Thursday, April 3, 2014

SCOTUS Makes it Official: Democracy For Sale

Two events this past week should provide a wake up call to any who still believe that they really live in a functional democracy - we don't. That much has been apparent to anyone truly paying attention before Citizen's United flipped the latch on the gate and unleashed the pigs to feed. Today's predictable Supreme Court decision in ruling against the cap on campaign donations is more of the same only now it is completely out front that democracy is for sale to the highest bidder. The R-A-T-S being R-oberts, A-lito, T-homas, S-calia and the always phony fifth vote in the media hyped 'divided country' courtesy of Anthony Kennedy proved once and for all that the corporate state is ascendant and that the rest of use are pretty much fucked barring a sudden appearance of a true representative of the people. It ain't going to happen. This should alarm so-called conservatives as well even though the big money comes through admitted Republican sugar daddies like casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and the fake libertarian Koch Brothers but it could also be the much demonized George Soros or a resurgent labor movement and unions. This decision only continues to nullify the actual power of the regular Joe or Jane in terms of being a participant in a representative government.
The second event is of course the garish festival of scumbaggery that took place out west in Nevada at a gathering of the Republican Jewish Coaliton where a parade of prospective 2016 GOP presidential nominees groveled before the billionaire kingmaker that is Adelson who is shopping for a button pusher. As in the nuclear button that will trigger the opening of missile silos across the fruited plain for a nuclear strike on Iran - from the groveling of the whores (no offense to prostitutes) who showed up, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and John Kasich along with a parade of warmongers, neocon lunatics and hangers on there will be WW III if Adelson gets his way and he has the money to do it along with the pocket judges at SCOTUS. That is if sitting President Barack Obama and his own gaggle of neocons don't manage to get us all incinerated first with their ongoing provocation of Russia and Vladimir Putin.
The greater problem than the official rubber stamp on the big EBay auction in Washington is that the majority of Americans have no idea of what is going on, zilch. They are only active participants (outside of the vastly ignorant religious fanatic activists who are riled up by GOP demagogues come election time) in actual presidential elections and of course Dancing With the Stars, American Idol and the Super Bowl MVP vote. They will be the first ones who will be shocked when one day it finally dawns on their dumb asses that their very country has been sold out from under them while they have been sold down the river for chump change.
Adelson being the high-rolling borderline cadaver that he is will get his man or absent that the unprincipled old man will just fly in Hillary Rodham-Clinton and guarantee her the White House, the parasitic neocons did originally spring from the Democrats before attaching themselves to the Republican host. Now that the Democrats have under Obama proven to be the same reckless warmongers, callous violators of civil liberties, defenders of NSA Stasi surveillance on millions of innocent Americans as their more overtly fascist competitors it would be money well spent. Really it would make sense, the flock of GOP aspirants to the throne gets progressively worse as the candidates have to pander to their insane base of racists, armed to the teeth NRA types, religious fanatics and neo-Confederates which makes it harder to win a general election. Hillary would be Adelson's best bet and with the aforementioned Koch Brothers likely backing her opponent it would be a billions of dollars spending arms race that would be the modern equivalent of the great gold rush with media being the biggest winners and the 99 percentile of Americans being the losers - again. Besides, when it comes to starting wars Republicans are pikers, the big wars are presided over by Democrats - Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson come to mind. Anymore there is very little actual difference between the two parties and big money understands this better than most.
Let the spending spree begin...