Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Arrogance of Power: NSA Boss Continues to Defy Accountability

During the Vietnam war era Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright quite accurately tagged the destructive and ruinous policies of the U.S. government as “The Arrogance of Power” and this arrogance is exemplified today in the form of NSA Commandant Keith Alexander. In his latest appearance before a pathetic and worthless congress that has continued to protect the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs the General continued his pattern of obfuscation and invoking of fear to justify the criminality of the NSA. The preening Trekkie who is arguably the most powerful man on the planet given the monstrous global spy system over which he presides appeared  Wednesday, in a sparsely attended hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary committee Alexander lectured the panel that they would be “failing” the country if the still yet to be completely revealed programs were to be brought under control. Spewing the standard boilerplate unprovable bullshit that such programs have prevented dozens of terror plots Alexander radiated arrogance as he personally gave the NSA Stasi an A+ for accountability. The hearings will ultimately be neutralized by the corrupt antibodies that protect high crimes and even bigger money and the principled few who have dared to challenge the NSA (Congressman Justin Amash, Senators Ron Wyden and Patrick Leahy for example) will be stomped down very soon by a giant red, white and blue jackboot across which is inscribed "national security".

The General, knowing that the likes of the impenetrable firewall of cellulite that is Senator Dianne Feinstein have his back stated of the sweeping up of the communications data of law abiding Americans "there is no other way we know of to connect the dots" yet the question goes unasked that if monitoring, collecting and storing for still undefined future purposes actually was a successful preventative method then how in the hell is it that the Boston Marathon bombers weren’t stopped? Alexander also did not comment on the latest of the torrent of revelations of agency overreach in that the NSA has also been scooping up data and acting as sock puppets in online video games such as the hugely popular World of Warcraft. He knows damned well that he is going to get away with all of this and that the current efforts to implement controls have already failed in that they will be blocked from ever going to actual votes. If the inconceivable happens and a bill is somehow passed, even a watered down version it most certainly would be vetoed by Barack Obama. That’s just the way we roll in this place these days where the gangsters have hijacked the entire system for their own benefit.

In a just published piece at entitled “A Conspiracy So Vast”  conservative commentator Andrew Napolitano nails it in a manner that you will never see or hear in the state-corporate media. In writing on former government contractor Booz-Allen employee Edward Snowden’s exposure of the unrestrained activities of the national surveillance state the judge delivers:

The conspiracy he revealed is vast. It involves former President George W. Bush, President Obama and their aides, a dozen or so members of Congress, federal judges, executives and technicians at American computer servers and telecoms, and the thousands of NSA employees and vendors who have manipulated their fellow conspirators. The conspirators all agreed that it would be a crime for any of them to reveal the conspiracy. Snowden violated that agreement in order to uphold his higher oath to defend the Constitution.

The object of the conspiracy is to emasculate all Americans and many foreigners of their right to privacy in order to predict our behavior and make it easier to find among us those who are planning harm.
A conspiracy is an agreement among two or more persons to commit a crime. The crimes consist of capturing the emails, texts and phone calls of every American, tracing the movements of millions of Americans and foreigners via the GPS system in their cellphones, and seizing the bank records and utility bills of most Americans in direct contravention of the Constitution, and pretending to do so lawfully. The pretense is that somehow Congress lessened the standard for spying that is set forth in the Constitution. It is, of course, inconceivable that Congress can change the Constitution (only the states can), but the conspirators would have us believe that it has done so.

The Constitution, which was written in the aftermath of the unhappy colonial experience with British soldiers who executed general warrants upon the colonists, forbids that practice today. That practice consists of judges authorizing government agents to search for whatever they want, wherever they wish to look. By requiring a warrant from a judge based on probable cause of criminal behavior on the part of the very person the government is investigating, however, and by requiring judges to describe particularly in the warrants they issue the places to be searched or the persons or things to be seized, the Constitution specifically outlaws general warrants.

This is more than just a constitutional violation; it is a violation of the natural right to be left alone. When that right is violated, when all of our private movements are monitored by the government, the menu of our free choices is reduced, as we surely alter our private behavior to compensate for being watched. And just as surely, the government expands its surveillance, knowing that it is not being watched.

And it IS a conspiracy at least in the true definition of the word, not the pejorative smear that establishment lackeys and bought and paid for presstitutes routinely use to dismiss legitimate criticism of the criminal activities of the state. Where I would disagree with Napolitano is that the “conspiracy” preceeds the regimes of both Obama and George W. Bush, it has been noted that the current surveillance programs actually had their genesis in the administration of President Ronald Reagan. It was under the Gipper that Executive Order 12333 ( or twelve-triple-three) was implemented back in 1981. This order is so secretive, complex and all-encompassing when it comes to circumventing the system of checks and balance even DiFi has to admit that “I don’t think privacy protections are built into it,” she said. “It’s an executive policy. The executive controls intelligence in the country.”  Further segueing into the realm of  “conspiracy” one would wonder just how long ago was all of this fascist suppression of what was once a democracy planned? It was under Reagan that Lt. Colonel Oliver North set up the REX 84 program for martial law which according to such fine investigative reporting work as The Last Roundup by Christopher Ketcham a massive database called Main Core seems to have evolved from.

An expert source that is none other than General Alexander himself according to this McClatchy story states that all of the current NSA surveillance activities are “solely pursuant to the authorities provided by Executive Order 12333.”  If any astute researchers who are aware of Iran-Contra related activities, intrigue and murder and a certain highly advanced computer program that has to say the least a very interesting back story would follow the advice of Alexander on "connecting the dots" they may find that this particular rabbit hole goes very deep indeed.