Thursday, May 1, 2014

Can't John Kerry Just Shut the Hell Up?

Secretary of State John F. Kerry is off the chain, continuing to spew so many allegations without proof that he could be a permanent replacement for the blowhard Congressman Mike Rogers on the Sunday morning 'news' show circuit. It is pretty obvious by now that the neocons best laid plans to stick it to Vladimir Putin by launching a coup in Kiev while the Russian leader was distracted by the Sochi Olympics has gone up like a bag of flaming dogshit. The US-EU-NATO debacle in Ukraine has all of the hallmarks of a neoconservative foreign policy misadventure and is going swimmingly, like they did in Iraq only with a much lower body count - for now anyway.
The Skull and Bonesman at Foggy Bottom (all of those bastards are lifelong members) continues to become unraveled on the world stage in an increasingly discombobulated manner that embarrasses America on a near daily basis now as the arrogant prick finds out that he just may not be king shit of turd mountain after all. Now Mr. Kerry has a new one to sell everyone, that the US establishment has intercepted phone calls that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Russia is engaged in destabilizing Ukraine, pretty bold remarks considering that it was Kerry's State Department and particularly Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland who created the mess in the first place and rather than just suck it up and try to settle it diplomatically they continue to double down.
Kerry's claim about the intercepted phone calls was made in the same closed door Trilateral Commission meeting in which he slipped up and actually told the truth about Israel being on the path of turning into an "apartheid state" and was subsequently vilified and forced to grovel and beg for forgiveness for blaspheming our very special relationship with God's chosen land. According to the story, the latest in a series slamming Kerry in The Daily Beast:
“Intel is producing taped conversations of intelligence operatives taking their orders from Moscow and everybody can tell the difference in the accents, in the idioms, in the language. We know exactly who’s giving those orders, we know where they are coming from,” Kerry said at a private meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington. A secretly made recording of Kerry’s remarks was reported on by The Daily Beast from which I excerpt.
Kerry didn’t name specific Russian officials implicated in the recordings. But he claimed that the intercepts provided proof of the Russians deliberately fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine—and lying about it to U.S. officials and the public.
“It’s not an accident that you have some of the same people identified who were in Crimea and in Georgia and who are now in east Ukraine,” said Kerry. “This is insulting to everybody’s intelligence, let alone to our notions about how we ought to be behaving in the 21st century. It’s thuggism, it’s rogue state-ism. It’s the worst order of behavior.”
My God the man is an ass, there is that "21st century" reference again, a similar one to that which made Kerry into an abject mockery when he spouted out on the Sunday morning show Face the Nation that: "You just don't in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text" despite the USA, USA, USA doing that very thing when the Bush regime attacked and invaded Iraq on trumped up bullshit. Kerry also has in the past weeks denounced - after the tales had been discredited and in one case retracted - both the passing out of leaflets by masked men in Donestk calling for Jews to register with the authorities and then the New York Times propaganda tale about the "green men" operating in East Ukraine being photographed in both Ukraine and Russia - this one was the one that was quietly retracted.
The question is that why would anyone with even a modicum of intelligence believe anything that came out of the mouth of this assclown representative of a rogue state, to use some of Kerry's words it "is insulting to everybody's intelligence". This coming after the still unproven gassing of those civilians in Syria that despite Kerry's "we know, we know" insistence that the use of chemical weapons was perpetrated by President Bashar al Assad more than likely was a false flag event designed to cross Obama's cretinous "red line" and suck Americans into yet another disastrous Middle East war.
Kerry just keeps babbling though and now has dropped the bombshell during his latest anti-Putin rant that "Nato territory is inviolable" and "We will defend every single piece of it". While in 2014 any expectations that we Americans can have for our miserably arrogant, thoroughly corrupt political class are pretty low but shouldn't the sitting US Secretary of State know his geography - Ukraine isn't in fucking NATO!!!
Were Obama not the terminal narcissist that he is as well as nurturing a personal grudge against Putin that runs counter to the real interests of real Americans he would fire this buffoon before he manages to start WW III. Send him slinking into retirement, it's not like he will have to beg for change to survive thanks to his wife, the Heinz ketchup heiress and her fortune.