Friday, May 9, 2014

White House Fumes as Putin Visits Crimea

The big bad Russian bogeyman Vladimir Putin just doesn't know when to stop, today he is shoving that burr up of the ass of our vainglorious leader Obama with a broomstick. Visiting Crimea, that now annexed chunk of Ukrainian corporate booty that was promised to the high finance parasites by Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland and friends to celebrate Victory Day.  The celebration is one of the commemoration of the crushing of the Nazis and Mr. Putin's visit has a certain building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue filled with the sound of puckering assholes. The botched and historically stupid operation to hijack Ukraine while Putin was distracted by the Sochi Winter Olympics and which is now disintegrating by the day is a constant sore spot with the king of the narcissists Barack H. Obama.
As the echoes from the fluttering spincters bounce off of the walls in the White House, El Presidentes silly little twit of a paid liar Jay Carney popped off in an interview with Democratic party propaganda mill MSNBC that - "Any effort that he engages in that further destabilizes the situation in the rest of Ukraine, including in the east and the south, is very unhelpful." Carney didn't mention (nor was he asked) about the destabilization of the region by US backed neo-Nazi militias and assorted fascist death squads like the ones responsible for that horrifying atrocity that occurred last Friday at that trade union building in Odessa where an untold number of federalists were butchered by Obama's wonderful freedom fighters. The US backed murders continue today as the illegally installed by coup junta government of "Yats"and his fascists with military vehicles and forces sent after civilians in the city of Mariupol. Maybe Obama can get together with his fawning sycophants in the media again tomorrow night and tell jokes while he presides over the murdering of civilians in Ukraine. Just another day in the Empire.
Putin's trip to Crimea was not only a big fuck you to the Obama regime but also a reminder that Russia was the key ally during the hallowed "Good War" that chopped up Hitler's war machine in Stalingrad and elsewhere, softening up the Nazis for the kill for which the Anglo-American Empire continues to falsely hog the credit for. Carney should show more gratitude, were it not for the Russians he would be speaking German today. There is nothing quite like the a Russian, particularly one like Putin bringing up the inconvenient truth that the sacrifices by the people of that land - by most accounts over 25 million dead - spared our god-kissed, exceptional nation tens of thousands of dead Americans who would have been sent home to mother in body bags were the Nazis not decimated on the eastern front. This is the truth, not that bullshit revisionist history that is strained through John Wayne's boxer shorts and spoonfed to the inhabitants of the star-spangled lemming colony. Perhaps the greatest sin of all concerning Putin was that spot on editorial in the New York Times on September 11th of 2013 where he let it rip.
In the column the Russian leader dared to invoke the forbidden history that during World War II that his country was an ally of the U.S. and Britain and helped to defeat the Nazis. It is arguable that Russian fighting against the Germans at Stalingrad, one of the bloodiest battles in the history of mankind turned the tide and allowed for the allies to win the war. The Russians chewed up the Nazis in that brutal winter mosh pit of misery that caused the lunatic Adolf Hitler to arrogantly lose a good chunk of his military power while delivering a crushing blow to German resolve. The extreme violence and devastation on the Eastern front were critical in allowing the Americans to successfully invade Europe and then roll over the Nazis as they roared towards Berlin. The Russians don’t get enough credit here while the sainted Sir Winston Churchill gets too much of it but such is standard western hypocrisy that we are constantly fed. Especially though when one of those hypocrisies was throwing in with the despotic Joseph Stalin who was right up there with Hitler when it comes to crimes against humanity but he was our kind of bastard at just the right time. The leadership of this country has quite an impressive track record when it comes to supporting ruthless scum who torture and murder their own people so that western business interests can open new markets and plunder resources. For a great history of American meddling, murder and regime change – at least up to when it was published – there is no better resource than William Blum’s classic book “Killing Hope”
Ironic that today on Victory Day that Obama and his filthy criminal infested administration have chosen to not only lie about history but through their actions in supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine are doing their damned level best to resurrect the Third Reich.