Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Thank God For France": Iran Talks Torpedoed

There will be no Neocon mockery of the French as “cheese eating surrender monkeys” nor will the House cafeteria rename their greasy fried spuds as “freedom fries” this time. With a stick save on behalf of  the western war machine the French delegation harpooned this weekend’s Iran talks. Despite years of being the butt of jokes this endeared them to the blood thirsty American hawks, the right-wing Netanyahu regime in Israel and a certain fork-tongued serpent that goes by the name of Prince Bandar. The warmongers even got the predictable endorsement by the Palmetto State princess Lindsey Graham from his normal Sunday morning perch on one of the loathsome Sabbath talk shows form which the coming week’s establishment talking points are launched.

Not to be bothered with doing anything but doubling down on his ridiculous press conference that came on the heels of the now discredited 60 Minutes Benghazi scoop, Graham lisped in his finest Gomer Pyle singsong that his tantrum would continue over Barry’s nominees. Not that I expected much from the inhabitants of the Fox-mosphere but when do any of these vitriolic assholes ever get called on any of this, especially when pushing one of their trademark silly snits behind a propaganda vehicle that has been exposed as a total crock of shit? On CNN's State of the Union Graham continued to stand upon the wall of his Benghazi house of cards as if he were defending the Alamo all while the bloated sow of a hostess Candy Crowley refused to put him on the spot. Graham then rapidly segued from the absurd into the standard talking points by shifting the topic to Iran again, leading the Israeli-Saudi domestic advocacy for Middle East Armageddon by announcing that more sanctions were coming, squawking "you can't trust the Iranians" repeatedly as though he were some gaily festooned parrot propped upon Captain Ahab Netanyahu’s beefy shoulder.

Despite efforts to defuse the Iranian nuclear situation (which is bogus) and move on towards better international relations with an energy rich nation that could once and for all allow us to slice off the festering sore on our national ass that is the House of Saud the agitators continue to sell WW III. Don’t expect to see any of the pathetic corporate-state media in this country to offer up anything but the same stale talking points, note that last week the shameless Richard Engle was still bemoaning the foiling of the attack on Syria, this is rich from an NBC dispatch with no disclaimer that Engle’s employer also happens to be owned by an enormous defense contractor which would profit extravagantly from more war:

CAIRO -- Bashar Assad got away with it.

Only a few months ago, Syria's president was a widely-condemned rogue leader whose police state had just launched poison gas on commuter villages outside Damascus. Fourteen-hundred people, including hundreds of children, were choked to death, their nervous systems shut down by the gas that seeped into their homes. And the world watched it happen in unprecedented detail. Images of the attack seeped into even far corners of the Internet.

It took more than a year to determine the extent of the vicious shelling in the Syrian city of Hama in 1982 by Assad’s father. The death toll from that massacre remains disputed, but estimates from news agencies and non-governmental organizations put the total at around 20,000. This time, however, cellphones, tablets and social media exposed the horrors of what happened outside Damascus, almost in real time. Syrian activists posted live updates as bodies were buried in rows in mass graves. The hours of graphic videos of dead babies on hospital floors are accessible for free to anyone with an Internet connection.

Yet, somehow, Assad not only got away with the gas attack, but appears to have also emerged stronger after it. How is that possible?

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a lot to do with it. By stepping into the standoff between Syria and the U.S., he tossed Assad a lifeline that also allowed President Barack Obama to forgo intervening in a conflict most Americans wanted no part in after a decade of costly wars in distant Muslim lands.
Assad’s price for the monstrous attack, his punishment, was to give up his chemical weapons in an internationally-supervised process. Destroying the weapons is a net positive for the world -- fewer deadly tools in the hands of a dangerous regime -- but it’s not much of a price for Syria to pay. It’s like getting away with mass murder with only a fine.

In exchange for destroying the poison gas and the factories that make it -- a process that’s almost impossible to verify -- there would be no U.S. military strike. Assad would get to stay in power and continue his war with "conventional weapons," including artillery and Scud missile attacks on civilian areas, napalm dropped on schools, and starving the opposition into submission. Even more shocking is that Assad has weathered the crisis appearing to the world as reasonable, rational and ready to compromise.

While Putin threw Assad -- and Obama -- a lifeline, it was the rebels themselves who helped the Syrian president rehabilitate his image. The rebels are increasingly associated with al Qaeda fanatics who have hijacked their revolution. The al Qaeda rebels kidnap journalists who want to tell their story, and aid workers who try to bring food and medicine.

Assad’s government says it will take part in peace talks. The rebels refuse.

Assad says he’s fighting terrorists. Some of the rebels make him look like he has a point. This Ramadan, Assad should send Putin and al Qaeda fruit baskets.

Now there is some serious manure slinging. You just have to love the talking point about “fruit baskets” for the hated Putin and al Qaeda. Engle would never bother to admit that the U.S. is indirectly funding the organization through support for the fanatical rebels who are ransacking churches and openly boast of barbaric actions including cannibalism. Hell, why bother with something as small as a fruit basket when you can send the terrorists the biggest motherfucking fruit basket ever in the form of weapons deals to induce the sabotage of the Iranian negotiations. That is reportedly what Bandar Bush offered to the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” in order to bribe French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to sink the talks and save the day for Graham and the rest of the blood barters.

"Thank God for France", chirped Lindsey as Candy gazed like a cow at a passing train.