Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Somebody Had to Punch the Bully

Barack Obama is going to Europe and America is going to Hell. Still smarting over the audacity of the newest devil of The Homeland Russian leader Vladimir Putin's pretty much telling Barry and the boys to go and fuck themselves and annexing Crimea despite the empty threats and howls of protestation from the political class El Presidente is soon to be on his way across the pond to meet with the heads of US client states over the next move. You have to give it to the man, he never gives up and never learns from his mistakes, January 2017 cannot possibly get here soon enough provided that Obama and his moronic foreign policy team don't get all of us nuked in the interim. I used to think that George W. Bush was a slimy, narcissistic bastard but he has nothing on Obama, at least Bush got a clue in his second term and somewhat distanced himself from the ruinous neocon pack of jackals and their plots for global dominance and after all he did send me $600 which I promptly spent unlike the long-legged lame duck who has spent the past five years stealing money from the taxpayers to subsidize the reckless gambling of his cronies on Wall Street.
The egotistical one is infuriated over Putin's incredible failure to understand where exactly his place is - a footstool to the global finance mafia with thousands of NATO missiles surrounding him - in the new world order of the coming fascist corporate dictatorship. The twin humiliations of Putin's saving of former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower from America's black site torture prisons followed up by his sweeping in to save the day after Obama and Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry had nearly succeeded in selling yet another illegal war in Syria stuck in dear leader's overly sensitive craw. The Russian backlash against the western backed and instigated overthrow of the democratically elected leader of Ukraine, with the assistance of mobs of neo-Nazis and other vicious thugs despite the big bad wolf's huffing and puffing in refusing to go along with the neocon putsch in Kiev was just too much to take. Whatever Obama may have been or could have been (I would suggest the following: an egomaniac ass, an unqualified dupe, a stooge of the oligarchy, an pompous teleprompter reading wonder who somehow managed to hit the political jackpot and an clear chronic fuck up) he has now become the tool of the now resurgent neocon dreams of global conquest. Hitler had nothing on those guys - he didn't have nukes or television.
With Obama now fully out of control in a desperate attempt to remain relevant after having been force fed a borscht and shit sandwich with a vodka chaser by Putin has gone mad having had drunk from the poisonous chalice of the neocons. It is at first inconceivable that so many who had been wrong about so much could still hold as much sway over the ultimate destiny of the United States and by extension the world - particularly those on the ample target list but they never really went away. Robert Parry who runs the great website Consortium News has been on the job while the rest of the pathetic excuse for a domestic media has been speculating about a missing jetliner, feasting like vultures on the flesh of the latest celebrity turned murderer Oscar Pistorius and reciting the daily anti-Putin talking points. Parry's recent piece "Neocons Have Weathered the Storm" is a must read from which I excerpt:
In Election 2006, GOP congressional candidates took a pounding because Bush and the Republicans were most associated with the neocons. In Election 2008, Sen. Hillary Clinton, a neocon-lite who had voted for the Iraq War, lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Sen. Barack Obama, who had opposed invading Iraq. Then, in the general election, Obama defeated neocon standard-bearer John McCain to win the White House.
At that moment, it looked like the neocons were in serious trouble. Indeed, many of them did have to pack up their personal belongings and depart government, seeking new jobs at think tanks or other neocon-friendly non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
More significantly, their grand strategy seemed discredited. Many Americans considered the neocons’ dream of more “regime change” across the Middle East — in countries opposed to Israel, especially Syria and Iran – to be an unending nightmare of death and destruction.
After taking office, President Obama called for winding down Bush’s wars and doing some “nation-building at home.” The broad American public seemed to agree. Even some right-wing Republicans were having second thoughts about the neocons’ advocacy of an American Empire, recognizing its devastating impact on the American Republic.
The Comeback
But the neocons were anything but finished. They had positioned themselves wisely.
They still controlled government-funded operations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED); they held prominent positions inside think tanks, from the American Enterprise Institute to the Council on Foreign Relations to the Brookings Institution; they had powerful allies in Congress, such as Senators McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman; and they dominated TV chat shows and opinion pages, particularly at the Washington Post, the capital’s hometown newspaper.
 Since the late 1970s and early 1980s when they first emerged as a noticeable force in Washington, the neocons had become “insiders.” They were both admired and feared for their intellectual ferocity, but — most important for their long-term survival – they had secured access to government money, including the slush fund at NED whose budget grew to over $100 million during the Bush-43 years.
NED, which was founded in 1983, is best known for investing in other countries’ “democracy building” (or CIA-style “destabilization” campaigns, depending on your point of view), but much of NED’s money actually goes to NGOs in Washington, meaning that it became a lifeline for neocon operatives who found themselves out of work because of the arrival of Obama.
While ideological advocates for other failed movements might have had to move back home or take up new professions, the neocons had their financial ballast (from NED and many other sources) so their ideological ship could ride out the rough weather.
And, despite Obama’s opposition to the neocons’ obsession with endless warfare, he didn’t purge them from his administration. Neocons, who had burrowed deep inside the U.S. government as “civil servants” or “career foreign service officers,” remained as a “stay-behind” force, looking for new allies and biding their time.
The lunatics are now running the asylum, I would recommend visiting Consortium News for more of this sort of insight and coverage of things that really matter, trust me. Now unfortunately, the rest as the saying goes is history and so are we unless the current power play is somehow repelled, I have to admit that things are not looking good now that Obama has gone totally rogue and the human gaffe machine Joe Biden is sliming around over in Europe talking shit about US military exercises in a region that thanks to neocon meddling and Obama administration incompetence is already a pile of gasoline soaked tinder just waiting for some idiot to throw in a match.
While I am used to being in the minority of my fellow Americans on many things, first and foremost being that I am an atheist (actually agnostic but people are too damned dumb to understand such a thing) with left libertarian views and an aversion to foreign wars and nation building so it is no big deal to me that I am rootin’ for Putin. With the absorption of Crimea into the Russian Federation and a wonderfully blistering denouncement of US and western hypocrisy the Russian President has finally stood up to the big, bad bully and delivered a long-deserved punch in the nose. The United States or more appropriately The Homeland is nothing but a desiccated husk of what it once was, the country that my own grandfather and his fellow citizens took fire and in many cases died for in World War II no longer exists. The end of that war - the “good war” in the parlance of the profiteering blood barters and paper changers who need the mythology to continue to cash in – allowed a parasitic elite and the political class which it serves to effectively overthrow the American system. The United States of America may still exist but all of that flag-draped righteous persona is nothing but an exo-skeleton, having long been usurped by the Deep State which is the greatest menace to the planet in world history.
I am ashamed to be an American and I am goddamned proud of it too.
I cheer against the Americans at the Olympics, refuse to acknowledge the Star-Spangled banner jingoism at sporting events and consider the Pledge of Allegiance to be the worst type of indoctrination, far surpassing that of the demonized Commies that the neocons and their allies in the so-called tea party confederacy of dunces so decry. There will always be plenty of fools willing to blindly salute whatever horseshit that this rotten to the core and now fully bought and sold government runs up the flag pole. I however am not one of them. 
Hell someone tell me exactly what the fuck there is to be proud about considering what this place has been turned into?