Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time For Obama to Get His Rogue NSA Stasi Under Control

Today El Presidente Barack Obama was making a big show out of meeting with executives of the nation’s largest tech companies  at the White House opting to spin it for the state-corporate as a cordial session focused on brainstorming about fixes to the Obamacare website and other issues so as to not give the appearance of what it truly is: some of the nation’s most powerful business interests demanding an end to the lack of oversight on the unconstitutional practices of the NSA. This is killing future profits and has already done incalculable damage to the lucrative U.S. based cloud computing infrastructure plans. According to excerpts from a story in The Guardian senior executives failed to play the administration’s propaganda games in putting the gathering in the desired framing: “That is not going to happen” commented one executive who also stated “we are here to talk about the NSA”.  The story also quoted a second executive anonymously who said “There’s only one subject that people really want to discuss right now”.

Barry may have bailed out the Wall Street gamblers who destroyed the economy in the first place and sanctioned the 85 billion dollars a month of free gambling money but the big boys from Silicon Valley are pissed and justifiably so. With China on the way to surpass the U.S. as the preeminent global power by mid-century - hell they are putting rovers on the moon while we are committing national suicide under this disgusting line of corrupt leaders - this may be the last chance for what was once a global economic powerhouse before being gutted by greed to get it's act together.

Other than Mr. Obama and his flacks trying to create a false narrative on today’s meeting just as his dishonest predecessor had so often done with varying degrees of success a real question on this now fully out in the open and soon to be blooming into a mushroom cloud of illicit use of spying that will astound people is why doesn’t he just do something? If the entire illegal NSA program was as stated the creation by an executive order issued by President Reagan in 1981 (reference  Executive Order 12333 -referred to as “twelve-triple-three”) then why can’t Barry simply issue an executive order of his own that implements both transparence and accountability? That is the real question here when you cut through all of the extemporaneous bullshit now isn’t it?

The reverberations are now truly (finally) beginning to percolate. The day after a rebuke of the NSA Stasi’s telephone metadata collection program by a federal judge as unconstitutional and “Orwellian” the establishment hydra is likely frantically re-configuring to rebut the unprecedented challenge to its practices. With yesterday’s ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon, an appointee of President George W. Bush the obligatory government appeal is being prepared and the Obama administration will go into damage control mode once again. Attorney General Eric Holder has squadrons of taxpayer funded government legal eagles working like so many elves in one of Santa’s Indonesian sweat shops to very quickly stomp down Leon’s decision. The smear brigades in the state-corporate media are already doing their jobs, laying down a preliminary layer of slime and libel directed at conservative activist Larry Klayman who brought the challenge to the NSA that ended up before Judge Leon.

At this point former government contactor Booz-Allen employee turned NSA secrets leaker Edward Snowden has pretty much been vindicated, all the more so after Leon’s ruling that the telephone records collection program is “likely unconstitutional”. Don’t count on Barry and the boys to call the dogs off though. Despite a trial balloon of amnesty if Snowden turns over all of the remaining documents floated by an NSA figure and then shot down by American Stasi Commandant Keith Alexander during Sunday’s disgraceful NSA infomercial on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Top White House flack Jay Carney continued the hard line stance over trashing the now obviously patriotic whistle blower. The big game is however in flux at this point as it has not been since the implementation of the fascist data collection on millions of Americans and Obama and those in the bought and paid for Congress like DiFi are on the wrong side of history. Carney would serve himself well by giving some serious thought to securing a spot on one of the lifeboats as the revolving door of Bush's flacks did, other than poor Tony Snow they all ended up doing pretty well by reading the writing on the wall.

Mr. Snowden has also become more emboldened by the legal ruling, making a statement that pegs it dead on: “Today, a secret program authorized by a secret court was, when exposed to the light of day, found to violate American’s rights. It is the first of many”. It is a sentiment that is echoed by those of us law-abiding, patriotic Americans who are horrified by these out of control programs and the entire concept of eternal war and the National Security State that was birthed by lunatics and the Wall Street bred psycopaths who used that war as justification to create the CIA. It is long past time that this monstrosity is brought down before it finishes the job of destroying us all.

And Ed Snowden is on a roll, sending out an open letter to Brazil (a country on the upswing unlike the collapsing corrupt star-spangled banana republic in which we reside) offering assistance to the Brazilian government in fighting the plague of  unconstitutional" U.S. spying in a trade for asylum. I would venture that with the revelations of NSA criminality, the legal ruling and the shift of public opinion that Snowden now has a historic opportunity to come out of this not only intact but as a hero given the loathsome nature of the U.S. government's fascist surveillance state.  He knows it too because in his open letter he let it rip:
“These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power.”


There of course those threatened by the revelations who continue to smear and threaten with abandon, arch-neocon warmonger John Bolton, a knuckle-dragging thug mouthed off about hanging Snowden from a tall oak tree for treason. Bolton should understand "treason" in a far more intimate manner than those who this piggish blowhard denounces. Were we to actually engage in such a practice in 2013 (I have no doubt the founding fathers would approve) then there would not be enough tall oak trees from which Bolton and the rest of his ilk would fittingly be swinging from.

But we are a civilized people so let them be tried and locked away in 6 x 6 cells at Guantanamo Bay, the greatest disgrace to American principles since fucking Manzanar. He and his fellow neocons created it so let those bastards own it and let them rot there.... after the fair trial that they would deny others of course.