Monday, October 14, 2013

"Veterans" March on D.C. Not Exactly the Bonus Army

As a military veteran I always want to vomit whenever political groups and their operatives are able to dupe enough gullible former servicemen and women into acting as foot soldiers for those whose cynicism knows no bounds. Sunday's veterans march on Washington, a planned and staged event designed to wave the bloody flag instead of the "Where's The Birth Certificate" signs to allow for the red, white and blue cheesecloth that the usual suspects wrapped themselves up in in the latest jihad against Obama. Now I have been pretty much clear in my disgust with dear leader, his rotten to the core administration, his crony capitalist bailouts, the corporate giveaway that is Obamacare, drone strikes, NSA surveillance and war mongering but what truly nauseates me are the phonies who have attached themselves to the troops and past military veterans like barnacles on the bottom of a garbage barge. Take for instance the parasitic Sarah Palin who despite her neocon enthusiasm for eternal war and who has never met a gullible state media hack that she couldn't exploit who slimed out of her Alaskan rat hole to shrilly denounce the black Muslim devil in the WHITE House. Standing next to her was the Zamboni Cowboy Ted Cruz, a man whose raw ambition is only exceeded by an egomaniacal need to close the ground on television appearances on John McCain in a few short months. Any event that these two rancid excuses for Americans appear at is forever debased and defiled because of their presence.  

The loathsomeness of the king and queen of the dipshits actually does the impossible in that it makes Barry and his agents look tolerable by comparison.
This was a big weekend for the so called tea party which was co-opted years ago by plutocratic tax chiselers and well heeled Republican party strategists. There was the "Truckers to Shut Down America" invasion of the American Gomorrah on the Potomac which was about as noticed as a fart in a hurricane and of course the "Million Veteran March" which thanks to Teddy and Sarah and their ilk was a predictable failure. While there were probably a good amount of actual vets with good intentions the crowd was filled with ringers and the same type of angry freaks that are given freebie meals and bussed in by organizations underwritten by the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey. The piss yellow Gadsden flag that has come to be the official standard of American willful ignorance and the confederate flag outnumbered Old Glory and legitimate vets with serious grievances were supplanted by thugs and hooligans who destroyed taxpayer financed property and frolicked with the typical fascist abandon normally seen outside of mid-twentieth century German beer halls after one of Hitler's speeches.  I was always under the impression that being "conservative" meant having respect for the law as well as property but these are not your father's conservatives that march under the banner of Teddy the Conqueror. Event organizers are reportedly not happy that their protest was hijacked by American brownshirts.

I strongly support veterans groups but the two that I find the most credible, Veterans For Peace and the Disabled American Veterans were not to my knowledge  promoting this rancid carnival of perversion. The aforementioned presence of the Gadsden flag and the Stars and Bars were a dead giveaway that this thing was largely staged and  the pictures of the crowd that I saw had the trademark demographic composure of those garish displays of rabble rousing more associated with the anti-Obama pogroms than anything remotely related to traditional veterans gatherings. The U.S. military to it's credit is one of the most diverse and integrated institutions in the land yet the absence of brown and black skinned members was damning by their absence.  

It was a thoroughly undignified, cynical and tasteless display that only served to exploit veterans as political props but considering that the chickenhawk neocon types that normally promote this crap have no qualms about sending them off to die in foreign wars for idiotic reasons it is par for the course.  I reiterate, not that a good amount of those who showed up were no’ veterans, it is just that absent the legitimacy of honest vets organizations and the prominent presence of   liars, cheats and bottom-feeding social dreck there is really no way that they can be taken seriously. There was also a presence of members of the right-wing Oathkeepers paramilitary group, an updated version of the old Minuteman militia arm of the John Birch Society, an organization that should have been relegated to the trash heap of history long ago but which found an infusion of new life when Bircher alumni like Charles Koch, whose family fortune came from his daddy building oil refineries for the communist butcher Joseph Stalin began pumping money into the rebranding of the discredited loonies of the GOP base.

I am pretty sure that this piece is not going to go over well with some but as a libertarian I have a unique ability to be able to call bullshit on both of the terminally corrupt American political parties and all within their orbit - until one of these so called principled swine is willing to come right out and denounce the rotten system as well as to detach their own lips from the big government teat they are all frauds. Don't think that Cruz and Palin represent anything than two power freaks who salivate over gaining control over a big government that can be used as a bludgeon against their enemies and unimpeded access to the money spigots that provide the spoils for a system long ago rigged and rotten.

Sunday’s warm up act of such dubious nature will be overshadowed by an actual planned protest at the World War II memorial by a far more diverse collection of veteran’s organizations including the DAV on Tuesday according to some reports. The Cruz-Palin traveling circus should practice what they preach and respect our real veterans by staying the hell away tomorrow. Veterans have legitimate reason to raise hell, they will have to just get in line with the rest of the peasants and bend over so that the big boys on Wall Street can keep the casinos open. The ticking clocks and media hysteria will continue all the way until D-Day as in Default Day on Thursday and the predictable last second deal gets cut by Obama, McConnell, Reid and the rest of the chickenhawk clowns on the establishment payroll. Garish fakes like Palin and Cruz can’t be bothered with any principled opposition to the crony capitalist warfare state that is the real reason why veterans are being screwed out of their benefits by the same swine that sent them into the Middle East meat grinders for the benefit of the speculators.

Eighty years ago The Bonus Army, comprised of World War One veterans occupied Washington D.C. to protest the sitting government and demand that which was due to them for their service and suffering.  Marine Corps General Smedley D. Butler who much to the dismay of the establishment used his influence and name recognition to promote the reality that indeed "war is a racket" showed up in support of them . The government, led by President Herbert Hoover eventually ordered that the military be used to break up the protests and send our veterans, who sacrificed life and limb in fighting for our "freedom" were driven out by Army troops led by a military man who would eventually come to be known as General Douglas MacArthur. The irony should not be lost in that MacArthur in his post-military career came to be supported by supported by sunbelt fascists and hard core right-wingers as they sought their man on a white horse who could eviscerate this country for their own greed and lust for power.  The sunbelt fascists evolved over time and now have finally found their man of action and transformation. While it is unlikely that Barack H. Obama, war criminal and terrorist will send in the military to break up this week's veterans protests it is even money that Teddy of Texas via Canada be welcomed as a red state savior in the equivalent of some southern beer hall this week.