Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nice Job Neocons: Now What?

Nothing can be more exceptionally American than the shock and arrogance expressed by the US political class in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. They are outraged, I tell you, outraged that the loathed Russian President Vladimir Putin would call their bluff and refuse to sniff the glove after they had pissed on his prized showcase of the Sochi Winter Olympics and then with assistance of fascists, neo-Nazis and assorted other anti-Semitic miscreants toppled the democratically elected government that sits on his borders. The nerve of Putin to not submit to having yet more NATO missiles surrounding mother Russia and to dare to sign off on the absorption of Crimea and then to give a speech blasting US hypocrisy, just who in the hell does this guy think that he is?
Nice job to the neocons who pushed all right buttons of the idiotic overmatched dupe that is Barack Obama, it was just as easy as having Cheney and Rummy goading Dubya into attacking and invading Iraq over resentment towards his old man. Now like the 2003 “Shock and Awe” campaign that brought chaos and sectarian vengeance to Baghdad and its surroundings, where the stars and stripes flew proudly over Saddam’s torture gulag at Abu Ghraib prison next to an ‘under new management’ sign the very same cadre of mouthy embedded deep cowards have gotten us into the mother of all messes. They have no shame about it either, the chickenhawk leader of the movement William Kristol, a modern incarnation of Joseph Goebbels just published a screed in his vile propaganda organ The Weekly Standard that called out Americans for not being sufficiently enthusiastic about World War III. Like all of the others with the exception of the fanatical war criminal John McCain whose acts of wartime bravery consisted of dropping jellied fire on Vietnamese women and children and Lindsey Graham whose USMC service consisted of flying a desk ALL neocons are chickenhawk cowards. Kristol likes to toot his own horn, in particular when advocating for the children of American mothers to be fed into the meat-grinder for his on aggrandizement yet his copious biography is strangely (or not so) devoid of military service. 
I excerpt the following from Kristol (whose amazing proclivity for being wrong about every aspect of American foreign policy just landed him a gig at ABC) and his piece "War Weariness as an Excuse":
Are Americans today war-weary? Sure. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been frustrating and tiring. Are Americans today unusually war-weary? No. They were wearier after the much larger and even more frustrating conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. And even though the two world wars of the last century had more satisfactory outcomes, their magnitude was such that they couldn’t help but induce a significant sense of war-weariness. And history shows that they did.
So American war-weariness isn’t new. Using it as an excuse to avoid maintaining our defenses or shouldering our responsibilities isn’t new, either. But that doesn’t make it admirable.
What a preening little shitbag, if he is so hellbent on war then give the man a rifle and send him to Ukraine, or Iran, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia, Egypt, Libya or any of the other countless dozens of countries that the American war machine is meddling in. I will tell you what is definitely not admirable and that is driving the US of A and its citizens into a state of indentured servitude to continue to finance the splendid little wars of cowardly bastards like William Kristol and his ilk. Included in his company is the current stammering ass of a Secretary of State John Kerry who is doing his damned level best to create the conditions for a global thermonuclear war when Russia fights back - this is not some dipshit little country like Iraq and they are not going to just roll over.
The longtime member of elitist swine that is Yale’s Skull and Bones society,  Mr. Kerry has that certain sneering contempt of the elite, particularly with his ongoing asinine threats of economic sanctions and his snobbish revisionist history that fails to include the United States out of the list of countries who illegally invade and occupy countries while killing their inhabitants for the spoils of war. It is the same sort of flagrant dismissiveness that in a previous period of history led a similarly holier than though and corrupt ruling class marched to the guillotines. We could never be so lucky as to have such a sentiment manifest itself within the television addled hive minds of the lethargic lemmings that populate this woebegone land of war and dumbness.
“Yats”, our man in Kiev, acting every bit the pencil-necked little bureaucratic lickspittle who hit it big isn’t helping matters either. The unelected puppet of the western backed global finance mafia has ordered Ukranian troops to shoot to kill as of today. Infused with hubris over his recent visit to the White House Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a typical four-flushing little dipshit risks an ugly fate if he is unable to deliver to the global predatory capitalists the prize of Ukraine without the very lucrative chunk of Crimea missing from what was to be an enormous bounty. It would be nice to see him suffer the same fate of Nicolae Ceausescu or better yet the prototype fascist Benito Mussolini when economic hitmen/women the likes of Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland are passing out cookies to the crowds outside his window. When you make a deal with the devil you had better be damned sure that the man gets paid.
Just when you would think that it couldn't get any worse that moronic asshole Joe Biden has shown up in Lithuania to commit the US to engaging in Baltic region war games to further push Russia into a corner.
Now about those guillotines.....