Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Gangster Vengeance of Barack Obama

Despite the US state-corporate media blackout of the vicious retaliation by neo-Nazi and fascist led militias unleashed in Ukraine reports, videos and pictures are slipping out within the alternative media and Americans are backing a campaign of slaughter that will escalate into ethnic cleansing. With the failure to bother to condemn or to otherwise pick up the phone and call for an end to the violence  US President Barack Hussein Obama has proved once and for all that he is one cold son of a bitch and in the aftermath of the intentionally set fire at the trade union building in Odessa he has made the leap from a thin-skinned narcissist displaying flagrant indifference into outright psychopathy. Mr. Obama is now a full-fledged member of the war criminals club and a dangerous global gangster with enough time left on the clock to give the great murderers a run for their money. 
Having made no secret of his admiration of Ronald Reagan nor his childish grudge towards Russian leader Vladimir Putin – something that is beneath the dignity of office – Obama now seems to have adopted one of Reagan’s practices in using savage death squads to carry out search and destroy missions against political dissidents. Reagan once lovingly compared the right-wing death squads that were sponsored by his administration as “freedom fighters” who were "the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers" despite their proclivity for torture, rape and murder to make the world safe for ‘democracy’.  Post World War II history is also replete with other US backed slaughters such as the infamous Phoenix Program during the Vietnam and the ongoing midnight raids in Afghanistan. That shining city on the hill loses much of its luster when one realizes that the real business of those who run this country is murder in the name of land grabs, resource control and suppression of real democracy. The history is long and sordid and the events in Odessa on May 2, 2014 should forever live in infamy when it comes to the criminality of those in high places.
One of the more gruesome chronicles of what occurred in Odessa is an article at progressive website OpEd News by George Eliason entitled “Odessa-- the First Pogrom-- The Obama Genocide” and I very strongly recommend it although be forewarned that the imagery presented is not for those with a weak stomach for it contains pictures of atrocities within the building. While any accounts of the abominable conduct of the coup government thugs and their rampage has to this point not been substantiated by ‘official’ media sources the very fact that they have done nothing but lie about everything in Ukraine (with the exception that it is next to Russia) does not discount Mr. Eliason’s work from which I excerpt:
Before people were herded into the Trade Union House, Pravy Sektor was already setting up in the building for what can only be described as a crime against humanity.
People were tortured. Women were raped. People were hacked with axes all the while Pravy Sektor under the group Stop Horowitz blocked the exits. At least one small child perished. Some of the survivors were people on their way home from work that were just passing by.
In the aftermath the Kiev government immediately blamed Russia, claiming agents from Russia and Transnisstria were there. They also claimed in the media that their was fighting going on between pro and ant maidan groups. The survivors of the attack are being charged with separatism, which can carry a life sentence.
In the aftermath so far 126 bodies were found in the basement of the Customs House that did not suffer from the fire. Outside the building another 200 Odessa residents remain missing.
Last night the Police Chief of Odessa deputized over 1800 Pravy Sektor members to find and root out "Separatists." Pravy Sektor is rampaging through Odessa and it is mass slaughter ahead for the large Jewish population here because they speak Russian.
Maxim Sokalov summed it up well in his article today "When the Ghetto Burned"- Odessa pogrom of May 2, 2014 will be one of the blackest pages in Europe (so far rushes new Ukraine) because when supporters set fire to the building of national unity with the people within it and finish off trying to escape from the fire - 1945 Europe did not know this.
As I write this Ukrainian National Guard forces are massacring the population of the village of Semenvika which is on the outskirts of Slovyansk. The junta forces set up concentric rings leading out from the village and at the same time went through the village with heavy machine guns, tanks, and grenade launchers indiscriminately killing residents that are unarmed. Slovyansk forces are taking heavy losses trying to get to the village and protect it.
In Mauriopal Pravy Sektor retook City Hall temporarily by using gas. Fortunately it had an odor. People are in the hospital but all escaped. Residents of Mauriopal retook the building.
I went into town today. I had to go through a few citizens road blocks manned by people that could be from your own neighborhood.
People were on edge but it was quiet. Ten minutes after we left someone on the bus got a call, Pravy Sektor arrived by carloads. Fifteen minutes later in a bus filled mainly with retirees, an attack helicopter ran parallel to us low to the ground until we turned off the road. As the bus entered our town a call came from the mayor, Pravy Sektor was in town demanding peoples passports and tearing them up. Its an easy way to make a Moskal; no identification, no problem.
As I finish this we are waiting for them to show up.
I am mindful of the fact that there is now bounties on the heads of journalists that write about the junta. Phone data is being mined and people are complaining conversations are cut off as soon as politics are mentioned. Two days ago I was scheduled to do an interview by Skype. Five minutes beforehand the internet connection was lost. We hobbled through over the phone. The subject was kept to the days events. After the interview was complete the internet connection returned. It does make you wonder.
There is still time to stop this. Petitions like this one to the European Court on Human Rights is a way people across the world are trying to accomplish this.
The pictures and videos are gut-wrenching and one would imagine that they would be available to those who make the decisions – that Obama has not denounced the killing spree in East Ukraine is damning of not only he but of the American people who allow such atrocities to be carried out in their names and being ignorant is not an excuse because the information is out there. 
The only official media outlet that accounts for any of this is in The Independent from the UK which states:
The dead are still being counted from Odessa’s terrible fire: it was 31 at first, then went up to 48, while the number of injured has risen to 200. Some were burnt alive, some were asphyxiated, some jumped to their deaths.
 The inability of the authorities to say just how many perished, four days on, has prompted dark tales of bodies in the basement spirited away and buried by the authorities. They show, it is claimed, signs of torture; women victims have been raped. There is no evidence to support these claims, but they fester in this atmosphere of malignant hatred and suspicion which is so bitterly dividing Ukraine.
The lack of evidence to support the "claims" are the pictures in Eliason's essay.  
Obama is committed to this and the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression as well because the illegitimate government in Kiev with US backing and CIA and FBI advisory assistance is continuing their search and destroy activities and will likely continue to escalate them.