Monday, January 6, 2014

Insane Demagogue Peter King Goes the Full McCarthy

""If we listened to Rand Paul hundreds of New Yorkers would be dead today"

- Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King (R-IRA)

When it comes to screwing America there are few more guilty than New York’s 2nd Congressional District that continues to return the psychotic bigot Peter King (R-IRA) to his overly prominent position as the craziest bastard in the U.S. Congress. The one thing with King is that he never ceases to amaze with his uncanny ability to one up his latest asinine proclamation with yet another that is even more batshit crazy than the one befor. After an ugly meltdown last week directed at the hated New York Times for an op ed daring to suggest that former government contractor Booz-Allen-Hamilton employee turned NSA leaker be granted “clemency” the rotund little fiend from Long Island blasted the NYT as terrorist appeasers just couldn't let it go. To know King’s history is to understand how truly ridiculous of a tirade that he engaged in because of all people he after all knows quite a bit about appeasing terrorists from his days of supporting the Irish Republican Army when they were killing civilians in cowardly bomb attacks. It takes a set of stones as well as a pathological tendency for hypocrisy that borders on the uncontrollable urges of a pederast to continue to unleash such over the top bullshit but today he did it again.

In a continuation from his vomit inducing performance on Fox News Sunday where he defended the NSA Stasi spying on members of congress (he would fit in well in Stalin or Hitler's regimes with such sentiment) and spewed fascist venom that Senator Rand Paul, an NSA critic is undeserving of his Senate seat, would get Americans killed and who owes serial perjurer James Clapper an apology.  King doubled down by launching yet another  savage attack on Senator Paul on today's Morning Joe program in continuing his tantrum and accusing Barack Obama (a secret Muslim of course to the lunatic fringe of which King is a leader) of allowing the fifth columnist Paul to "create hysteria" and of being a part of the "hate America crowd". It is now obvious that Mr. King has finally gone a bridge too far and is rapidly becoming one hell of a liability for those who supported this unprincipled zealot for so long.

The amazing thing is that King's Sunday anti-Paul, anti-American, anti-Constitutional rant that was so crazed that even the neo-fascist, anti-Muslim bigots at Commentary Magazine denounced it. And when you have lost the support of Commentary you have a serious problem, especially since they were a big cheerleader for King's McCarthyist anti-Muslim tribunals in which tons of taxpayer money was squandered to promote the type of vile bigotry that American foreign policy embarked upon during the PNAC influenced first Bush-Cheney term. I am interested to see what that publication has to say about today's exhibition of lunacy that in any civilized country would have had the man taken into custody, fitted for a straight jacket and sent to sit in the corner of a rubber room. Let us all hope that King's unraveling over the last few days will deliver him his very own McCarthy moment when his despicable conduct earns him a long deserved banishment from the public sphere but who really thinks that will happen? This is after all THE HOMELAND.

The voters in this demonic ass clown’s district should just choose to do the right thing for America for a change and oust the dirty little gangster from office come November 4th and find someone to send to D.C. who is rational for a change. It really does not reflect well on District 2 to continue to provide the jackboot that the rogue surveillance state continues to stomp up and down on law-abiding American's civil liberties. Perhaps he will be primaried by the so-called Tea Party big money machine given his recent whoring for money to unseat libertarians, hard core conservatives and any and all politicians who don’t support a fascist police state at home and a global war machine abroad. He much more fittingly deserves a similar treatment as that allegedly administered by Korean dictator Kim Jong –un who was said to have fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs but given that I am a dog lover who is adverse to cruelty to animals and that we still aren’t at the point where it is acceptable to feeding enemies of the state to packs of animals  - at least not yet anyway - the best that can be hoped for is that enough people on Long Island are finally able to pull their heads out of their asses and do their patriotic duty by ousting this freak.