Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Are Feds Behind the Cyber Attack on Libertarian Website

Today libertarian website, one of the best news and foreign policy locations on the internet was hacked in the middle of a fund-raising drive. According to a notice on the website their servers were hit with a malware attack, such malicious programs have been revealed by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald as one of the myriad of tools that the American Stasi uses to prosecute their secretive war on the truth. In my years of writing I have always considered to be an excellent resource on much of what really goes on in this country and regularly visit the site several times a day to keep up with breaking news that you just won't find in the corrupt US state-corporate media.
Justin Raimondo announced on Twitter today that the site had been attacked which seems a rather fortuitous coincidence in that the Greenwald book "No Place to Hide" was published yesterday and Raimondo's column to day entitled "The American Republic is Dead" calls for a revolution to stop the surveillance state. Not that the NSA would leave noticeable fingerprints but if something smells like a rat it is usually exactly the stench of a rodent. The verbiage below is what is currently showing on the homepage at
A malware assault has been launched against the server hosting news.antiwar, original.antiwar, and the blog. Of course it's just a "coincidence" that this has occurred just as we've launched our fundraising drive. Or is it? As Glenn Greenwald has reported, the NSA is now in the business of spreading "industrial strength malware" to "enable the NSA to launch cyberattacks by corrupting and disrupting file downloads or denying access to websites."
The website had previously been targeted by the feds as was reported in a Guardian piece by Spencer Ackerman back in November of 2013 that is entitled “FBI monitored anti-war website in error for six years, documents show” from which I excerpt:
According to unredacted portions of the documents, that apparent mix-up was the first time came onto the FBI’s radar – a purview that would last at least six years.
Garris said he never heard back from the FBI, and had no reason to believe that the incident had any broader impact, until he saw what was in his FBI file. “It was pretty scary to think that in my FBI file, and perhaps other government agency files, there was a report that I was considered a threat based on that,” Garris said.
“That may follow me for the rest of my life. Any time I interact with any law enforcement or government agencies, they’re going to be able to see that, and make evaluations of me based on it. It’s very scary.”
The mix-up did not stay limited to the San Francisco field office. In 2004, FBI officials in Newark, New Jersey, compiled a “threat assessment” of Garris and his colleague Justin Raimondo.
The 2004 “threat assessment” took note of Raimondo and Garris’ anti-war views, listed articles and media appearances in which they made their arguments, and reported that “peaceful” anti-war protesters in the UK passed out literature referencing that suggested the US government was holding Israeli spies in connection to the September 11 attacks.
Contained within the file are copies of articles penned by Raimondo advancing the conspiracy theory that Israel had advance knowledge of the September 11 attacks.
The FBI created profiles of both Raimondo and Garris using public records, such as those held by the Department of Motor Vehicles, to include their physical descriptions. “The rights of individuals to post information and to express personal views on the Internet should be honored and protected; however, some material that is circulated on the internet can compromise current active FBI investigations,” reads an unsigned “analyst comment” on the 2004 threat assessment.
The unnamed analyst said there were “several unanswered questions regarding,” such as the source of its funding, the presence of material on the site that is “not suitable for public release” and whether Raimondo was using “a pseudonym.”
The article also links to copies of the actual documents that show that has been on the radar of the fascists who run this country for years. According to a Tweet from Raimondo today the hacking "doesn't intimidate me in the least. They did the same thing during the Kosovo War" which is the attitude that the author brings to his fine work at the site - uncompromising and tough as hell - there is nothing that a bully hates more than someone who fights back and Raimondo is that type of guy. 
I would suspect that a renewed flurry of nefarious internet action will be undertaken at any number of websites now as the bastards are losing the information war that they have invested billions of dollars that have been ripped off from the US taxpayers to do so. The more that the so-called mainstream media lies about the Obama administration supporting neo-Nazi murderers in Ukraine or polishes the oligarchic turd that Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter just landed a gig with Ukraine's top gas company or continues to suppress the abuses of the NSA the more that they continue to lose credibility. The rubes still believe it but they really don't know any better and the lies become more ridiculous and obvious by the day so there is obvious panic within the system that has been hijacked by criminals both within and without the government that operate within the Deep State infrastructure.
The only way to beat the fuckers is to continue to support websites like this one as well as