Monday, December 29, 2014

Unhinged Lindsey Graham Blames China For Sony Hacking

Senator Lindsey Graham has developed a reputation for being somewhat of a hysteric over the years and Sunday morning’s appearance on CNN’s State of the Union was a testament to the bizarre nature of the Palmetto State princess. John McCain’s little buddy spewed nonstop nonsense to hostess Dana Bash, the temporary replacement for the insipid blathering sow Candy Crowley who left the network earlier this month. Graham’s interview was a tour de force of bullshit that ran the gamut from him blaming China for the Sony hack for which North Korea was fingered to calling for Republican leaders to back Obama’s amnesty for illegals and even a hint at a possible 2016 presidential run.

According to a story from the website of CNN entitled “Graham suspects China involved in Sony attack”:

Sen. Lindsey Graham hinted at China's involvement in the North Korean cyberattack on Sony Pictures and called for additional U.S. action against North Korea to make the hermit kingdom "feel the pain that is due."

"I can't imagine anything this massive happening in North Korea without China being involved or at least knowing about it," Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, told CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union."

Graham called for more sanctions against the regime and said President Barack Obama should put North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, something Obama is currently reviewing.

The Republican senator gave Obama rare kudos for the President's handling of the North Korean affair so far.

"So far so good, Mr. President," Graham said, despite adding that Obama should have labeled the attack as cyberterrorism and not "cybervandalism," as Obama called the hack in a CNN interview last week.

"What's happened here it shows how exposed we are in America to cyberattack," Graham said. "If North Korea can do this to a major corporation in America, what can other people do to our country."

So where it he proof? How many times are these sleazy career political hacks allowed to just show up and pull wild accusations out of their asses with nothing to back them up? McCain and former House Intelligence Committee boss Mike Rogers are both notorious for such things while the celebrity hosts never call them on any of it. What is said on these shows unfortunately drives the week’s official propaganda and once chopped up into bite-sized McNews McNuggets is what is fed to the populace. This is what happens when there is no longer any such thing as legitimate, objective and hard-hitting journalism practiced in America. Herr Goebbels would be proud especially when a foreign corporation like Sony is constantly trotted out as being as American as apple pie by tools like Graham and his ilk.

Graham is always a go to guy for the media whenever a prominent "Republican" is needed to defend big government such as the surveillance and warfare states. He is singing from the same hymnal as the rest of the fascists in Congress and the White House who are readying a new iteration of a cybersecurity bill that will further undermine privacy rights in this country early in 2015. The blaming of North Korea for the overhyped “terrorist” threats against movie theaters showing the film "The Interview" and now the floating of the trial balloon that China is behind it all will only be used as further justification for the undermining of civil liberties. But again, nobody ever calls these guys on any of this crap so whatever monster is now being built in the NSA and Pentagon laboratories will soon be unleashed on a helpless and propagandized populace who inhabit the world’s biggest lemming colony.

Principled conservatives had a shot at dethroning Graham but blew it when they were unable to rally around a solid opponent last June. Graham then was easily reelected to a third Senate term where he will be an indispensable member of the Mitch McConnell coalition that is assembled to cut deals with Emperor Obama – especially on mass surveillance to lock down the fascist state.

Shameless, just shameless.