Friday, August 22, 2014

Obama Finally Gets His Excuse for Middle East War With Beheading

Bad ass Barry is about to become a real, live war president in Iraq. Continuing with the finest of American traditions of the previous four war criminals who held the office Obama is taking the USA! USA! USA! back to war. The beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley, who had been captured in Syria is the excuse of the week and it will sell to the masses of asses. Not that the bastard and his warmonger infested administration and State Department have not been itching to do so for at least the past year. There was the horseshit about the babies being thrown out of incubators children gassed in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta the spectacularly blew up when it was derailed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin last year. That was ugly, Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry, was a whirling dervish of bullshit as he pimped for what would according to journalist Seymour Hersh been a huge bombing campaign in Syria only to have one of his collection of gaffes pounced on to put the choke chain back on the dogs of war. Then Putin had the unmitigated audacity to run that running drop kick in the balls of Uncle Scam calling out American exceptionalism on the anniversary of 9/11, the holiest of holy days here in The Homeland in a New York Times editorial.

We see what happened to Putin. He faced a category five hurricane of propaganda culminating in the U.S. backed coup d'etat by neo-Nazis and fascists in Ukraine right in the middle of his cherished showcase of the Sochi Winter Olympics. That editorial really rubbed rock salt into the open wounds of the neocons and dear leader's wounded egos, it was an awesome dressing down and I excerpt the following in the event anyone missed it:

“it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

Go and read that editorial and you will see what Putin's real crime was.

The neocon/R2P backed proxy war in Ukraine seems to have stalled temporarily, having hit the high water mark with the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines MH17 which was immediately blamed on "Putin's Missile" but has now disappeared down the memory hole in the corrupt western media. The truth is probably well known in the bowls of the Washington establishment that a rogue faction of the Kiev junta regime was at fault and this doesn't fit the narrative. According to sources today though, the Russian aid convoy has tired of the criminal delays and has proceeded into Ukraine - this could be a golden opportunity for the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression to attack it and launch their war but why bother when they can settle for Iraq, Syria and ISIS or the IS as it is now called, none of which have nuclear weapons.

The entire ISIS thing has me baffled. On one hand it could be one of those western backed armies along the lines of the thinking behind Operation Gladio, or an enormous hoax (you can't spell bullshit without the letters IS) or a legitimate force that benefited greatly from the U.S. government's arming of extremist jihadist rebels to topple Syria's Bashar al Assad that backfired. The only certainty is that it is being used very effectively by the panicked empire to justify going back into Iraq. Lurid tales like the "beheading" of captured journalist James Foley are extremely useful propaganda tools, especially now that the imperiled Yazidi's facing that genocide on Mount Sinjar have disappeared from the media along with MH17.

As the great journalist Pepe Escobar refers to America, the "Empire of Chaos" is desperate to recapture some of that great 9/11 lightning in a bottle again so we now have the usual dismal array of psychotic war criminals and blood-drinkers coming out about about an imminent terror attack. The Palmetto State princess Senator Lindsey Graham (I wonder how many pictures that the NSA or Mossad has of him with a young boy's pee pee in his mouth) has been squealing like a pig about it for months. Dick Cheney, the head of the shadow government has vowed an attack "more deadly" than that of 9/11, a day that Cheney has yet to explain what and where he was in a credible manner. The fanatical Republican Senator James Ihofe of Oklahoma is fear-mongering that ISIS will soon be blowing up an American city.

What is ominous is that more than just the normal array of treacherous right-wing cranks and neocon traitors are running around with their hair on fire shrieking about an imminent attack on Der Heimat - which would forever cement into place the NSA surveillance machine as well as the militarized police stormtroopers. The chorus of impending doom is being joined by normally rational actors like Secretary of War Defense Chuck Hagel. According to a story in libertarian financial blog Zero Hedge entitled "Chuck Hagel Goes Full Fearmonger: "ISIS Poses GreaterThreat Than 9/11, Prepare For Everything"":

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel talks about the "imminent threat" ISIS poses to the US and the World.. .and pulls no punches in his total fearmongery..."ISIL poses a threat greater than 9/11. ISIL is as sophisticated and well funded as any group we have seen. They're beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology with a sophisticated strategic and tactical military prowess and they're tremendously well-funded. This is way beyond anything we have seen. We must prepare for everything. Get Ready!" Time for some QE-funded deficit-busting war spending...

As Warren Zevon put it: "lawyers, guns and money.. the shit has hit the fan".

So as trends forecaster Gerald Celente always puts it: when everything else fails, they take you to war. The Obama mob is going to milk the beheading of Foley to the hilt - just like the Bushreich did when Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was relieved of the burden of his own head - in order to rile the American sheeple up into supporting the coming war. But there is too much skepticism for that to work this time and unlike in the period prior to the attacks and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan we now have social media.

The real trick is exactly what has worked before for scum like Cheney - a false flag attack, and a damned big one too. Maybe an American city as Senator Inhofe predicts (we could never be lucky enough for it to be Washington) to mobilize the masses into a final burst of imperial carnage leading eventually to a global nuclear conflagration.

The Empire of Chaos are about to roll God's dice and they are going to come up craps this time.