Monday, July 13, 2015

St. Bernie Sanders Drops by Swanky Martha’s Vineyard to Beg for Money

It has been with bemusement and bewilderment to see many liberals lining up to back Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as an alternative to Queen Hillary. The aging Sanders - who is a proud socialist - may be drawing big crowds now but he will be crushed by the Clinton political machine like cockroach pulverized by a jackboot when the time comes. 

I have more than a few friends who are whimsical and naïve liberals and to them old Bernie is nearly a Christ like figure but alas they are being conned - just like they were by Obama. Sanders is really nothing more than a Democrat ringer to provide the appearance that there is a choice when there really isn’t and if liberals were to take their heads out of the Kool Aid vat for long enough to take a good look around it would be clear for even them to see.

Bernie outed himself as just another political charlatan with his visit to the tony enclaves of Martha’s Vineyard to schmooze with the wealthy elite and to fundraise. As reported by the New York Times in the story “Bernie Sanders Courts Martha’s Vineyard Donors”:

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has risen in the polls thanks in part to his denunciations of the forces of concentrated wealth, drawing thousands of liberals to hear his jeremiads against corporate power in early nominating states and liberal hubs such as Madison, Wis.

But Mr. Sanders quietly stepped off the campaign trail this weekend to visit Martha’s Vineyard, a favorite summer destination of the country’s elite, in order to mix with representatives of some of the same interests he inveighs against in his stump speech.

Mr. Sanders attended the annual Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fund-raiser on the Massachusetts island, a popular gathering that draws some of the most prominent business lobbyists and fund-raisers in the Democratic Party.

One prominent attendee, a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, suggested Mr. Sanders’s appearance suggested he was more pragmatic than his rhetoric would let on.

“Bernie is attracting throngs and has a wave going preaching against the one percent,” said the attendee, requesting anonymity to speak candidly. “So why would he take the weekend to spend in Martha’s Vineyard with wealthy people who are donating at least $37,000 and change to the DSCC?” (That is the minimum contribution to the Senate Democrats campaign arm in order to attend the event).

The website Twitchy has a series of Tweets hitting Sanders for his pilgrimage to the hallowed land of the one percent in the post entitled “Bernie Sanders boldly declares ‘money cannot be the God of life’ while raising money on Martha’s Vineyard” which is something that any liberal idiot who actually thinks that the guy has even the chance of a showball in the foundry pits of Hades should read. I did actually drop by the orange festooned cyber-sewer Daily Kos this morning and didn't see anything about St. Bernie's trip to the Vineyard but hey, you have to keep the sheep in line until Queen Hillary is able to hone her own fake populist shtick to perfection.

Sanders’ presence at Martha’s Vineyard shows just how cynical a pack of backstabbing weasels that America’s career politicians are as well as what a bunch of chumps that liberals always will be. Listening to all of the hogwash that Bernie is the messiah who would deliver them from the clutches of capitalist evil is more pathetic than anything. It also shows a certain willful detachment from the reality that is the USA in 2015 where money is everything in politics. This is an undeniable maxim that is even true for a hypocritical old goat like Bernie Sanders.