Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Business of America is War

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke on Tuesday in defense of the American war machine and while not explicitly mentioned during his remarks during a speech for The Chicago Council of Global Affairs in defense of the obscene profits generated by America's ongoing global crusades. What would a defense of the Empire and the permanent war be without one of those cherished references to World War II aka "the good war" and Hagel invoked the neoconservative talking point of "isolationism" like a professional card shark dealing dirty from the bottom of the deck. The term is steeped in innuendo to conjure up mental images of Hitler's Nazi war machine and most importantly for maximum emotional value the millions of murdered Jews who were slaughtered along with millions of others because of the disgraceful "isolationism" of the United States. Never is it ever permitted to have an honest debate about non-interventionism and minding our own goddamned business, this is the real reason why the two party criminal syndicate and their whores in the media are so relentlessly trying to keep Rand Paul out of any sort of a position where he may pose this question.
A brief synopsis of SecDef's remarks is excerpted from the organization's website as below:
Despite war-weariness among the American people, the United States faces new and complicated challenges, not least “Russia’s blatant aggression in Ukraine,” and must remain strong and engaged militarily in the world, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told The Chicago Council Tuesday morning.
“We must remain a nation of big shoulders,” Hagel said in a rhetorical tip of the hat to the 500 Chicagoans who turned out for his breakfast-time speech. “America must not succumb to the temptations of looking inward…We must never just return to the garrison.”
The nation’s active involvement after World War II and especially its embrace of alliances around the world led to an unprecedented era of prosperity–an era that still exists, he said. Americans may be “increasingly skeptical of foreign engagements,” he said, but this misses the point, because Americans themselves are the greatest beneficiaries of this policy.
As 13 years of war come to an end, Hagel said, America’s military faces “new threats, challenges, and opportunities” created by a “fractured” global landscape. Among these, he said, are the rise of China and other Asian powers, the increasing youth population in the Middle East, new technologies including the possibility of cyber warfare, an increased global economic interdependence, increased nationalism, new sources of energy, and the impact of climate change on such strategically vital regions as the Arctic.
But as these new challenges arise, “history and geography still matter,” Hagel said. As examples, he cited the war in Syria, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the “dangerous provocations” of North Korea, the “simmering tensions” between China and Japan, and “Russia’s blatant aggression in Ukraine.” The secretary suggested no solutions for any of these problems, but indicated that no solution would be possible unless the US plays a role, diplomatically and militarily.
As an example, he cited the commitment of the US and NATO to NATO members among Russia’s neighbors, such as Poland and the Baltic, who are upset about Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine.
Oh lord how the money rolls in when the bodies pile up, cue up The Battle Hymn of the Republic, grab some Kleenex and snap to in saluting our glorious flag for the business of America is war and will always be war until there is no more America. 
The latest cash cow is the US instigated growing bloodbath in Ukraine, one that is being cynically used now to justify the escalation of military spending as well as shilling for the Keystone Excel pipeline as one Senate Democrat, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu is doing and big energy is salivating over the wet dream of replacing Russia as the top supplier of energy to Europe thanks to the fracking boom. The warmongers in Congress are foaming at the mouth in denouncing Obama’s lame sanctions and becoming restive as it is an election year and more war machine dollars rolling into their states and districts is job security.  The corporate vultures were circling Ukraine even before the ousting of the democratically elected president – see State Department figure Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland’s appearance before assembled corporate interests boasting of the $5 billion taxpayer dollars that had been invested to destabilize the government in Kiev and open the doors for US businesses. Murder industry profiteers such as Lockheed are ecstatic in booming sales thanks to the chaos unleashed by the installation of the "Yats" occupying government and it's neo-Nazi/fascist muscle and are counting on being able to lure Putin into Ukraine to juice arms sales.
Sick and immoral but that's just the way that we roll in the USA, USA, USA!