Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Pall of Shame on America as Neocon Cookie Crumbles in Ukraine

You just had to know that the neocons weren't going to go quietly into the good night after Sunday's overwhelming vote in East Ukraine. Anti-fascist, anti-austerity citizens turned out in droves to send a message to the illegitimately installed puppet regime in Kiev that rule by foreign backed fascist and neo-Nazi goons is unacceptable. What was truly remarkable as well as being the utmost of irony is that the professional regime changers - whose enduring presence within the domestic corridors of power have eaten away at the very foundations of American democracy like a colony of Formosan termites -accidentally managed to bring real "democracy" to Ukraine after usurping it in February. Now in their typical keening outrage they are apoplectic that their version was rejected by the actual people on the ground who would be the ones having to live in it.

The ballyhooed spreading of western "democracy" - which when applied on foreign soil always amounts to something more akin to the spreading of fresh manure - always serves as the rallying cry for the neoconservative chickenhawks as they pursue the holy grail of global hegemony at the point of a gun. In the true vision of the founding fathers one would think that Sunday's referendum would have been hailed as a proud moment when America actually practiced what she preached by seeing those who are oppressed rising up at the ballot box to exercise their God given right of self-determination. Instead, they have managed to even further inflame the derangement of the neocons and are treated like ants with the audacity to try to avoid being stomped by the big red, white and blue jackboot of Uncle Scam.

Immediately erupting forth from the sewer of criminality and lies over at Foggy Bottom that serves as headquarters for the bumbling Skull and Bones alum John Kerry, a buffoon of the highest order as well as the ever crass Victoria "f*ck the EU" Nuland was a braying of childish outrage, whining, lies and cheap propaganda that is the hallmark of sore losers. The State Department rapidly issued an official "press release" screed calling out the anti-fascist referendum as illegitimate. There was of course no mention of the illegally installed "Yats" regime being the true source of illegitimacy but that can be expected from an institution that has come to oppose anything that even remotely represents morality and traditional American values. The official diatribe is excerpted here:

As the United States has said, the referenda being planned for May 11 in portions of eastern Ukraine by armed separatist groups are illegal under Ukrainian law and are an attempt to create further division and disorder. If these referenda go forward, they will violate international law and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The United States will not recognize the results of these illegal referenda.

In addition, we are disappointed that the Russian government has not used its influence to forestall these referenda since President Putin's suggestion on May 7 that they be postponed, when he also claimed that Russian forces were pulling back from the Ukrainian border.
Unfortunately, we still see no Russian military movement away from the border, and today Kremlin-backed social media and news stations encouraged residents of eastern Ukraine to vote tomorrow, one even offering instructions for polling stations in Moscow. Russian state media also continue to strongly back the referenda with no mention of Putin's call for postponement.
The focus of the international community must now be on supporting the Ukrainian government's consistent efforts to hold a presidential election on May 25. International observers note that preparations for these elections are proceeding apace and in accordance with international standards, which will allow all Ukrainian people a voice in the future of their country. According to recent independent polls, a substantial majority of Ukrainians intend to vote on May 25. Any efforts to disrupt this democratic process will be seen clearly for what they are, attempts to deny the rights of Ukraine's citizens to express their political will freely.

As President Obama and Chancellor Merkel stated on May 2, the Russian leadership must know that if it continues to destabilize eastern Ukraine and disrupt this month's presidential election, we will move quickly to impose greater costs on Russia.

The Russian government can still choose to implement its Geneva commitments, as well as follow through on President Putin's statement of May 7. We call on them to do so.
This is totally laughable in that the now flogged to the brink of death fake devil Putin has once again been formally warned not to "disrupt" the upcoming presidential "election" which has always been a farce and a rigged game staged strictly for the benefit of The Empire. When you are choosing between such luminaries as the "The Chocolate King" and the "Gas Princess"you are pretty well fucked. Ukraine gets it but a similar concept just doesn't seem to resonate in a land where our own fine and vaunted choices come November 2016 will in all probability be named Clinton and Bush. The Ukrainian people are not stupid enough to just sit back and get it rammed up their asses by two corrupt oligarchs working for the same interests like the sheep here in the land of the free and the home of the brave (ha ha ha - sardonic laughter). That official US State Department statement, given the quality of the lunatics running the asylum under the 'leadership' of Kerry might as well be used as kitty litter box liner.

Then there is the missing airplane network that is CNN dutifully parroting the neocon propaganda as is typical with lurid tales of voter fraud at the polls. One would think that after being humiliated over having aired that embarrassing graphic showing that the geographic location of East Ukraine was in Pakistan that they would just stick to the panty-sniffing celebrity scandals and other tawdry sleaze like milking the suffering of family members of MH370. But hey - it is America's NUMBER ONE name in news and as such serves as a testament to the triumph of the willfully ignorant.

It is a sign of these sick and bizarre times in which the Obama regime and the state-corporate media continue to peddle their lies that according to a poll conducted by political scientists that "The less Americans know about Ukraine's location, the more they want U.S. to intervene"- you just can't make stuff like this up. Then there is the aforementioned CNN map fiasco that erroneously showed the location of Ukraine in Pakistan as exhibit A in the gallery of American dumbassery. Such a silly blunder would normally result in least some domestic ridicule but at CNN it goes with the territory. So far has the media in this country descended into the morass of mental mediocrity that is the new normal for the American mind. It is as though we are in the early stages of becoming the society that was the subject of Mike Judge's cult classic comedy film Idiocracy.

The plot for Idiocracy features a US Army dim bulb named Joe Bauers, a man alleged to be of average intelligence as well a prostitute named Rita who are the subjects of a secret US military hibernation experiment of what was to be of limited duration. Things naturally go awry when the officer in charge is ensnared by a sex scandal bringing shame and a base closure along with a much longer nap for Joe and Rita who sleep until they are freed from their test pods during the great garbage avalanche of 2505. They wake up to find a world that is totally FUBAR, the infrastructure is crumbling and looks as though it were designed by idiots (or contracted out to politically connected cronies under the guise of privatization), the commercialization of American society has accelerated with corporate logos everywhere and characters that have been named after fast food items and other products like Dr. Lexus and Beef Supreme. I actually know people who name their pets after corporate brands so it isn't a reach to expect that actual human babies are far behind.

The populace speaks in crude tongues, hurl insults and pejoratives at everything and everyone and berate Joe for the way he talks because in the future even speaking in the current dumbed-down lingo sounds makes one sound like one of the eggheads that the right-wing cultural populists have made hay out of for decades. It is the ultimate victory of Sarah Palin style anti-intellectualism. as the entire population has become twentieth generation white trash who in a gross parody of reverse American eugenics have outbred those with any intelligence or discretion like practicing birth control. The opening few minutes that show how it happened are classic as they are scary with the educated putting off reproduction while the rednecks multiply like rabbits. This is particularly so in the present tense down in Dixie behind the cornbread curtain which is an always fertile hunting ground for Koch Brothers front groups that rely on race-baiting and religious nonsense to whip up the rabble and need the help of those with limited intelligence to pull if off.

But I digress...

Centuries of consumerism and way too much television have reduced the citizenry to moronic zombies and the greatest advances in technology are huge multi-screened HDTVs that allow for a number of reality trash programs to be shown simultaneously while the viewer is ensconced upon a huge plush chair that doubles as a toilet where one can enjoy the cultural delights of fare the likes of "Ass""Ow! My Balls" and the "Masturbation Channel", three examples of the evolution of programming like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and Duck Dynasty. You don't need a time machine to witness the degradation from the explosion of potty humor as entertainment that have made even our 2014 society shallower and dumber. In Idiocracy corporations like Starbucks offer sexual favors on their menu next to the latte and the automated Carl's Jr. order system spews insults and cheats customers. The scene that takes place at St. God's Memorial Hospital with the health care system being reduced to a combination fast food joint/casino is down and out classic for all of those whose lives are devoted to bitching about Obamacare.

The society that Joe finds himself in is mean, greedy and stupid and the police are drooling overly aggressive thugs (much like they are now) who must have viewed Judge Dredd as a training film. After a series of mishaps and an IQ test he is summoned to the updated for the times White House by President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (Obama can only dream of being such a bad-ass motherf*cker) because he is now the most intelligent man on the planet and more than up to the task of solving the food crisis that plagues America. The crops are dying because instead of using water (that stuff in the toilet) they are irrigated by mega selling sports drink Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator. Joe suggests using actual H2O and is met with incredulity by cabinet members reciting Brawndo's slogan of "It's got electrolytes as a mantra."After setting off massive social unrest and unemployment after replacing Brawndo which just happens to be the nation's biggest employer as an irrigation source, Joe is taken to an arena for a gladiatorial style event that is a wild combination between Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and the local monster truck extravaganza that is televised on FOX - which to no surprise is not much different than it is in 2014. Joe eventually triumphs and saves the day when the crops grow again and becomes a truly honored hero of Uh-merica. His best advice is to turn off the TV and read something once in awhile and everyone lives happily ever after.

Alas, life in The Homeland isn't a movie and there is not going to be a happy ending to this ongoing nightmare as our long, slow crawl towards Idiocracy continues. As for the movie, the biting anti-corporate satire is as darkly hilarious as such critical analysis of the long-term effects are absent from the media and society today because the joke is on us all already. There was a damned good reason why Twentieth Century Fox suppressed the original theatrical release but it lives on as an invaluable source of mirth at our national plight for those with a certain sense of humor

So we will continue to be fed bullshit biscuits by our corrupt, immoral war criminal leaders and their rotten to the core institutions as well as their now full blown parody of a media machine. Just how long will it take until those who live here in America finally stand up on their own damned hind legs and bite back against their exploiters and oppressors just like the freedom loving people in East Ukraine are doing?
The clock is ticking.....