Sunday, September 21, 2014

And Then Came Petro

Granted that it wasn’t quite the 29 standing ovations that the corrupt U.S. Congress gave to the extremist leader of "God's chosen land" during a 2011 speech but Washington’s puppet from Kiev brought still brought down the house. Last week's disgusting orgy of adoration was showered upon mass-murdering Ukranian oligarch Petro Poroshenko aka the Chocolate King who was trotted out before a joint session of Congress. Porky Poroshenko was taking a break from the ongoing "anti-terrorist" operations in East Ukraine to solicit more American taxpayer loot for the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression kill crazy rampage sold to the schmucks as a war between freedom and the devil Vladimir Putin. The propaganda beacon for the neocon fanatics at the Washington Post editorial board ran a plea to arm the Nazis that coincided with the speech. 

While the ugly truth is that the "anti-terrorist" operations as well as the entire neocon backed coup d'etat are entirely western provoked and are being carried out by neo-Nazi death squads and militias is concealed by a propaganda machine without equal this is just another act of aggression against the American people by their true enemies: the Obama regime and the U.S. Congress.

Is John Kerry Getting a Hand Job from John McCain?

Ukraine has been flying a bit under the radar as of late thanks to the corrupt state-corporate media's ISIS obsession but a proxy war against Putin is still the apple of the neocons' eye. While the Congress further sullies the once good reputation of the USA! USA! USA! by affording false legitimacy and a thunderous series of ovations to the pig Porshenko there is an increasing sense of desperation to back the junta in Kiev.

The Vineyard of the Saker offers up this outstanding analysis of the Poroshenko spectacle:

The big event of the week was, I think, Poroshenko's speech to what I call the Imperial Senate (aka Joint Session of Congress). I have made the full transcript available here and here. I don't think that it is worth carefully parsing this text, so I will just mention the few elements which are absolutely obvious to me:

1) This text was written by a US Neocon. It even included such typical US-propaganda gimmicks as the "personal story" to give a human touch and moment carefully crafted to generate applause. So no only what the author of this rant American, but he/she was for sure a diehard Neocon.

2) This text was a lame attempt at copying Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech, except that Poroshenko is no Churchill, Putin no Stalin and Novorussia no Soviet Union. Nonetheless, the message was clear: Russia represents a planetary threat to freedom, democracy, liberty, human right, free speech, etc. In fact, according to Poroshenko the choice is not between two civilizations but between civilization and barbaric darkness.

3) The US deep state is by now clearly aware of the immense challenge presented to it by Putin's "Eurasian Sovereignist" Russia and the movement it leads (BRICS+SCO+etc.). The fact that it has to use such absolutely over the top rhetoric is a clear sign of fear and the Neocons are now freaking out. The danger for them is becoming very real (more about that below).

4) More than anything else, this speech proved to me that the only viable goal for Russia is regime change in Kiev. This is a message I will hammer in over and over again - regime change in Kiev is a vital, arguable existential, priority for Russia.

5) Far from being any kind of patriots or nationalists, the Ukie "nationalists" are subservient puppets of the West, willing to service AngloZionist interests with less shame then a old prostitute services her clients. For all the "Glory to the Ukraine, to the Heroes Glory!" slogans, the Ukies are the cheapest prostitutes on the planet with no self-respect whatsoever.

The entire speech had a Disney-like feel to it: on one side, the forces of Light, lead by the USA in white shining armor and on the other, the forces of Darkness, lead by Russia crawling out of the Asian steppes like Lovecraft's Chtuhlu. Infantile to the extreme, the purpose of the speech was to induce a planetary war against Russia and her allies or, at the very least, to contain that 21st century Mordor. 

Poroshenko went as far as referring to now completely disproved lies (such as Russia invading Georgia in 2008) and hinting that Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. could/would be next. Clearly the main can lie with an ease which any used car salesman would envy.

Then there is the issue of the standing ovations. Less than Obama and less than Netanyahu, but still a lot (12 I think). The Imperial Senators appeared to stand longer and clap harder each time Poroshenko drifted off into some kind of crazy nonsense. A scary sight, really.

Now we all know who runs the US Congress (AIPAC) so what this is, really, is a declaration of war by AIPAC and the Zionist faction of the AngloZionist Empire. The Anglos are far less enthusiastic as shown by Obama's refusal to send weapons to the Ukies. Just like in 2008 and that other lunatic - Saakashvili - I get the feeling that there might be a lot of behind the scenes Neocon "parallel diplomacy" going on. If not, why would Obama's bosses tell Poroshenko to ask for weapons they don't want to give him in the first place? My guess is that there is a lot of reluctance in the Pentagon and possibly in the intelligence community to get the USA fully committed behind a regime which might not be around in a few months.

Whatever may be the case, Poroshenko's speech felt like an infantile but nasty declaration of war. Clearly, there are those who are very concerned that peace might break out.

Obama has refused to arm Poroshenko’s Nazis – for now. But this could change any day with the Democrats in full desperation mode to avoid losing the Senate in November.