Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Kiev a Glimpse of Our Future

Do you want to see a vision of what awaits in The Homeland once the collapse can no longer be put off by 85 billion dollar infusions into the big banks? The day that the chickens come home to roost once and for all, when the Federal Reserve ‘heroin’ injections no longer work, the ATMs and debit cards stop functioning  and millions of Americans suddenly are forced to realize that the just in time inventory system never took into account an adequate supply of food stocks it will be brutal. We have already seen the true character of a good many Americans bared for all to see with the Thanksgiving Day-Black Friday melees over cheap foreign made junk now just imagine the same mobs in the streets looking for food. It will be as ugly as it has been predictable and the full power of the militarized police state will be brought to bear.
Cast your eyes to Ukraine, formerly Soviet controlled where the streets were filled with protesters after President Viktor Yanukovych's refusal to sign a deal bolstering EU ties in favor of a rapprochement with Russia ignited public outrage and sent throngs of Ukranians  out to protest the government. Over the weekend a statue of Vladimir Lenin was pulled down and destroyed with sledgehammers and other instruments , it was an escalation that would not be tolerated and the state, as all do when threatened responded with raw brutality and power.

Overnight on what was reportedly the coldest day of the winter, hordes of Darth Vader clad paramilitary police stormed protest camps, cracking skulls and wielding chainsaws to dismantle dissenter camps and crush the uprising. According to this story from The Guardian:

As temperatures fell to -13C (-55F) during the coldest night of the winter to date, columns of riot police closed in on Independence Square, hub of the protests that erupted after President Viktor Yanukovych pulled out of an association pact with the EU that had been due for signing at a summit in Vilnius last month. Shortly after 1am battalions of police approached the vast square from all sides and began to dismantle the makeshift barricades that have been erected in recent days.

Ukraine's prime minister, Mykola Azarov, said later on Wednesday the operation by police was a question of clearing the roads. "No force will be applied against peaceful protesters. Do you understand this? Calm down!" he said as he opened a government meeting.

Police pulled out of the square on Wednesday morning, even as more protesters arrived. America's deputy secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, visited the square and handed out biscuits to protesters.
Several police officers confirmed they had been given orders to clear barricades from the boundaries of the square but not remove the tent camp that has sprung up inside the space.

The fiercest battle came on the north side of the square, where hundreds of black-helmeted riot police struggled for several hours against lines of protesters wearing orange helmets distributed by organisers, in scenes that threatened to descend into all-out pitched battle.

The police action has already been roundly denounced by global leaders including our own Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry, a bloviating ass of a pontificating windbag with perpetual diarrhea of the mouth and a sterling example of the Obama administration's wanton hypocrisy as he expressed U.S.

“disgust with the decision of Ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protest ... with riot police, bulldozers, and batons, rather than with respect for democratic rights and human dignity...This response is neither acceptable nor does it befit a democracy”

Lofty rhetoric indeed considering the Obama administration's ruthless crackdown on the Occupy movement, ongoing contempt toward any concept of "democracy", NSA surveillance apparatus, fiendish Justice Department, militarizing of the police and war on journalists. What is going on in Kiev is exactly what politicians like Obama and Kerry love, having the opportunity to hypocritically wag their finger at other countries for engaging in exactly the same thing that they themselves are guilty of. There has been no mass crackdown on Homeland soil YET but rest assured it is coming. Just look to Boston in April as an example of a drill to prepare for what is coming, half of the city was placed under a state of martial law to chase down one pathetic punk. The streets were filled with armored vehicles and paramilitary goon squads went door to door and conducted warrantless searches and in the worst possible example of a post 9/11 version of what has become of the American character Bostonians actually fucking celebrated it. The Constitution has already been pretty much rendered obsolete by thirteen years of Bush-Cheney-Obama fascism and all that stands between a domestic crackdown along the lines of Kiev last night is a matter of a simple phone call.