Sunday, December 22, 2013

Renegade Senate Preps to Deliver Iran War for 2014

Working largely on the behalf of a foreign power an unprecedented U.S. Senate power play is about to drag the United States into what is to be a ruinously costly and potentially catastrophic war with Iran. In the latest and to this point most serious effort to sabotage the P5+1 talks with Iran on limiting nuclear programs in exchange for easing of sanctions the U.S. Congress is now preparing to act against the long term safety and security interests of the American people in ensuring that war will be coming. The effort is led by the normal rat pack of warmongering swine the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham , the callow and opportunistic Marco Rubio, Wall Street’s very own Chuck Schumer and the Texas Zamboni Ted Cruz being the most vocal and media accessible shills for WW III. The bill itself, a piece of trash being pimped under the name of the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act ensures that there will be the exact type of additional sanctions applied that the Iranian’s have stated would end the negotiations. 

Christ knows that we certainly could never enter into any sort of rational and normal sort of relationship with the oil rich Iran allowing the U.S. to tell the degenerate, terrorist supporters in the House of Saud to go and pound sand. Hell, when fifteen of the nineteen September 11, 2001 hailed from The Kingdom the biggest question that should be asked is why did Bush attack Afghanistan and Iraq instead of Riyadh.But the constantly carping Saudis, led by Prince Bandar bin Sultan (aka Bandar Bush) aren’t the most meddlesome in the Iran provocations, they have already destabilized Syria by funding Islamic militants and then watching as their efforts to have Barry and the boys start a war that would primarily benefit them go up like a flaming bag of dogshit.

The real problem with the now extremely dangerous push to start the long agitated for Iran debacle is of course the right-wing regime of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. This has been the case for too long now and to this point has been the one grave mistake that the corrupt, incompetent and psychopathic regimes in Washington haven’t made. It was looking like a go back during the Bush regime but Dubya wisely overruled Dick Cheney on this one and Obama became president and Bibi Netanyahu became Prime Minister of Israel in 2009. Despite his constant hysteria, bullying, allies within the U.S. media and political system and ridiculous drawings of cartoon bombs at the United Nations Netanyahu has thus far been unable to push the U.S. into waging the war that he lacks the balls to carry out on his own, sending his own people into the meat grinder instead of American servicemen and women.

Now that has all changed as desperation oozes Bibi's pores for a peace deal with Iran would mean that he is only Sir Winston Churchill in his own warped mind. Netanyahu has shed any pretenses of rationality and a respect for letting the government that pumps billions of dollars of taxpayer money (largely military aid)into his country every year in mobilizing his stooges in Congress. The “Nuclear Free Weapon Iran Act” is the lovechild of a bipartisan coalition (notice how well they all get along when it comes to murdering non-white, non-Christian people?) led by New Jersey Senator Robert Mendez and Illinois Senator Mark Kirk who according to comments made via telephone to a private audience revealed who his true constituents are. Kirk regularly receives a boatload of money from AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) which is mounting an all out offensive to slap deal-killing sanctions on Iran and put the U.S. on a path to war. Menendez, who is the chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and I do put the emphasis on "foreign" as according to the website Open Secrets led all members of the Senate in receiving payola from Israeli interest groups for 2012.  He also has a had a rather interesting recent run in with a prostitution scandal of the type that would make a member of this rotten congress susceptible to the type of sexual blackmail that could influence voting.  The big push for the Menendez-Kirk 'Screw America" bill has caused consternation to the point where an open letter from ten committee chairs - including DiFI - was sent to Senate Majority Leader and Democrat party poobah Harry Reid warning explicitly of the threat to the Iran talks and even the feckless Obama has threatened a veto. With 26 "bipartisan" co-sponsors, the lobbying might of AIPAC and Bibi's continued demagoguery this thing is going to pass early next year. Palmetto State Princess Lindsay Graham has her panties in a wad over a promised "veto proof majority". Jesus, wouldn't it be nice to see this venal pack of assholes manage 67 votes for something that benefits America.

The renegade Senate managed to slither out of D.C. for their latest taxpayer paid vacation prior to getting their dirty deal done but rest assured that it will be at the top of the list come January when they return. The deranged Netanyahu is hellbent at punching his ticket with history and dragging Americans along on the descent into hell.  This Reuters article lets slip that any facade that hid his meddling in congress and concealing his control of U.S. politicians is now no longer important to the 'new Churchill':

Taking even wider aim, Netanyahu said negotiators should demand a change to Iran's "genocidal policy" toward Israel, manifested through its supply of thousands of missiles to Palestinian and Lebanese militants, and its calls for the Jewish state's destruction.

The wish list has received a cool reception in Washington, will be given short shrift by Iran and was described as "crazy" by a senior Western diplomat. But experts believe the Israeli leader wants to put pressure on President Barack Obama and prevent U.S.-Iranian ties from thawing too far, too fast.
One way to do that would be to send a message to Israel's supporters on Capitol Hill. The Senate has already sparred with Obama over whether new sanctions against Iran should be prepared.

A former Netanyahu adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said U.S. legislators were Netanyahu's target audience.

"It's one thing for Congress to hold off on imposing sanctions, quite another for it to cancel sanctions under a final deal with Iran. Netanyahu wants to help set the tone in Congress and he doesn't mind if Obama notices."

There is a growing sense in Washington that Netanyahu has accepted it is unlikely he can derail the negotiations, so he may have reverted to spoiling tactics, however unpopular they may be in Obama's administration.

"I can't believe the Americans are happy about (Netanyahu) sounding off the way he is at this critical point in time," said one Israeli official, who has direct knowledge of recent White House consultations between U.S. and Israeli experts on Iran.

The United States views engagement with the new, relatively moderate government in Iran as a chance to defuse more than three decades of tensions.

While the piece accurately (and surprisingly) fingers Bibi for mustering his cats paws in congress it fails to note that the reference to " defuse more than three decades of tensions" in Iran are the result of the CIA backed 1953 coup against the democratically elected leader Mohammad Mossadegh and led to the reign of terror of the  U.S. puppet Shah of Iran and his torture regime. The state-corporate media's greatest lies are those of omission and perhaps there is no greater of an omission than a discussion of Israel's own nuclear weapons when it comes to the invocation of the Iran's nukes. Given the increasingly fascistic track that Netanyahu's country has placed itself on as well as it's extreme and unstable leadership would it not be the safest course for the planet to ensure that neither Iran nor Israel had a nuclear weapons capability?

With the Senate now gone fully rogue with no aspersions of any longer concealing who and what they truly represent (it ain't America folks) we now enter a truly perilous time in history. With it fully obvious that none of the Menendez-Kirk jihadists have ever been made subject to the Foreign Agents Registration Act and are hellbent on self-immolation for the sake of a foreign country the future is bleak.  The collapse that has to this point been put off is coming now and all Americans need to consider what they need to do in order to protect themselves and their families.