Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Pox Along the Potomac

With their already sparse work calendar lurching to a close the universally despised do-nothing U.S. Congress seeks to finally accomplish something other than failing to do their jobs.  Many of the members have long been agitating to sink the Iran nuclear deal and there is a bipartisan cauldron of malevolent contempt for American interests threatening to boil over before the slimy weasels close the doors for the holidays. Never has a legislative body been such a grossly corrupt, self-interested, contemptible pack of jackasses as this diseased bunch, were this a sane country (which it isn’t) the electorate would stick the nozzle of a gigantic enema bag into the capitol come next November and give the bulb a good, hard squeeze. Nothing other than a total and complete purge will suffice. Both houses are a pox on the country and beholden to special interests both foreign and domestic rather than the people that they are at least technically supposed to represent according to that soon to be irrelevant document that is the U.S. Constitution.

Overly influential and once discredited Neocons, war mongers and on the defense industry dole have for too long been allowed to hijack our foreign policy to carry out numerous costly Middle Eastern wars. They are still stinging over being thwarted over attacking Syria based on a pack of lies (see Seymour Hersh’s recent piece in the London Review of Books) and the best holiday gift of all for some of these scumbags would be undermining the progress in getting Iran to abandon the aspects of its nuclear program that could be used to build a bomb. The key drivers of the move to impose more economic sanctions on Tehran effectively killing any diplomatic progress are Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menendez, and Republican Senator Mark Kirk.  Sadly these two have like other influential committee members a disproportionate amount of clout when it comes to national affairs and both have serious issues that you won’t see in the state-corporate media. Menendez was not that long ago embroiled in a sex scandal involving his alleged frolicking with prostitutes and Kirk is a notorious lickspittle for right-wing Israeli intrests hellbent on a war with Iran. Such questions of character  and conflicts of interest never come up yet these Senators hold the potential to put us all back on the road to WW III.

Personal integrity and basic human decence is not the route to a successful long-term career in what P.J. O’Rourke once pegged as a “parliament of whores” and a complete disregard for representing home state constituents to wallow in the big money that sluices through D.C. like a tsunami of vomit is a prerequisite for a bright future in government. Good ole Mitch McConnell is a perfect example of this with his recent stabbing of the conservative base in the back over the October government shutdown in selling out for a lucrative dam project therefore leading to the coining of the term “Kentucky kickback” and outgoing Democrat Max Baucus of Montana, one of the most corrupt men to ever sit in the Senate will be swimming in lobbying money for eternity. Whoring oneself out while allowing the country to be strip-mined economically and the military sent off as defacto mercenaries to the highest foreign bidder punches a member of congress’s ticked for life. It is better than winning Powerball because it also has mega-perks as well.

Then there is a penchant for deviance that would make one controllable through blackmail, for Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s diaper fetish and spot on the D.C. Madame’s client list is always an enticement to take the graft. The legislative body is chock a block with perverts and sex fiends, hell only yesterday it was announced that Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee was arrested on child pornography charges. It is truly a legitimate question given the extent of the NSA spying capabilities as well as its vast network of foreign and domestic contractors whether the data is being used for monitoring the sexual proclivities and deviance of elected officials for reasons of control. Democrat John Edwards, once a vice presidential candidate was brought low after stumbling into a honeypot that produced a love child while his wife was suffering from cancer, destroying his image forever. Self-proclaimed sheriff of Wall Street Eliot Spitzer the former Governor of New York was brought down shortly after writing an op ed piece in the Washington Post excoriating the Bush administration for enabling the predatory lenders who contributed to the 2008 economic collapse. One has to wonder exactly what sort of information that has been scooped up on the current array of influential politicians, for example Senator Lindsey Graham who pegs the gay-dar meter every time he opens his mouth and is the most visible and recalcitrant shill for war, torture and the disemboweling of the Constitution. It has already been revealed that the NSA is monitoring pornography habits of so called radicals but if they are truly gathering up everything as commandant Keith Alexander brags would that not also include such information that would be of immense value to political opponents and special interest groups. Former FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover was notorious for such practices and it would be naive not to believe that such things are not currently being done by the American Stasi.

This lamentable legislature has repeatedly proven one thing and that it does not serve the interests of the American people, rather it is more often than not their greatest enemy. They will soon slither out of Washington for an extended holiday break, yet one more taxpayer funded vacation for this bunch. They will party heavily until they return in January, not giving a rat's ass about desperate Americans who fight to survive on a daily basis due to the now half a decade economic malaise that shows no sign of abating. They will laugh and eat and drink and fornicate, patting themselves on the backs for their splendid jobs and attending holiday bashes where they will rub elbows with more campaign donors stuffing their holiday stockings with more graft. The best that Americans can hope for is that they do not manage to further destroy their lives or start another war before they leave. Come January the wrecking crew will return, tanned and fat and happy, their war chests filled to the brim with ill-gotten gains to continue their looting spree, continue to enable the surveillance state and send Americans off to die in foreign wars of choice while their own children will never even have to bother serving in the military because mommy and daddy are set for life thanks to their ability to act as leeches upon the backs of U.S. taxpayers.
I mean where does it end? How much is enough?