Thursday, April 3, 2014

CNN Interrupts Flight 370 Coverage for Fort Hood Shooting

The media maxim of "if it bleeds, it leads" has just been substantiated at CNN which broke away from the ongoing blanket coverage of the missing Malaysian jetliner due to another shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. The network, a very pathetic excuse for a news organization anymore now that it has completed the transformation to a personality driven sensationalist outlet for tabloid cheese, celebrity scandal and as is evident with their 24/7 coverage of the doomed Malaysia Air Flight 370 where speculation trumps fact and no shame is spared in milking the human element of the tragedy for maximum effect by descending like a flock of vultures on the loved ones of the missing passengers.
The news of the shooting threw the state-corporate media into a feeding frenzy and the anticipation of having yet another piece of evidence to be parlayed to the masses as proof of that great neocon lie of the Muslim war on America was thick in the air. But alas, there was no Nidal Malik Hasan to be electronically pilloried in the national orgy of the "Two Minutes Hate" only a troubled Iraqi war veteran. The alleged shooter and the victims of this latest act of violence (which are now commonplace in The Homeland) are just the latest casualties in the goddamned endless series of illegal wars of aggression that has been forcibly shoved down the world’s collective throats by neocon swine, liars and cowards.
I don’t imagine that CNN will have to spend too much time cutting into the blanket coverage of the missing airplane - including providing a forum of legitimacy to tin-foil hatter cranks speculating about black holes - simply because this time the Fort Hood shooter isn’t one of those brown skinned Allah worshipping devils. When the killer, a man named Ivan Lopez, a 34 year Puerto Rico native opened fire it wasn’t an act of “terrorism” as defined by the neocon agenda to wipe the Muslim world off of the face of the planet. A war veteran with known mental issues just isn’t much of a story to the bottom feeders at CNN and the rest of the now completely corrupted institution of the mainstream media - move along, nothing to see here.
The military is spinning the story of Lopez having not seen combat to spare them the egg on the face regarding those returning from the murder zones with psychological burdens that are too much to bear. The red, white and blue bunting and military flyovers at sporting events as well as the indoctrination of war worship cover up the truly terrible toll of mental illness, alcoholism and drug abuse, violence and high rate of suicides among those sent to serve as imperial stormtroopers in the corporate wars of the New American Century.
You can bet that CNN won’t be covering that as the latest tragedy at Ft. Hood becomes a blip in their rear view mirror as the network speeds towards the next celebrity sex scandal and hourly updates on the search for the wreckage of Flight 370.