Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Serial Perjurer Clapper Plays the Fear Card

The establishment is beginning to grow restive over the failure of our political buffoons and narcissists to rescind the partial government shutdown and increase the debt ceiling. While it is still a dead bang certainty that a last minute agreement will materialize, primarily to save the reckless bets of the Wall Street gambling casinos other elements of the overstuffed fascist police state are playing the fear card to ensure that none of their money sucking programs suffer cuts. On the same day that it was revealed that Obama’s NSA Stasi is using their lawless impunity to vacuum up the email address books of millions of law abiding Americans a story ran in McClatchy blaming Barry for “putting the country at risk” for not cutting the inevitable deal with House Republican insurrectionists. The story in question, a fine puff pastry piece of state propaganda entitled Shutdown Misstep: How Obama Plan Put the Country at Risk, written by some payroll weasel who goes by the name of  Anita Kumar bestows state media legitimacy upon Obama’s Director of National Intelligence and serial perjurer James Clapper as well as other high level U.S. Stasi swine.

The Kumar piece spent a good amount of time bemoaning that the partial shutdown put thousands of government teat sucking bureaucrats and the operatives of the most invasive and oppressive spying system in human history out on furlough. For good measure it interjected the warmed over Bush-Cheney rhetoric (since adapted by Barry) was putting the country at risk. The piece as well as serving as a mini-hagiography of Clapper goes on to cite a good number of 'experts' who obviously have much riding on their well paid gigs within the disinformation sphere that protects the NSA and other intelligence agencies from too much scrutiny here in Der Homeland. No mention whatsoever was given to the story in The Guardian (where else?) that featured the very creator of the USAPATRIOT Act, Congressman James Sensenbrenner denouncing the monster that he created and leading efforts to drive a stake through it's rotten black heart. Sensenbrenner also appropriately tabbed Clapper as the professional fibber that he is and called for his prosecution. But in going with the way that we honor our criminals here in the rotting republic of greed and wanton stupidity the perjuring bastard is treated as some sort of hero. Especially when he is trotted out to scare the bejesus out of the lemmings to preserve the funding for his precious authoritarian voyeur programs. 

These bastards have no shame whatsoever, these out of control fascist agencies need to be broken into millions of pieces and scattered to the winds not given free reign to enslave American taxpayers using their own tax money. Citing “The Clapper’s” testimony at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing the man who would in a decent society currently be cooling his heels in the iron bar hotel  dissembled that “each day that goes by, the jeopardy increases”.  The sheer disingenuous nature of the piece is made even more obvious when that insipid, corrupt blathering sow Diane Feinstein is quoted as well “our country is at heightened risk of terrorist attack” slobbered Di Fi, stressing out over the very thought of her hubby’s portfolio taking a ding without the endless flow of taxpayer money sluicing into the defense-surveillance industrial complex that they both profit immensely from.  Rather than dig much more into the article, which isn’t suitable for bird cage liner the remaining days until that financial doomsday clock strikes 00:00 will be filled with much of the same idiotic nonsense from those who have the most at stake money wise in the metastasizing of the U.S. security colossus.

The coming days will see more fear-mongering and nonsense by the high criminals who have burrowed deeply into our most corrupt of governments and have like the junkie gamblers on Wall Street have become as addicted to their ill gotten gains.  It is the continuing hope of this writer that the tea party insurgents, who I have absolutely nothing else in common with are successful in dealing a blow to this monstrous system by allowing all of the schemes to implode by allowing the debt ceiling to not be raised again. The only way that Clapper, Feinstein and their trough feeding cohorts will stop sucking off of the unsustainable system will be if the credit limit is restricted and they can go and make a decent living as anything other than the fascist parasites that they are.