Sunday, July 12, 2015

Neocon Hack Jonah Goldberg Mocks Trump Supporters as Being in Need of an Intervention

A big name writer for a prominent national political publication has launched a scathing attack on those who support maverick Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump’s astonishing popularity has the D.C. establishment shitting in their britches and the protectors of the elite denizens of that big imperial city along the Potomac are circling the wagons. The Donald has been smacked down by longtime establishment pundits the likes of George Will and Charles Krauthammer - both of the Washington Post editorial page - but now a new tactic is emerging of smearing and slandering his supporters.

We last saw this dastardly plan implemented during the rise of the Tea Party when a legitimate state of distaste and disgust with Emperor Barack Obama and his corrupt regime led to a huge backlash and the GOP retaking the House back in 2010. The Tea Party folks, an eclectic mixture of libertarians, social conservatives, fiscal hawks and the remnants of the Ron Paul movement were dismissed as cranks and racists by the same bought and paid for media that is now savaging Donald Trump and his supporters. Hey, I fell for all at one time but a lot of those folks were played both ways and were unwitting pawns in the big political game of racial indignation. This cuts both ways too. 

The article in question is a scurrilous hit piece featured at The National Review online by longtime pundit and blogger Jonah Goldberg and is an example of just how low that the presstitutes and propagandists will go to protect their sacred cows. Mr. Goldberg can be described as being a member of the influential neoconservative gaggle which always promotes foreign wars no matter how ruinous and costly and with no regard to the short and long term detrimental effects on the American people. Goldberg mocks Trump and basically calls out those who have been flocking to his rallies and speeches as nothing more than suckers, rubes and chumps while calling for the “Trump-pets” to undergo an intervention similar to what would be delivered to drunks and drug addicts.

The entitled Goldberg’s poison pen is ablaze in the piece entitled “Trump Fans, It’s Time for an Intervention” from which I excerpt the following:

Truly, honestly, and with all my heart and mind think Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters are making a yuuuuuuge mistake. I think they are being conned and played. I feel like a guy whose brother is being taken advantage of by a grifter. I’m watching helplessly as the con artist congratulates him for taking out a third mortgage.

Now, before I go on, let me clarify a few things. I get it. The base of the party is angry. They’re angry about Obama’s lawless chicanery on immigration. They’re angry about the GOP’s patented inability to cross the street without stepping on its own d*ck and then having to apologize for it. They’re angry that the Left’s culture warriors are behaving like an invading army that shoots the survivors even after they’ve surrendered. They’re angry that Republicans have to bend over backward so as not to offend anyone, while Democrats have free rein (and at times free reign) to do and to say as they please.

Enter Trump, stage left. He makes no apologies. He’s brash. I can understand why some see him as a breath of fresh air. If you want to give him credit for starting a worthwhile debate about sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, fine. I think that argument is way overdone, but certainly reasonable enough.


Trump supporters need an intervention. I want to sit them down at the kitchen table, reach into a manila envelope, and pull out the proof that he’s a fraud.
The most troubling defense is this claptrap that he “tells it like it is.” Well, first of all, no he doesn’t. He tells it the way you want to hear it, which is an entirely different thing. He is like William Jennings Bryan, only his cross of gold has an all-you-can-eat buffet under it, and looks remarkably like a capital “T.”

Trump is even less truly conservative, but he’s trying to speak in an even grubbier dialect of conservatism. And, having grown up in the tabloid politics of New York, he’s better at faking it.

Eventually, I suspect, this will be the cause of his undoing. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know about conservatism, and at some point he will say something that even his biggest fans will recognize as a damning revelation about the real man beneath the schtick. The only question is whether he implodes before or after he does permanent damage to the GOP’s chances in 2016.

Goldberg goes on to lay out the case that Mr. Trump is the one who is actually the RINO and not three quarters of the rest of the field including the king in waiting “Jeb!”. His piece is a litany of horseshit and cherry picking that is as shamefully misleading as most of the rest of the tripe that is cranked out by the intellectual guardians of the beltway ruling class like link sausage made out of tainted skunk meat. He is a professional drive-by shooter, a specialist in knee-capping and a practitioner of the dark artistry of ad hominem attacks but he manages to make a pretty good living at it.

One thing to remember about guys like Jo-Berg is that he is an elitist himself, the type that former Vice President Spiro Agnew once referred to as “nattering nabobs” and “effete intellectual snobs” and the one thing that such swine truly fear is that one day enough folks will wake up and begin to throw the con artists, charlatans, racketeers and false prophets who have hijacked our democracy out of power. That would then force hordes of overpaid, careerist, ass-kissing douchebags and apologists like Mr. Goldberg to go and get real fucking jobs.

Jonah Goldberg is a scummy cocksucker from the word go as well as a child of privilege and opportunity. His mommy Lucianne paved the way for this wretched propagandist with her work on the Monica Lewinsky scandal where she helped to manipulate the moronic Linda Tripp into getting that famous sperm-covered blue dress. That is the one big thing with the neocons be their surnames Kristol, Podhoretz or Goldberg - nepotism rules but that is why they would be perfectly happy with either Bush or Clinton in the White House come 2017.