency. U.S. intelligence thugs also maintained an apartment across the street from then Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak as well.  It is going to be very interesting to see how this goes over particularly with the normal public proclamations that United States leaders are in ‘lockstep’ with the Israelis and that there is “no daylight” between the most critical as well as most high maintenance country in the Middle East. I can’t imagine that Israel would be in the least bit shocked that the NSA is spying on their leaders, after all General Alexander’s electronic goon squads already have a sharing agreement or a "memorandum of understanding" to provide the data of millions of law-abiding Americans to the Israeli intelligence services as was previously reported. The spying on Jewish leaders should send a chill down the spines of all who have an awareness of history and any comparisons to the German Gestapo would be fair to make despite protestations by the politically correct who regularly invoke Godwin's Law to stifle free speech against tyrannical actions of out of control governments.

The spying on Israeli leaders is only a part of the investigative tale conducted jointly by the GuardianDer Spiegel and the New York Times that also outed other targets including charities and the vice president of the European Commission none of which have a damned thing to do with 'terrorists' but rather industrial espionage and using the power of the U.S. state surveillance apparatus to create an unfair competitive balance. Hell, given that free enterprise has effectively been killed here in The Homeland where ingenuity, hard work and the once taken for granted virtue of American fair play have been replaced by bribery, lying, cheating, legal chicanery and buying political influence have replaced what was once capitalism only schmucks play fairly and those who are the most successful continue to destroy the system that at one time made this country into an economic power second to none. That  however is a story for another time which most assuredly will be coming soon as more documents are leaked debunking the corrupt government's ongoing sale of these monstrous programs as being necessary to keep us all safe.

Interestingly the normally demagogic paranoid right wing Israeli leader  Bibi Netanyahu was at first strangely muted on this gross breach of trust from a critical ally but has now vented, calling the snooping “unacceptable” and has called for an investigation of the activities. Not that there should be much sympathy for Netanyahu given his bellicose rhetoric, refusal to allow for a diplomatic solution over the Iranian nuclear program and the outright summoning of his loyal winged monkeys in the U.S. Congress to sabotage the talks but he is absolutely correct it is “unacceptable”. Being criticized for aggressive intelligence gathering by the Israelis though is pretty goddamned hypocritical given the existende of the aforementioned “memorandum of understanding” as well as the currently incarcerated American citizen Jonathan Pollard, a civilian intelligence employee who was a spy for Israel and convicted to a life sentence. Mr. Netanyahu has long been a top advocate for the release of Pollard and he is already using the news about the NSA’s spying on Olmert and Barak to push for his release, cynically posting a video of him meeting with Pollard's wife on You Tube. There is also the ugly history of Israeli meddling in domestic U.S. politics notably the AIPAC spy case in which two pro-Israeli lobbyists, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman were receiving transfers of classified information from former Defense Department employee Lawrence Franklin. Franklin was charged under the Espionage Act before the Obama administration’s flagrant abuse of it but the case against the AIPAC lobbyists was dropped, one can only imagine how much dirty laundry would have been aired had the trial been allowed to proceed. Bibi has a valid point but in the constitutional wasteland of the post-September 11. 2001 world hypocrisy has become the coin of the realm. So far he has yet to formally accuse Obama of running a Gestapo unlike German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has rightly affixed the Stasi label to Barry and the boys and their fascist surveillance machine.

I would wonder where all of the ardent defenders of both the NSA Stasi and waging wars that are more in the national interest of Israel than the United States stand on this, in particular the Senate renegades who are going to ring in the new year with the Iran negotiation killing bill that will set the stage for the war with Iran. Democrat New Jersey Senator and alleged prostitute chaser Robert Menendez and Israeli toady Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois and the 26 co-sponsors of their anti-American bill to effectively nuke the P5+1 negotiations have an interesting conundrum that only can only further expose their corruption, hypocrisy and disloyalty to their American constituents. How can they condemn the mass NSA surveillance that most of those fascists so adore only when it includes spying on Israel at the same time that they are hellbent on an unprecedented subversion of American interests in order to deliver Netanyahu his war? Were this a sane country where the rules of law were respected then Jonathan Pollard would soon have 27 new buddies in his cell block.