Thursday, August 6, 2015

Break Out the Tin Foil Hats: Washington Post Insinuates that Trump is a Clinton Mole

Incapable of wrapping their minds around exactly why it is that billionaire outsider Donald Trump has rocketed to the top of polls, the establishment is desperate to find a reason to explain how such a thing could possibly happen. The so-called professional consultants, pollsters and political ‘pros’ never saw the overwhelmingly positive public reaction to the Donald coming and these are people who are paid a lot of money to conduct focus groups and studies that treat Americans like stupid lab rats.

Now, on the eve of the first 2016 Republican debate – a debate that the party bosses never wanted Trump to be in – the Washington Post has resorted to crackpot conspiracy theories to explain the Trump phenomenon. Most notably a phone call between Trump and Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton right before he declared his candidacy that just must make Mr. Trump a puppet of the Clinton crime family.

Bill Clinton didn’t tell Donald Trump to run for president, but he reportedly didn’t say not to, either.

The former president and husband to 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton had a private phone call with the real estate mogul in late May, according to The Washington Post, which cited aides to both Bill Clinton and Trump.

While the timing is interesting — the call came well after Hillary Clinton had thrown her hat in the ring and just weeks before Trump formally announced his White House run — what was discussed appears to be in dispute.

An aide to Clinton reportedly said the presidential race was never specifically discussed. Trump allies, however, said Trump was explicit about his potential interest in a White House bid and that Clinton then analyzed Trump’s prospects, according to the Post.
What the sources from both camps agreed upon, however, was that Clinton did not urge Trump to run.

Despite there being a long-standing relationship between the Clintons and Trump, both professional and personal, the report taps into the conspiracy theories that Trump is carrying some water for Democrats.

The Trump truthers will point to the original story published by the gospel of the imperial city, the Washington Post as proof of the conspiracy. The WAPO it must be noted is the preeminent forum for the influential neocon gaggle who believe that war is the answer to all problems as well they should considering that the military industrial complex and security state are the primary employers of millions in Washington and the surrounding areas. Their very livelihoods depend on a state of permanent war that justifies the confiscation of taxpayer dollars at the expense of anything that actually may benefit them instead of a small, corrupt and entrenched elite. An outsider like Trump may shake things up by – GASP- actually putting America first and directing more taxpayer dollars to securing our own damned border rather than the borders of Iraq and Ukraine and that just can’t be allowed to happen.

It will be interesting to see if one of the lesser candidates – perhaps an ankle biter like Marco Rubio – will bring up the Clinton call during the big debate tonight. It definitely plays into the narrative of the loons and whack jobs like Rubio’s fellow Cuban nutcase, Miami Congressman Carlos Curbelo who was babbling about Trump being a Clinton plant last month. Being a businessman – and therefore needing to play both sides politically – it isn’t exactly a bizarre occurrence or a smoking gun that Trump would talk to Slick Willie who has a history of being chummy with many Republicans.