Friday, May 9, 2014

American Gangster

He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue...He knows every song of love that ever has been sung..Good intentions can be evil..Both hands can be full of grease...You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace

Bob Dylan -- Man of Peace

Barack Obama was sworn as the forty-fourth president of the United States of America on a bite ass cold day in Washington on January 20, 2009 and was riding high upon a cresting wave of hope and change. The nation was humiliated and weary of war after the eight year gauntlet of greed, brutality, torture and flouting of the law that it was dragged through under the Bush-Cheney regime and their neocon ideology. Obama's election was many things to many people but it was foremost the desire to wash away the sins of the Bushreich. He was to provide a restoration of economic fairness, a return to the humble America of days of yore, the end of the wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan and most importantly the restoration of the rule of law and these all drove voters to deliver to him a huge victory over the John McCain-Sarah Palin Republican ticket. He was the guy, I mean he won the Nobel Peace Prize for no other reason besides that he wasn't George W. Bush and the future was his for the making and his mandate was to rescue America from those who had hijacked and subverted that once noble and heroic destiny.

Now nearly five and a half years later it is evident that many (and perhaps most) of those who cast their hope with the former community organizer and Harvard law professor were sold out for pennies on the dollar by the smiling wolf in sheep's clothing that is Barack Obama. Despite his ability to deliver soaring, inspirational speeches that in retrospect were about as sincere and honest as a traveling tent preacher or flim-flam man he was able dupe the rubes, many of whom learned to stop worrying and love the bomb as long as it was their man in the White House dialing up the strikes but the truth was seen rather quickly by those who paid attention. Barack Obama is a ruthless, corrupt, ice-cold killer of a son of a b*tch and history will damn him for his complicity in the carnage that has been unleashed in Ukraine by fascist and neo-Nazi death squads that he is personally responsible for. That often invoked quote of President Harry Truman "the buck stops here" fully applies to Mr. Obama and he belongs standing in the dock at The Hague along with dozens of other members of his administration.

But I am getting ahead of myself here so allow me to digress...

While sweeping into office as a sort of messianic figure, Obama was always a fraud of the most cynical in nature. His rhetoric of economic fairness never passed the smell test when his chosen Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner who was Wall Street's inside man to ensure that the big casinos with their economically ruinous losses from bad bets would be free to continue to loot with impunity while the average American schmuck got crushed. Obama also failed to demand accountability under the law for the criminal acts of his predecessor and his administration -many who are now raking in money on book tours and are treated with few exceptions like honored elder statesmen and stateswomen despite their complicity in actions that had men hanged at Nuremberg in another period in history. It was the all too familiar"looking forward" excuse that has been sold to Americans by a corrupt political system and an even more crooked establishment media that provides cover for criminals in high places - just move along, there is nothing to see here is the "new normal" in America today.

Not only did Mr. Obama not hold his criminal predecessor and his minions accountable but he actually refined their programs, including the launching of a robotic fleet of airborne murder machines that are the squadrons of civilian killing drones. Were the unleashing of the drone fleet not enough Obama also became the first US President to sign off on the extrajudicial murder of American citizens. He did draw down the US occupation in Iraq although that sorrowful land has again become a roiling cauldron of violence as a result of the initial destabilization. Obama is also now engaged in the smoke and mirrors theatrics that will soon end the US military presence in Afghanistan which is hogwash. Whether or not Obama ever actually ever had any seriously held belief in being able to work with the criminal syndicate Republicans, a gang who were determined to use every dirty trick in the bag to wrest control over the spoils system from his own criminal party is debatable. Obama was beaten to a pulp by a ruthless opposition that played the race card early and often to de-legitimize him, primarily using the corporate scam that is Obamacare to fire up the rabble.

Once that famous 2010 mid-term "shellacking" was administered by a neo-Confederate gaggle of freaks flying the piss yellow Gadsden flag of the so-called tea party, Obama like a chronic loser who is beaten down at work and goes home looking to take it out on the family dog. The dog in this case was Libya when he picked up the baton of his pathologically prone to violence predecessors and initiated an attack on the regime of Muammar Qaddafi - the "New Hitler" of the moment. He may have had the hell kicked out of him on the domestic political front but nothing gets Americans riled up and ready to salute Old Glory than a military ass-whupping administered on a foreign country. Obama had embraced the doctrine of arch neocon Michael Ledeen:
"Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business"

From the moment the first explosions rocked Libya in 2011 I knew that Barack Obama had just locked down another four years in the White House no matter what his political foes would hit him with. It was his sacred initiation, his right of passage into the big boys club. In a way it was like laying in a mock coffin and sucking off upperclassmen in the Skull and Bones tomb - a secret society of rich pricks dedicating their lives to helping each other get over on everybody else. Obama was a made man and a proud member of the war criminals club of which all US presidents (with the obvious exception of poor old Jimmy Carter) belong to.

Obama then authorized that celebrated revenge killing of Osama bin Laden, the accused mastermind behind those September 11, 2001 attacks that forever transformed America into The Homeland. The alleged assassination of the baddest ass bogeyman of all was celebrated nationwide in a tasteless and shameful display of flag waving and cheering like it was a sporting event. There were hit movies made about the special ops murder of an old man in hiding including the acclaimed "Zero Dark Thirty" that glorified the practice of torture as surely as the Fox television series "24" and the deranged American cartoon hero Jack Bauer did. At that time Obama was the f*cking man and therefore untouchable politically, a true American hero for the modern era. It was actually really very funny to see the Republicans have to eat their own sh*t for a period of time over the bin Laden killing and Obama's role in the taking out of the Emanuel Goldstein figure that drove the phony war on terror. This was a man who had managed to survive for over ten years after the most devastating terrorist strike in US history, cave-hopping and dragging along a dialysis machine despite being hunted by the most powerful military and surveillance machine in the history of the galaxy but Obama pulled it off. Forget that were never any actual pictures of the dead man's body - which was conveniently disposed of at sea - released to the public for reasons of national security. The main benefit of the official story of the calling in of the chit on a former CIA asset who was used in the proxy war against the hated Russians in the 1980's but then turned on America the beautiful is that it burnished Obama's image - and the Democrats - as tough on terror, stealing away the magical talisman from the Republicans.

But I digress...

Obama having been easily reelected in 2012 despite his myriad of betrayals and failures has now in his second term become hellbent at proving that he is the baddest f*cking gangster on Earth and this is apparent in the shameful, US sponsored bloodletting in Ukraine. The events leading up to the coup d'et in Kiev that toppled the democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych (who may have been a corrupt bastard although probably not even in the league of western backed leaders) and installed the turnkey puppet Arseniy "Yats" Yatsenyuk are Obama's responsibility. The muscle that backed the overthrow, a scurvy pack of seig-heiling goons who infiltrated and hijacked what was an at one time somewhat legitimate mass protest against Yanukovych (although likely orchestrated by US NGOs) and who have now been unleashed on a rampage has Obama's full support. It is a disgrace to me as an American to see the horrendous violence and state sanctioned pogroms like what occurred in Odessa knowing full well that the elected leader of my country can so callously hover above such savagery. This is all very obviously a petty vendetta and personal grudge against Vladimir Putin over being slighted on the world stage through the latter's rescue of Edward Snowden and the preemption of a war on Syria in which Obama lost face.

Obama's conduct towards Ukraine and support of the illegal occupying government along with ignoring the very real potential of this all to spin out of control as Russia is a nuclear power was bad enough but on May 2nd 2014 Obama crossed the line. It is one thing to engage in a sick exercise of saber rattling and dick measuring with the leader of a world power like Russia but quite another when the forces that one is backing engage in atrocities right out of Nazi Germany. Despite the impenetrable wall of bullshit in the American state-corporate media the truth is leaking out and that truth is a damnation of President Barack Obama. It is the height of arrogance and hubris to believe that a bought and sold pack of clowns who pass for the "media" in The Homeland and whose excessive worship of power and themselves is on full display at the White House Correspondent's Association dinner where the presstitutes jack each other off and suckle the criminal elite will be able to hold back the real truth forever.

Despite the US media coverup of the vicious retaliation by neo-Nazi militias now patrolling eastern Ukraine on their terminate with extreme prejudice killing sprees there are more reports, videos and pictures are slipping out and being exposed by the alternative media and bloggers. The pictures are not pretty either in that they show American complicity in a coordinated campaign of butchery that is escalating into ethnic cleansing. With the failure to bother to condemn or to otherwise pick up the phone and call for an end to the violence Mr. Obama has proved once and for all that he is one stone cold motherf*cker. His ignoring of the horror that occurred at that trade union building in Odessa that was burned down he now has made the leap from a thin-skinned and prissy narcissist displaying flagrant indifference into outright psychopathy. Obama is now a balls out gangster who operates on a global scale and has enough time left on the clock before January 2017 to take a run at a top ten position in the murderers hall of fame.

One of the more gruesome chronicles of what occurred in Odessa is an article at progressive website OpEd News by George Eliason entitled "Odessa-- the First Pogrom-- The Obama Genocide" and I very strongly recommend it although be forewarned that the imagery presented is not for those with a weak stomach for it contains pictures of atrocities within the building that one should never have to be exposed to in a moral world. While any accounts of the abominable conduct of the coup government thugs and their rampage has to this point not been substantiated by 'official' media sources the very fact that they have done nothing but lie about damned near everything in Ukraine (with the exception that it is next to Russia) does not discount Mr. Eliason's work from which I excerpt:

Before people were herded into the Trade Union House, Pravy Sektor was already setting up in the building for what can only be described as a crime against humanity.
People were tortured. Women were raped. People were hacked with axes all the while Pravy Sektor under the group Stop Horowitz blocked the exits. At least one small child perished. Some of the survivors were people on their way home from work that were just passing by.
In the aftermath the Kiev government immediately blamed Russia, claiming agents from Russia and Transnisstria were there. They also claimed in the media that their was fighting going on between pro and ant maidan groups. The survivors of the attack are being charged with separatism, which can carry a life sentence.


In the aftermath so far 126 bodies were found in the basement of the Customs House that did not suffer from the fire. Outside the building another 200 Odessa residents remain missing.
Last night the Police Chief of Odessa deputized over 1800 Pravy Sektor members to find and root out "Separatists." Pravy Sektor is rampaging through Odessa and it is mass slaughter ahead for the large Jewish population here because they speak Russian.

Maxim Sokalov summed it up well in his article today "When the Ghetto Burned"- Odessa pogrom of May 2, 2014 will be one of the blackest pages in Europe (so far rushes new Ukraine) because when supporters set fire to the building of national unity with the people within it and finish off trying to escape from the fire - 1945 Europe did not know this.
As I write this Ukrainian National Guard forces are massacring the population of the village of Semenvika which is on the outskirts of Slovyansk. The junta forces set up concentric rings leading out from the village and at the same time went through the village with heavy machine guns, tanks, and grenade launchers indiscriminately killing residents that are unarmed. Slovyansk forces are taking heavy losses trying to get to the village and protect it.


In Mauriopal Pravy Sektor retook City Hall temporarily by using gas. Fortunately it had an odor. People are in the hospital but all escaped. Residents of Mauriopal retook the building.
I went into town today. I had to go through a few citizens road blocks manned by people that could be from your own neighborhood.

People were on edge but it was quiet. Ten minutes after we left someone on the bus got a call, Pravy Sektor arrived by carloads. Fifteen minutes later in a bus filled mainly with retirees, an attack helicopter ran parallel to us low to the ground until we turned off the road. As the bus entered our town a call came from the mayor, Pravy Sektor was in town demanding peoples passports and tearing them up. Its an easy way to make a Moskal; no identification, no problem.
As I finish this we are waiting for them to show up.

I am mindful of the fact that there is now bounties on the heads of journalists that write about the junta. Phone data is being mined and people are complaining conversations are cut off as soon as politics are mentioned. Two days ago I was scheduled to do an interview by Skype. Five minutes beforehand the internet connection was lost. We hobbled through over the phone. The subject was kept to the days events. After the interview was complete the internet connection returned. It does make you wonder.

There is still time to stop this. Petitions like this one to the European Court on Human Rights is a way people across the world are trying to accomplish this.

The pictures and videos are gut-wrenching and one would imagine that they are easily available to those who make the decisions -- that Obama has not denounced the killing spree in East Ukraine is a condemnation of not only him but of the American people who allow such atrocities to be carried out in their names. Being wilfully ignorant is not an excuse because the information is out there if one bothers to look for it.

The only official media outlet that accounts for any of this is in The Independent from the UK which states:

The dead are still being counted from Odessa's terrible fire: it was 31 at first, then went up to 48, while the number of injured has risen to 200. Some were burnt alive, some were asphyxiated, some jumped to their deaths.
The inability of the authorities to say just how many perished, four days on, has prompted dark tales of bodies in the basement spirited away and buried by the authorities. They show, it is claimed, signs of torture; women victims have been raped. There is no evidence to support these claims, but they fester in this atmosphere of malignant hatred and suspicion which is so bitterly dividing Ukraine.

The lack of evidence to support the "claims" are on display in those heinous pictures and videos that are in Eliason's essay.

Obama is committed to this bloodletting and having made no secret of his admiration of Ronald Reagan now seems to have adopted one of Reagan's practices in using death squads to carry out search and destroy missions against political dissidents. Mr. Reagan once lovingly compared the right-wing death squads that were sponsored by his administration as "freedom fighters"who were "the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers" despite their proclivity for torture, rape and murder to make the world safe for 'democracy'. Post World War II history is also replete with other US backed slaughters such as the infamous Phoenix Program during the Vietnam and the ongoing midnight raids in Afghanistan. That shining city on the hill loses much of its luster when one realizes that the real business of those who run this country is murder in the name of land grabs, resource control and suppression of real democracy.

The history is long and sordid and the events in Odessa on May 2, 2014 will forever live in infamy when it comes to the criminality of those in high places. US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression as well because the illegitimate government in Kiev with US backing and CIA and FBI advisory assistance is continuing their murderous activities and there will only be escalations now that Obama has washed his hands to seal their fates. The man's character or more accurately lack of one was apparent when he threw Reverend Wright under the bus for political gain and the poisoned tree that sprouted forth on that day continues to bear the bitter fruit that the US President is force feeding to the world as a whole.