Monday, January 6, 2014

Big Sister Napolitano is the Latest Ghoul to Defend NSA Stasi

With the massive establishment counteroffensive against efforts to bring the American Stasi under control it was a virtual certainty that this week's Sunday morning state media propaganda shows would feature a veritable parade of Nazis to smear the New York Times, the ACLU, federal Judge Richard Leon and of course former government contractor turned NSA leaker Edward Snowden. You know that it is all hands on deck when none other than Big Sister herself, former Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano appeared on Meet the Press very appropriately via telescreen. Napolitano if you recall is the fascist who wanted to air infomercials on the televisions mounted at the checkstands of Wal-Mart stores to promote a program to snitch on those deemed to be acting in what would be perceived as a suspicious manner. Following the example of former government officials like that evil little dwarf Michael Hayden, Big Sis did not disappoint the power suckling host David Gregory with her denunciation of the patriotic Snowden she spat on the idea of granting clemency to a man who should be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom (in this sick country celebrities like Oprah are exalted for such honors) as well as a ticker tape parade. Her jowls quivering, she sneered that “Snowden has exacted quite a bit of damage and did it in a way that violated the law. I think he’s committed crimes and I think that the damage we'll see now and we'll see it for years to come.” The damage of course being to those alleged public servants who have violated their oaths of office and used the Constitution as toilet paper while suing their positions to wage war against the American people. People like Janet Napolitano.

Amazingly outside of Big Sis holding forth to defend the unconstitutional programs the rest of those forums for the most ridiculous swine in the land for the most part stayed away from pillorying Snowden - that will come during the rest of the week. In a stew of the idiotic culture war 'issues' that provide cover for mass criminality in high places there were silly discussions of Colorado's legalization of pot, nuns revolting about the Obamacare contraception mandate (wouldn't it be nice if the religious tyrants just butted out of trying to control everbody's life?), minimum wage and the usual ongoing beltway circle jerk. Fox News Sunday dragged out the loser of last year's presidential election and defender of the wealthy elite Mitt Romney for a good kick at the whimpering and spineless MSNBC hostess Melissa-Harris Perry for her stupid joke about the millionaire tax chiseling Romney's adopted token black grandson. Only in America. Just imagine how bad that the NSA surveillance would be were Romney elected over Barry, we also would already be at war with both Syria and Iran as his chief foreign policy adviser was neocon Dan Senor.

Providing an interesting counter to Big Sister Napolitano's pronouncement that Snowden should essentially be drawn and quartered was Senator Rand Paul on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos. Hated by the establishment and constantly mocked by the corrupt media Senator Paul dared to defend Snowden's actions as having exposed criminality although he hedged by suggesting a light prison term for leaking secrets. It would be a much better life than what the Obama administration has planned - a life sentence being tortured daily at a CIA black site or one of Barry's trademark murders of American citizens by drone without due process but Snowden is a hero who deserves no prison at all. Paul did make a rather humorous remark about Snowden sharing a prison cell with the perjurer James Clapper who lied to congress over the extent of NSA spying and is currently being defended in a public relations offensive but the truth remains that the ones who belong in prison are those who have engaged in unconstitutional surveillance of millions of law abiding American citizens and the scum in congress who violate their oaths of office to protect it and not one who exposes their criminality.

And where would we be without the increasingly unstable anti-Muslim bigot and Sunday morning fanatic on call Peter King? The deranged porker from Long Island (whose constituents in the 2nd congressional district have continued to provide America with this embarrassing freak) appeared on Fox News Sunday (where else?) to defend the NSA spying on members of congress because you just never know who might be talking to an al Qaeda leader. The irony is totally lost that King himself was one who offered aid and support to terrorist groups when he advocated for the Irish Republican Army, a known terrorist organization that killed civilians. King's comments were intended to provide cover for the NSA's response to a letter from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on whether the agency was conducting illegal surveillance operations against congress which it did not deny. The NSA predictably did not deny that it indeed did spy on elected officials but that is no surprise. You just can't make stuff like this up.

Editor's Note: King's district was mistakenly identified as the third congressional district rather than the second congressional district, my apologies to the second congressional district.