Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Peter King's Terrorist Pal Arrested in Murder Investigation

Congressman Peter King of New York has for too long represented the deeply embedded moral bankruptcy of the American political class in all of it's putrid resplendence. As a trusty regular guest on the Sunday morning propaganda circuit, King can always be counted on to loudly shill and pontificate in favor for the ongoing disembowelment of the US Constitution and the imposition of every single tool in the big fascist tool box upon Americans. This is particularly the case for American Muslims towards whom he has a strange animosity for and they bear the brunt of his constantly fulminating fury. This burning desire to persecute Muslims makes King one of the most bigoted members of Congress and a man who gives even the tea party caucus that is largely comprised of neo-Confederates from from down behind the cornbread curtain in Dixieland a run for their money.

He is the textbook example of a loudmouthed blowhard and is ensconced as the reigning grand poobah of the House Committee on Homeland Security. In his capacity as chairman he constantly abuses his office and brings shame upon America with his ongoing series of anti-Muslim dog and pony shows. These McCarthy style publicity stunts provide King with a taxpayer funded stage upon which he can prance around and exhibit his lunacy to the thrill and adoration of virulent scum of the type who frequent sewers like Front Page Magazine, a sort of Stormfront for anti-Muslim zealots and various and sundry other hot spots for haters looking for a bogeyman. There is nobody who preaches to the choir like Peter King and he is dangerously consumed by ambition. He is right now setting his sights upon the soon to be vacated, powerful chairmanship of the House Intelligence committee when Mike Rogers makes his transition into the right-wing talk radio agitprop world and perhaps even a run at the presidency.

Congressman King, a bully of bullies revels in throwing his ample weight around as though he is some sort of exalted authority on terrorism which in a perverse sort of way he is - at least when one considers the company that he kept with prominent members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, guys like Gerry Adams who King regularly schmoozed with as a supporter of the cause.

How this inconvenient truth never manages to get mentioned on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday, ABC's This Week or any of the other phony 'news' shows is yet another indictment of the corruption of the state-corporate media. In a decent country with a functional media and especially this one where the freedom of the press is enshrined in the First Amendment, Peter King's big fat ass should be slowly roasted over the coals this week by real journalists bearing real questions over the news that his good old terrorist IRA buddy Gerry Adams has now been arrestedin a murder investigation.

Adams has been held for questioning regarding the 1972 disappearance and murder of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 whose "crime" was to have allegedly being an informant but more than likely was that she was seen providing assistance to a wounded soldier. According to the story in The Guardian:

Adams put himself forward for questioning by the Police Service of Northern Ireland in connection with the kidnapping, killing and secret burial of mother of 10, Jean McConville.
The family of the widow whom the IRA "disappeared" just before Christmas 1972 tonight welcomed the arrest and said they hoped it would lead to the whole truth ultimately being exposed about their mother's murder.

The Jean McConville story is one that is particularly cruel in that the doomed woman was disappeared right before Christmas. She was snatched from her home by armed gunmen in front of several of her kids who suffered from the trauma of the abduction and subsequent disappearing for the rest of their lives and live in fear of IRA reprisals to this day. According to an AP story entitled "Victim's kids hope Adams charged in Belfast murder"in which McConville's daughter Helen McKendry and brother provide detail on the incident and their lingering trauma. Gerry Adams, King's pal has long denied his role in the abduction, murder and disappearance but as McHendry told the reporters for the AP story "Everybody, the dogs in the street, knew he was the top IRA man in Belfast at that time". For the background I excerpt the following from the Wikipedia page for the murdered Mrs. McConville:

Jean McConville was abducted from her home in December 1972 by twelve IRA members, both men and women, who brought her to an unknown location. There they killed her with a single bullet to the back of the head, allegedly making her kneel down before shooting her.
Among her abductors was Dolours Price, who has claimed that she was there on the orders of Gerry Adams.

Mrs McConville's body was buried secretly on a beach in County Louth, approximately 50 miles from her home. The IRA did not admit their involvement until over twenty years later, in 1999, when they passed information on the whereabouts of the body.

After a prolonged search, co-ordinated by the Garda Sochána -- during which the search area and time involved was expanded by the Garda -- the search was abandoned, as no body could be located in the area specified by the IRA.

Her body was found in 2003 and to this day Adams continues to deny his involvement and as he is a prominent political figure now has his defenders including King who have his back which is evident in comments from the Congressman after the arrest:
"I've known Gerry Adams for over 30 years. I've never known him not to tell the truth, you may not agree with him but he was always truthful"
King's statement is the epitome of hypocrisy with more than a dash of irony in that in today's Homeland, the security apparatus that he so ardently defends would put Congressman King himself well within the three-hop search pattern analysis. This is what is used by the NSA in their ongoing data-mining activities and dragnet searches that target millions of law-abiding Americans who don't pal around with terrorists the information is then stored in huge facilities like that one out in Utah for some yet to be defined future use. Somehow I doubt that a made man like King is subject to the same scrutiny as the rabble is though.

But I digress...

The particularly cruel aspect of the Jean McConville case is that happened at Christmastime, the very holiday that Republicans including King love to wrap in the luminous aura of sanctimony on an annual basis despite the fact that in this country baby Jesus was long ago relegated to playing second banana to big retail capitalist Santa Claus. That however is a story for another time but I have absolutely no doubt that Peter King thoroughly enjoyed his 1972 Christmas dinner while Jean McConville's body was rotting in an unmarked grave and her children were deprived of their mommy.

Not that anyone would ever accuse a Republican of being anything other than a greedy, self-serving, hypocritical, mean and insensitive prick but Peter King takes this to entirely another level. Sadly though in the very limited system of "representative democracy" that we must adhere to in America a pig like King is able to hold onto a disproportionate amount of power for an extended time due to flaws built into the system despite only representing a small fraction of the national population. The removal of this crazed demagogue and supporter of terrorists can only be achieved by those residing within his own district. The Second Congressional District of New York needs to step up to the plate for the sake of the country and just vote this piece of sh*t out of office come November.

I would hope that for the sake of all of America as well as the concept of justice itself that his opponent will take advantage of his serial hypocrisy and rid us all of this most loathsome man forever.