Monday, September 22, 2014

King Obama's Palace Security to Increase after Fence Jumper Incident

In the aftermath of Friday's embarrassing  security breach after a man who jumped the fence triggered an evacuation of the White House, there will be investigations of how such a thing was allowed to happen. There will also be the inevitable increase of security as the specter of fear is invoked over even more terrorist bogeymen, the latest of which is being reported to make ISIS look like the Boy Scouts. Get used to hearing the word Khorosan because it will be the new fall product of the fear-mongers as the mid-term elections loom and Americans need to be reminded of exactly who it is that is keeping them safe.

The Secret Service is deservedly drawing heavy criticism for allowing the intruder, a disturbed Army veteran named Omar Gonzalez  to actually enter the building at Barry's crib after scaling the fence. It has been revealed that Gonzalez had a "knife" which has been hyped by the lurid and sensationalist US media as though it were a giant machete and he was on a beheading mission. It was actually a "3 inch" knife with a serrated blade or in layman's terms a pocket knife. Anything to ratchet up the fear factor because fear is the coin of the realm these days.

Details have emerged on Gonzalez as are described in the Washington Post story “White House knife-wielder was getting 'weird,' neighbors say”:

He served as a sniper in Iraq, his family said, serving three tours in a war-torn country.

He was discharged in 2012, and was divorced that same year.

He reportedly suffers from post-traumatic stress.

He thought “the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to get the information to the president of the United States so that he could get the word out to the people,” prosecutors said.

For Omar J. Gonzalez, the homeless 42-year-old veteran charged with trespassing and carrying a deadly weapon after jumping the White House fence, things had gone wrong.

“Omar is a good guy; he’s just got some issues that he needs help with,” said Samantha Bell, his ex-wife, told the Associated Press. “I think this is a cry out for help, what he’s done.”

Bell said Gonzalez began toting a .45 at all times. He watched her sleep. He was paranoid.
His neighbors in Copperas Cove, Tex., noticed.

“At the end, he got so weird,” Elke Warner, a former neighbor, said. “He had motion detector lights put in.”

Gonzalez's troubles are a reminder of the struggles that our military folks face when returning from wars abroad to a people who are largely indifferent and a veterans health care system that is seriously broken. It is obvious that the man needed serious help and there are tens if not hundreds of thousands who will never go to the lengths of scaling the White House fence who suffer in quiet desperation. That is however a story for another time as America goes into full blown panic mode again. Security is already being shored up around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and will likely now include "buffer zones" and the obligatory heavily armed guards to ensure that the king is kept safe.

The increased security should serve as a warning to stay the hell away from the White House. Secret Service will have itchy trigger fingers and be ready to shoot to kill to avenge the embarrassment inflicted upon them after they were punked by Gonzalez. It is entirely within the realm of possibility that there will be another brutal and unnecessary shooting of a civilian. It is the proverbial license to kill.
Recall the story of Miriam Carey, the Connecticut woman who was shot 5 times from behind by Capitol police after a bizarre incident where she hit a White House barrier and then was chased by the Secret Service. Carey, like Gonzalez may have had mental issues - she also had a 1 year old child in the car who survived the hail of gunfire. It will be open season now, especially since a second security breach occurred over the weekend where a man drove his car to the White House gates and refused to leave.

Another interesting aspect of the Gonzalez incident is that it has been reported that he was desperately trying to get a message to Obama himself that "the atmosphere is collapsing". It is not a coincidence that he chose this past weekend to pay his visit as there was a huge march by environmental activists over climate change that took place in New York City. In a way it is kind of ironic in that Obama tried to score some cheap political points last week with his dog and pony show announcement that he was seeking to expedite the phasing out of the refrigerant R-134a. This would be yet another act of economic terrorism against Americans in that the coolant is used in the majority of the nation's automobiles and refrigerators and having to find a substitute or replace the equipment would be extremely costly.

Not that Obama gives a rat's ass about what remains of the decimated middle class - he never did in the first place despite all of that silly-assed hope and change hogwash. Soon he will be out of the White House and free to play golf every day for the rest of his life on the taxpayer dole with the best security that money can buy. He will be yukking it up with his golfing buddies as the carbon jackboot stomps up and down on the faces of Americans.

Strange days indeed.