Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sony to Release "The Interview" as Bizarre Tale Continues to Evolve

The ubiquitous and dyspeptic Senator John McCain is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. Despite being censured by the Republican party leadership in his home state of Arizona for being too liberal the old war horse continues to be trotted out as the GOP’s go-to guy in the mainstream media. McCain, the shameless political con artist who succeeded "Mr. Conservative" himself in the Senate took to the air to wail that the Sony hacking was an “act of war”. McCain - a man who has never met a foreign policy situation that he would not send Americans off to die for – talks tough but don't expect him to ride the bomb down into the center of Pyongyang ala Major T.J. "King" Kong in Dr. Strangelove because he was just warming up. Better get used to seeing McCain a lot more too. The GOP takeover of the Senate has given him an even bigger megaphone with an Armed Forces Committee chairmanship from which he can bray endlessly to the delight of the presstitutes and stenographers in the corrupt media.

Emperor Barack Obama didn’t go as far as Senator “boots on the ground” did and as of Sunday was calling the mysterious breach an act of “cyber vandalism”  while vaguely vowing retaliation. Monday it was announced to much hoopla that the internet in North Korea went down which media outlets and political braggarts treated as an early Christmas present. It was a bit underwhelming though considering that the target country is a repressive, ass-backwards dictatorship of the worst type in which speech and communication are severely restricted.

As reported by Reuters in a story entitled “Downing North Korea's Internet not much of a scalp”:

If someone did just knock North Korea off the Internet for half a day, it wouldn't have taken much.

With barely 1,000 Internet addresses, one Internet service provider and one connection to the outside world via China, North Korea's cyberlinks are negligible - barely one percent of that of Afghanistan, a similarly impoverished country with a roughly comparable population.

By the same token, closing down the links wouldn't have had much of an effect within North Korea. For internal online communications it uses a closed Intranet network, but that was apparently not affected, according to officials across the border in the South.

North Korea is "one of the least connected countries in the world," said Matthew Prince, CEO of U.S.-based CloudFlare, which, among other services, protects websites against web-based attacks.

The Obama regime played down the  U.S. involvement in the internet takedown. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf - who resembles one of the Hanson brothers in drag - refused to acknowledge any efforts to send a message to North Korea. As reported by a story from the website of ABC News:

"We aren't going to discuss publicly operational details about the possible response options or comment on those kind of reports in any way except to say that as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen," Harf said. "So I can't confirm those reports, but in general, that's what the president has spoken to."

Batshit crazy North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the target of a fictional assassination plot in the much hyped movie The Interview used the saber rattling by McCain and the rest of the useful idiots to grab some media attention of his own. Dear Leader (not to be confused with our own Obama) emerged to vow revenge against the Great Satan in America and specifically the White House. But story of the movie itself - The Interview – the centerpiece of the Sony hack story which has now been slated for release after initially being pulled may be more than meets the eye.

The whole tale just bears a funny smell and has from the beginning. Could it have been either a false flag or an inside job? Both are legitimate questions that need to be considered. This is even more so now that Sony is releasing  The Interview in hundreds of theaters on Christmas Day. Turns out that the whole sordid soiree was the best publicity that it ever could have received. Millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of free advertising by the mainstream media beating the sheeple over the head with the two most ass-kicking clubs in the bag: fear and patriotism.

FALSE FLAG: The “terrorist” threats against the movie theaters came at a perfect time, just as Congress is set to further stomp the big jackboot down on the privacy rights of Americans with an insane cybersecurity bill. All the usual suspects including outgoing House Intelligence Committee commissar Mike Rogers, the biggest pimp for the imposition of American fascism in recent years have been doing their best to close the deal. Rogers hit Fox News Sunday to spew his horseshit before officially departing his gig for a new one in talk radio. What is never divulged about Rogers is that he is a former fed himself and that his wife worked as a lobbyist for the very telecommunications industry that would benefit tremendously by the new cybersecurity regulations.

Not surprisingly, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the outgoing queen of Senate Intelligence Committee who has served as an impenetrable firewall of cellulite between the NSA Stasi and accountability also called for a crackdown. Easily cowed and duped Americans have already proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they will meekly surrender their liberty at whatever bogeyman that the government conjures up at any given time and the timing of this hoopla sure is suspicious.

Stories have Surfaced that within the cache of hacked Sony emails there were references to contact with unnamed members of the State Department.  The references seem to indicate some level of involvement in the hopes that the movie would encourage an actual assassination of the North Korean whack-job. Don't forget that is the same State Department that is headed up by abject moron John “Skull and Bones” Kerry, the incompetent, stammering ass of a buffoon from Massachusetts who like fellow failed presidential candidate McCain should just go away.

INSIDE JOB: Or it could have been engineered by Sony insiders to create publicity for from what from early accounts is a silly, tasteless, box office bomb of a movie. The hacking may have been the work of a disgruntled former insider and the North Korea angle provides a good cover. Sony executives were reportedly already dreading the imminent failure of the movie in overseas markets and it may not have been a hit in the U.S.A. either. There are only so many consumers of low-brow entertainment chock full of stupid dick jokes, sexual crudity, stoner references and scatological humor. It seems that the one most impressed is entitled Hollywood shitbag  Seth Rogen, the star of the movie. In a cover story from Rolling Stone magazine Rogen aka "Hollywood's Stoner King" gushes about - get this - the sound of a very small missile being inserted up his character's asshole:

Eventually they arrive at a scene where Rogen's character is, in the interest of international espionage, called upon to hide a small missile inside his rectum. (It's that kind of movie.) They play the moment back a few times, Rogen and Goldberg cracking up every time. Finally, Goldberg speaks up. "I'm wondering if it sounds too slimy . . . going into his butt?"

"Come on!" Rogen says.

"I'm not saying it's too gross! I'm just thinking about laughter."

"It's pretty funny," counters Rogen. "You want, like, a slurp? A scrape-y sound? A sandpaper-y, scrape-y sound?"

"Maybe just a slight suction-y sound," Goldberg says. The sound guy punches a few buttons, and a slight suction-y sound fills the theater. Rogen and Goldberg double over in laughter. "Ha!" says Rogen. "My butt is sucking the missile  

Now that Sony will be raking in the dough from the change of heart in releasing their piece of crap movie after all, that sucking sound should extend to all Americans who were just played like chumps - AGAIN.