Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Drone Hunting Permits On Hold for Colorado Community

The town of Deer Trail, Colorado, a small farming and ranching community that lies 50 or so miles east of Denver has a novel idea when it comes to combat the creeping fascism of the surveillance state. In July town trustees decided to think outside the proverbial box in issuing drone hunting permits against the invasive government aerial spy vehicles. Deer Trail which claims that the first rodeo in the world was held there back in 1869 is on the cutting edge with the innovative idea of actually selling permits at 25 bucks a pop to those looking to send a message to the rogue leadership of this country as well as the multitude of private companies that will benefit off of the coming drone gold rush.

The idea was set to go to voters and had attracted a good deal of outside interest. As of early September town clerk Kim Oldfield was quoted in this Reuters story as saying that “I stopped counting when it hit 985” in reference to applications. While the drone permits garnered mixed feelings in Deer Trail with resident comments ranging from the positive “What has me fired up is it’s trespassing”, “I would shoot a drone down if it’s peering in my window, scanning me and it’s within elevation where I can nail it” and to a detractor (probably a liberal) who said “that’s a federal offense to destroy government property, and on top of that it’s a ridiculous thing and embarrassing the town”.

The government certainly is not down with it.  The FAA reportedly issued an ominous statement that “shooting at an unmanned aircraft could result in criminal or civil liability, just as would firing at a manned airplane”. Translation: “you are either with us or you are with the terrorists”.  Deer Trail resident Phillip Steel nails it in his response that “There are many things that are illegal, but the United States federal government declared war on us…this is our response.”  With the obvious government pressure being brought Mayor Frank Fields has postponed the vote for the time being until a district court is able to determine the legality of the proposed ordinance.

With the public relations machine always in heavy spin cycle to immerse the already brainwashed American sheep into further submission a happy face is being painted on the coming drone explosion. While the blasting into bloody chunks of human hamburger of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, many of them women and children banished from the state-corporate media here in The Homeland we get silliness and propaganda like “Fifteen ways drones will change your life”“Bad laws could hurt good drones” and CBS propaganda organ 60 Minutes trumpeting Amazon’s benign delivery drones. Criticism sure does put a bug up the ass of not only the big government surveillance hungry fascists put the big money behind the drone industry as well. In the Orwellian newspeak so pervasive in America since September 11, 2001 allowed for the reset button to be hit on over two centuries of democracy on ‘the day that everything changed’ calling a drone a drone is just too negative. The preferred establishment nomenclature is UAV for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Knowing the way that things work in this once great country regarding the respect of personal freedoms, respect for the Constitution and general corruption of the system I would predict that the Deer Trail drone hunting licenses will be (pun fully intended) shot down in short order.  I would also venture to say that any Deer Trail residents who would dare to actually follow through and down one of those invasive little mechanical bastards will invite a massive police state response resulting in the one square mile town being incinerated by government goons very much like David Koresh’s Branch Davidian compound faster than you can say Waco.