Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Least Surprising Rescue of Humanity EVER

To television addled American simpletons it was the stuff of James Bond and Jason Bourne cliffhangers. To those of us who understand the depth of the systemic rot it was must more of the same political theater. As the Armageddon clock ticked down, the state media shrilly warning of imminent disaster as the crisis du jour that was the raising of the debt ceiling (aka increasing the limit on the national credit card) approached the point of no return there was a breakthrough in negotiations to save the day. This afternoon the compatible scoundrels in the Senate negotiated the deal to end the phony calamity for a couple of more months (and then it all starts over much to the delight of the corporate-state media) and to wrap it all up in the fuzzy red and blue blanket of “bipartisanship” – oh it is so precious to live in a land where we can just all get along isn’t it? The looter class wins again as if there was any doubt and the Barack Obama administration, the criminal congress and the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington have hammered that home repeatedly, like the blow of the captive bolt pistol between the eyes of the first sheep down the steel chute.

There will be champagne corks popping from Wall Street to Martha’s Vineyard to The Hamptons or whatever tony digs are inhabited by our ruling elite. The rest of this is only a formality, the luminescent orange drunkard John Boehner has capitulated and the intransigent tea party factions in the House of Representatives, duped and sold out again by leadership can just go and suck their thumbs and cry softly into their pillows along with the Zamboni Cowboy Ted Cruz, The Club For Growth, Jim DeMint and the rest of the fascistic tax chiselers with their Nazi style loyalty pledges. I found it humorous that the dyspeptic old bastard John McCain even relished giving good old Teddy a swift kick in the balls when he gloated that “This has been one of the most shameful chapters I’ve seen here” – take it from McCain who is the President Pro Tempore of “shameful” political behavior. By the time that it is morning in America on Thursday the 17th the bipartisan rulers will have once again succeed in yoking the slaves and delivering them to the man.

Thankfully this farce is over at least in terms of the media coverage, there is not much worse than having to endure the teleprompter reading big breasted bimbos with the thousand yard stares weighing in on economic issues. Nor anything more nauseating than the talking heads for either supposed side of this mockery of all that this once great country was supposed to stand for. Let them all go and find some corpse to hump for maximum ratings ala Nancy Grace or the next celebrity scandal, missing teenage blonde girl or intrepid and loyal pet saves owner tale. At least until the next round of the ‘debt crisis’ slated to kick off in early 2014 before the nation’s Christmas trees are taken down. As for the worthless and corrupt Congress, there is already much anticipation over the ever diligent Darrell Issa convening a tribunal over the closing of the World War Two Memorial which should be open before that oily gasbag, the richest man in the House of Representatives can call his first witness. As H.L. Mencken once famously remarked – “Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage”, it may be time to buy futures in bananas.