Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Support the Troops? NATO Kills Five as America Shrugs

Five American US Special Forces troops were killed in Afghanistan on Monday and there was no outrage, no media appearances by politicians braying their indignation and no saturation media coverage, hell for as patriotic as all of the folks over at Fox News are you would think that they would at least have brought in some washed up hack to provide an "exclusive" on the nefarious circumstances behind the "friendly fire" incident. You know that Turkey is a NATO member and Turkey is filled with Muslims, could there be more than meets the eye to these latest five wasted lives in a never-ending and unjustified war of aggression?
The killings of the US soldiers is described as follows per The Guardian:
An air strike has killed five US troops and one Afghan soldier in southern Afghanistan, the deadliest friendly fire incident of the war for Nato forces.
Helicopters were called in by US soldiers when they came under Taliban attack after a day's heavy fighting in Zabul province, east of Kandahar, Afghan officials said, but the pilots hit the wrong men.
"We had launched a clearance operation in an area with a high security threat," General Ghulam Sakhi Rughlewanai, the Zabul provincial police chief, said.
"When it was over and we were returning to base the enemy opened fire and [the US troops] asked for air support. The helicopters made a mistake and targeted their own people."
People get killed during wars and the only time that the vast majority of Americans bother to notice are when such deaths are seized upon for political reasons, for example the number of deaths that have been falsely attributed to by the drive by media of soldiers who were killed allegedly searching for Bowe Bergdahl after he went missing. Those are largely based on accounts from Bergdahl's former unit and the members who made the allegations had their media appearances arranged by Republican operatives. According to a recent New York Times story one of his fellow soldiers hated him simple because he read books instead of drinking beer. His unit also had disciplinary problems and a good share of fuck-ups, probably because they were too busy drinking and playing video games to bother with soldiering. The right-wing slime machine can bray all that it wants about the deaths but not one of them can be directly laid at the feet of Bergdahl for blame. The proof is so elusive that the secret Muslim narrative was trotted out despite the connection to Iran-Contra perjurer Duane "Dewey" Clarridge but where is the outrage over NATO, an organization that along with the US backs neo-Nazis in Ukriane and hard core Islamist militants elsewhere? The type of Islamic militants who took over the major Iraqi city of Mosul and according to reports seized one or more Blackhawk helicopters so Al Qaeda has an air force now.
The real problem are the wars and being that America really produces nothing besides bogus financial paper of which most of the value is the skim from transaction and broker fees and military and security services and arms those wars are never going to end. Thanks to the Bush regime and the neocons the entire Middle East has become unstable and while Obama triangulates about getting out of Afghanistan (while leaving behind a substantial military presence) the situation on the ground in Iraq deteriorates with jihadists moving to take territory daily. Soon calls will emanate from the neocon infested Congress and editorial pages for sending more troops into Iraq in a continuing cycle of violence that will only feed on itself while the weapons industry and their toadies in the House and Senate reap the rewards.
Americans though remain indifferent to it all and a large portion of them can't at any given time identify which country that the is the US establishment demon of the day on a map. The Obama White House and State Department continue to issue orders to other countries as though Barack were the king and John Kerry the court jester. Today's eruption of bellicosity is directed at the Iraqi regime of puppet leader Nouri al-Malik to "step up to the plate" and take action to quell the violence. The sheer arrogance of the American regime is evident in the use of the sports metaphor itself, another sign that the Empire is drunk on it's own propaganda and revisionist history. Iraq, and the entire Middle East was lost the minute that the Bush regime decided to attack there and now it is all falling apart despite trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost but leave it to the political class, especially in the latest leg of the permanent campaign season to try to double-down by feeding more servicemen and servicewomen into the meat grinder for the most cynical and insane of reasons.
And now NATO and the US war machine are trying to escalate in order to bring about regime change in Russia? A wise word of advice  as espoused  in the words of Colonel Trautman from the movie franchise that seems to be the basis for American foreign policy and be sure to have a good supply of body bags.