Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Are Syrian Barrel Bombs the New Sarin?

Percolating heavily for the first time in months the state-corporate media is beginning to produce more tales of dead children in Syria, still more alleged victims of the Assad regime.  The latest horror stories from the abattoir relate to some truly nasty munitions – barrel bombs – that have been being dropped on populated areas by what are reported to be government helicopters. The bombs, which are described as improvised explosive devices being barrels or barrel shaped containers packed with explosives and shrapnel have largely been used in the city of Aleppo and are capable of causing horrific damage, this is especially so given the presence of the shrapnel within. There has been much reportage of late over the mounting death toll courtesy of the barrel bombs and look for it to continue as the neocons, war freaks and their media operatives will continue to try to package a relaunch of the justification for U.S. intervention in Syria. They nearly pulled it off with the great chemical weapons scam of 2013, Barry was preaching war to the people and were it not for an inconvenient case of diarrhea of the mouth from his Secretary of State allowing Russian leader Vladimir Putin to intervene we would now be mired in the midst of an increasingly brutal civil war.

The war machine has continued to agitate for action in Syria goaded along by the Saudis and silent partner Israel (which is more preoccupied with starting another war in Iran) and the ongoing killing of civilians will provide much fodder in the coming weeks. But it is just more of the usual propaganda and warmongering, nothing is more able to influence American hearts and minds to support foreign interventions in a civil war that is none of our business like piles of little dead bodies as American tykes are gleefully awaiting Santa. The carnage factor this time is far more graphic than the endless loop of those twitching, dying Syrian children, the victims of a still mysterious sarin gas attack in Ghouta that nearly convinced the sheeple to bleat their consent for yet another Middle Eastern intervention.  While the narrative of the little severed limbs and lives cut short is indeed tragic, even more so when it is cynically pushed to send more people to die there is the obvious lack of context, the big lie of omission. This being of course that the poor little innocent children in Iraq who fell victims to U.S. bombs and the fallout from the sectarian warfare that was set off when President George W. Bush and his gaggle of neocon war criminals  chose to attack and invade a country that did nothing to us are always left out. They are just as dead as any victims of Syrian barrel bombs yet are merely “collateral damage”, acceptable victims of the righteous cause of making the world safe for McDonalds and Wal-Mart.

While Syria has been relegated to the back burner as the treasonous cabal of U.S. Senators frantically work to sabotage the P5+1 Iran peace talks it has never truly been off of the radar for the war machine. The situation continues to deteriorate as those freedom fighting rebels that U.S. officials the likes of blood thirsty Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and others so advocated for have increasingly come to be dominated by serious Islamist fanatics looking to go medieval on Assad’s ass. When considering that those type of savages differ very little from the barbaric hoards that inflicted unspeakable cruelty on their victims centuries ago it would be difficult to not understand why the Assad regime is becoming increasingly desperate to destroy them. With the rebel forces dug deeply into densely populated areas such as Aleppo they also should bear a fair share of the blame for the mounting death toll of children but you won't see that sort of moral equivalence pointed out by the corrupt media in this country which long ago ensured that the devil horns would be affixed to President Bashar al Assad alone. In yet another aspect of the ridiculous Time Magazine "Person of the Year" award that was given to the Pope rather than former government contractor Booz-Allen employee turned NSA whistleblower it was Assad who was also a runner up and probably would have adorned the cover had El Presidente and Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry been able to have their war in September. Assad is also vilified in the 'iiberal' New Republic as "Madman of the Year"

War is always brutal, particularly civil wars and even more so when ancient religious and ethnic tensions are exploited by foreign inciters of violence with their own agendas. While the barrel bombings don’t rise to the level of bullshit that the sarin gas attacks did, simply because it was a full blown lie that the rebel forces did not possess the capability to concoct the toxic brew they still are going to be used very soon, likely the weekend after Christmas has passed via the Sunday morning bloviation circuit to gin up the case for U.S. entry into another conflict where we have zero compelling national interest. There will inevitably be calls for the military action that is most dear to liberals, humanitarian interventions coming in the new year to Sudan as well, Obama is already planting the seeds for U.S. action and rebels there reportedly fired on U.S. aircraft over the weekend. There are also now reports of the discovery of mass graves

All they want for Christmas is war.