Monday, June 29, 2015

CNN Refusing to Own Up to "ISIS" Butt-Plug Flag Faux Pas

The self-proclaimed most trusted name in news – CNN – has descended into the sleazy tabloid muck of milking airline disasters and fear mongering about terrorism to grab ratings and it came back to bite the network in the ass over the weekend. During coverage of one of this weekend’s many gay pride fests a dimwit CNN McNews bimbo got her panties in a twist over what was hysterically hyped as an ISIS flag being flown in the middle of the hoopla. The extremist Islamist group isn’t exactly friendly to gay folks – or anyone else for that matter – but leave it to CNN to blindly sound the “be afraid” alarm. Much to the network’s chagrin, the flag that was spotted in London was actually a display of a number of anal sex toys including dildos and butt plugs on a black and white banner that somewhat resembled that of the so called Islamic State. Whoops!

Normally a retraction and apology would be issued from any self-respecting news network but not CNN. This should not surprise anyone who realizes how putrid and corrupt that the mainstream media has become in Obamastan. As of early Monday the network is refusing to cop to the error. As Washington Post media blogger Eric Wemple asks in his column “Will CNN address Islamic State-sex-toy-flag screw-up?”:

John Oliver added his name and HBO franchise (“Last Week Tonight“) to the group hammering CNN for its Saturday “exclusive” on the alarming appearance of an Islamic State flag at London’s Pride parade. Based on reporting from international assignment editor Lucy Pawle, the network claimed that no one but CNN had taken notice of this “unnerving sight.”

Turns out some clever individual had pocked an Islamic State lookalike flag with images of sex toys.

In his sendup of the situation, Oliver said, “The greatest moment in global pride celebrations actually had nothing to do with gay marriage and everything to do with the idiocy of CNN.” After running through the dynamics of the screw-up, Oliver noted that one day after the embarrassment, “They’ve still not addressed that mistake on air, probably because it would be just too embarrassing to have a professional journalist say, ‘I’m sorry, despite working at CNN, I still don’t know what a [phallic sex toy] looks like.”
Nor will CNN be addressing the matter. When asked whether it would issue a statement or otherwise do any interviews on the flag mess, a CNN spokeswoman e-mailed, “no.”

CNN should be quite familiar with dildos considering their so-called ace ‘journalists’ like Peter Bergen, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper among others, so it is just plain sloppy sensationalism and if nothing else, it should at least be acknowledged by the network that they fucked up. After all, the crackerjack staff at CNN is quick to pounce on the sheer outrage of a Confederate flag cake but that is just pandering to schmucks and currying favor with the Obama regime as well as liberal political correctness Nazis and ginning up emotion to draw eyes and web clicks.

I suppose that we shouldn’t expect anything better from a network so desperate for ratings that it spent so much time airing crackpot theories of the disappearance of that Malaysian jetliner last Spring as well as exploiting the grief of suffering loved ones that it should have renamed itself as the Missing Airplane Network. I was actually somewhat surprised that they didn't find a way to pitch a Natalee Holloway tie in to MH370 but it still may happen. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about spending much time waiting for CNN to apologize for their latest screw up because they have no shame.