Saturday, September 27, 2014

Big Sister on List of Potential Replacements for Departing Eric Holder

The news of Attorney General Eric Holder's surprise resignation on Thursday continues to reverberate throughout the media. To many the departure of Obama's savage legal hatchet man from the nation's top cop gig was cause for celebration. Holder's hostility towards journalistswhistleblowers and the abuse of the World War I era relic that is the Espionage Act of 1917 underlined his seething contempt towards institutional accountability. Of course Holder was only doing the bidding of Obama whose own lawlessness has expanded the scope of executive power to that of a king. Holder was a swine, one of the worst to have ever held the position. He never failed to use his power to protect the abuses of his boss Obama and potential high-rolling backers of the Democratic party. 

Under Holder not one of the degenerate gamblers at the Wall Street casinos who imploded the economy in 2008 went to jail - not one of the motherfuckers. Holder preferred to spend his time engaging in personal crusades against racial injustice whether it existed or was invented. The Democrats love identity group politics, it is like mother's milk to them. It has always been a given the Republicans are chock a block with racists who may as well be card carrying members of the KKK but if you look closely, the Dems are playing the same game with their pandering to non-whites, the LGBT demographic and women. This is disgusting but the majority of people who buy it are incapable of realizing that they are being played by a cynical political party that threw the working class under the bus decades ago. Democrats love war, mass surveillance, torture and drone strikes on wedding parties now that it is their guy in the White House yet they squealed like pigs for Bush's head on a pike for far less than what  Obama is allowed to get away with. It is pretty evident that his skin color has been a dastardly distraction to disguise a lawless fascist warmonger and crony capitalist as some kind of champion of the people. 

Holder could always be relied on to find a racial angle to everything and glom onto it, the latest example being in Ferguson after the militarized police response. Holder as well as Democrats fail to understand that whenever they play the race card for political gain that it only serves to harm the victims of real racism - but being Democrats they just don't give a rat's ass as long as it gets them votes. The man was a fraud of the highest order. He was so crooked that he had to screw his pants on every morning. After his last day on the job there needs to be a massive fumigation tent dropped over the Robert F. Kennedy building to remove the stench of his despicable tenure.

The immediate aftermath of Holder's announcement will have the usual jockeying for position to be his replacement. The media ringmasters of American's political circus - or more appropriately America's carnival of perversion - will spend days gossiping and pontificating on who will next fill the spot. Considering the Democrats need to pander to the array of squabbling identity groups, particularly with elections looming the only disqualifying factor would be a white male. Democrats also need to immunize some other amoral scumbag from what will be withering Senate confirmation hearings so  the smart money may be on Obama picking a woman. With Queen Hillary waiting in the wings it would be good for the party to reinforce the phony "war on women" narrative. Could it be that former DHS boss Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano will get the nod?

Whoever Obama picks will be someone who will continue to cover up his administration's high crimes as well as to continue to enable our power drunk emperor. In a story from The Guardian that is entitled "Holder's potential replacements are all Obama's pals. Could any get confirmed?" it is stated that:

The former head of the Department of Homeland Security and current president of the University of California system would be another classic Obama choice, as they’ve worked together and she’s already been confirmed by the Senate. Napolitano would, however, generate more Republican opposition in the Senate than the anodyne Verrilli, or perhaps anyone this side of Hillary Clinton. A DHS memo about right-wing extremism would set off the wingnut skree machine, and there would also be extensive Republican complaints about “border security” – not to mention howls of “Big Sis”.

The story also names Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and current Solicitor General Donald Verilli as potential choices. There is always the possibility as well for the fascist extremist Cass Sunstein to be thrown into the mix but he seems destined for the Supreme Court, particularly if Hitlery is elected in 2016.

The Washington political website, The Hill ranks Napolitano as number two on their list of "Five Candidates to Replace Holder":

2.) Janet Napolitano

The former Arizona governor, state attorney general and federal prosecutor was said to be interested in replacing Holder at DOJ when she was still serving as Obama’s Homeland Security secretary. But Holder stayed and on and Napolitano left Washington last year to take a lucrative job as the first female president of the massive University of California system.

She unquestionably has the resume to lead the DOJ: former President Clinton appointed her U.S. Attorney for Arizona in 1993, and she later successfully ran for Arizona attorney general and governor in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Napolitano endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008 — even though Clinton's husband had helped launch her political career — and Obama brought Napolitano into his Cabinet as DHS secretary.

It may be extremely difficult to get "Big Sis" through the Senate though. It would be akin trying to shove an enormous greased pig through a very narrow chute but she would be absolutely perfect for the times. With Obama's new Middle East war - and I still harbor doubts that his bombings are for anything other than political reasons - it is important to  to quash dissent and outside of Holder there is nobody better than Napolitano. During her tenure at Homeland Security she was instrumental in selling the "If you See Something Say Something" campaign that encouraged Americans to rat out their friends and neighbors. It was under Napolitano that a deal was reached with Wal-Mart to actually use the televisions by the check out stands to air propaganda pieces to promote the program which drew much criticism at the time.
In a nation of rats there has been no greater champion of snitching on your neighbor - Nazi style - than Big Sis. 

She is probably a long shot though. Far too many people are onto her after the stint at Homeland Security and her fat ass would be smacked around like an ugly pinata during hearings. That may not stop Obama as there are rumblings that he will be doing his damned best to push through the new A.G. in a blitzkrieg move . Harry Reid did after all change the rules last year and this would be the perfect opportunity to ensure that some fascist would be installed while Dems still hold a majority.  The Republicans, in anticipation of such chicanery are already digging in and sternly warning Obama to not try to ram through Holder's replacement during the "lame duck" period after the Dems get creamed on November 4th.

The king will be desperate to get one of his cronies in place before the control of the Senate officially flips with the swearing in of the next Congress because he needs impeachment protection insurance. Don't be surprised to see Obama using the bully pulpit to demagogue about how any delay in replacing Holder is going to make the country vulnerable to being attacked by terrorists. This could work too given the general air of jumpiness and unease over the Muslim menace that the administration has been hyping with their warnings about the badder than ISIS group named Khorasan. It is an obvious hoax though because according to the locals on the ground in Syria the group has never been heard of which should set off bullshit detectors in a functional democracy. The satirical website  The Onion is running a piece entitled "Obama Informs Nation Anarchy Will Reign During Search For New Attorney General":

Obama, who issued a stern warning to the U.S. populace that frenzied and unrestrained mayhem will grip every corner of the country, stressed that federal laws would soon hold no meaning and that uncontrollable mobs would rampage in every American city, where he said blood would accumulate in great pools in the streets until a successor for Holder is nominated from a list of suitable candidates and subsequently confirmed by the Senate.

“I am saddened to accept the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder. He held his office with honor and served his country admirably, and as we begin the difficult task of replacing him, I want the American people to understand that the country is now poised to erupt into a vicious maelstrom of horror ungoverned by the laws of man,” said the president, urging citizens to trust no one and to stay in their homes while bedlam consumes the nation. “With a leadership void in the Department of Justice, there is no question that utter chaos and disorder will prevail and our formerly rule-bound society will descend into a cutthroat free-for-all. That is, until this administration and both sides of Congress agree on a replacement.”

It would be right up that slimy bastard's alley to engage in such fear-mongering while he is down in the White House basement huddling with his advisory team. What the ideal candidate must possess is not only a certain allure to the Democratic party base but also a reluctance to prosecute Wall Street financial gangsters as well as a fondness for the aforementioned Espionage Act. What we will not get is a figure of anything that gets within ten miles of integrity. 

Kind of makes one wistful for John Ashcroft and Alberto "Torquemada" Gonzalez doesn't it?