Friday, January 2, 2015

Give Us The Wolf: CNN Targeting by Sony Hackers Exposed as Hoax

The so-called “monkey in a tropical forest” who is currently the head of the big government circus has set America up for yet another embarrassing foreign policy fiasco. The rush to judgment to blame North Korea over the Sony hacking and subsequent takedown of that country’s internet increasingly looks like it was directed at the wrong target. There are serious questions being asked by experts over whether the hacking and subsequent hyping of “terrorist” threats against movie theaters showing “The Interview” is hogwash. The government and the media that serves as it's propaganda arm and fear-mongering megaphone have been putting one over on Americans again.

It’s understandable that the Obama regime would want to exploit the Sony hacking to foster a climate of dread in order to ease the cramming down the citizen's throats of a new and oppressive cybersecurity bill. When it comes to lying, Obama and the anti-Constitutional contingent in Congress are seasoned pros and never even bother with the telling the truth. There is a method to their madness but even pathological fibbers and fascists can push it too far which is what happened with the alleged targeting of CNN by the perpetrators of the Sony hack.

According to a story by the website The Intercept that is based on an actual Department of Homeland Security/FBI Joint Intelligence bulletin entitled “Sony Hackers Threaten U.S. News Media Organization”:

The threat against the unnamed news organization by the Guardians of Peace, the hacker group that has claimed credit for the Sony attack, “may extend to other such organizations in the near future,” according to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security obtained by The Intercept.

Referring to Sony only as “USPER1”and the news organization as “USPER2,” the Joint Intelligence Bulletin, dated Dec. 24 and marked For Official Use Only, states that its purpose is “to provide information on the late-November 2014 cyber intrusion targeting USPER1 and related threats concerning the planned release of the movie, ‘The Interview.’ Additionally, these threats have extended to USPER2 —a news media organization—and may extend to other such organizations in the near future.”

Despite a lack of specific details it was then reported that the news organization was CNN and that the alleged threat extended to uber-celebrity host and former AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer. The federal dicks were sent into hyperactive mode by a Pastebin post that called for the ratings challenged cable network to hand over their star: "You have 24 hours to give us the Wolf". Now that the first in an ongoing series of bogus terrorist threats - 2015 will produce a bumper crop - has been debunked before the New Year's baby has taken his first diaper dump. A Tennessee freelance writer copped to the "threat" against Wolf/CNN and admitted that it was all a joke.

A hacking threat against CNN that rose to the FBI attention is actually a hoax, claims a freelance writer from Tennessee who is claiming responsibility for the post.
David Garrett Jr., from Nashville, says he we the one who posted to the anonymous site 'pastebin' claiming to be Sony hackers the 'Guardians of Peace.' It included the bizarre demand that CNN should turn over anchor Wolf Blitzer.

It is believed that the FBI issued a Joint Intelligence Bulletin based on that post that warned CNN and other media companies that hack attacks could be in the works.
Mr Garrett, who rights about security issues for, revealed himself on Twitter today after news media organizations, including Daily Mail Online, picked up the story about the FBI warning.

'My fake pastbin post is being investigated by the FBI. I wrote for CNN to "give us the Wolf" and the FBI is actually taking it as a threat,' he tweeted.

'It was a joke. And to show that no one investigates anything. Everything is rumors. I had no idea it would be taken seriously.'

He says he wrote the post to make the point that pastebin is an unreliable source and that anyone can post anything to the site.

One has to wonder just how many taxpayer dollars were burned up by the G-men over this obvious wild goose chase. I am sure that Mr. Garrett has rocketed to the top of the whatever shit list that the alphabet soup agencies are keeping on "troublemakers". In a way it's pretty damn funny until you realize that the joke is on us all - again.