Monday, November 11, 2013

Flipper McCain Calls for NSA Commandant's Resignation Then Denies It

He was for it before he was against it. In what would have been a huge breakthrough in the fight against Obama’s Stasi Senator John McCain of Arizona gave an interview to Der Spiegel in which he called for the head of NSA Commandant General Keith Alexander.  The statement, on being asked by the German publication of the NSA and in particular it’s head: “Should Keith Alexander, head of the NSA, resign?” and I quote crazy train McCain from the article: “Of course, they should resign or be fired. We no longer hold anybody accountable in Washington.” It would have been yet another fork in the ass of the dying state-corporate propaganda machine that is the domestic media with said media’s longtime love object to go off in the foreign press. It could have been devastating coming in the aftermath of the 60 Minutes Benghazi fraud, a shot to the head delivered to a corrupt and fraudulent press that would resonate for quite some time and herald the arrival of the recognition that the only truth in media lies outside the star spangled lemming colony.

But alas, it was not to be. In a vintage McCain move the straight talk express has been thrown into reverse and the tires are smoking. This never would have happened on David Gregory’s Sunday morning show in that no such combination of questions would have been directed at “the maverick” therefore befuddling the old man, he sounded as confused as Reagan used to when confronted in his later years in power. The McCain camp will of course blame it on the Germans and launch into another ridiculous diatribe as he did when Putin pissed on the gauche and laughable concept of American exceptionalism a few months back from the New York Times editorial page. While I despise McCain simply because he is charlatan, media whore and human windsock whose comments change sometimes by the hour when it happens to be politically expedient I was stunned to see any such comments and ready to actually give the man some props for going all “mavericky” again.

Hell even a broken clock is right twice a day and the additional comments aside from the call for Alexander’s head there were several other salient points within the Der Spiegel piece which I now excerpt:
SPIEGEL: Are the intelligence services out of control?

McCain: There has not been sufficient congressional oversight, and there has been an absolutely disgraceful sharing of information that never should have taken place. For many years, we had an absolute provision that any classified information, which was going to be shared, is based on need-to-know information. I was a Navy pilot and had Top Secret clearance because I was in a squadron that in case of war with Russia would carry nuclear weapons. But that did not mean that I was privy to everything to do with all of our war plans in case of a nuclear war.

SPIEGEL: That means that you only knew what you absolutely had to know.

McCain: Yes. Then along came 9/11 and we said, "Oh, one of the reasons why we didn't know about 9/11 is that we didn't do enough information sharing." So now we have a private in the Army with access to most secret cables.

SPIEGEL: You mean Private First Class Bradley Manning, now Chelsea, who leaked thousands of secret documents to Wikileaks.

McCain: And now we have a contractor employee, not a government employee, who has access to information which is, when revealed, most damaging to the standing prestige of the United States and our relations with some of our best friends. Why did Edward Snowden have that information? And what are we doing as far as screening people who have access to this information? It's outrageous, and someone ought to be held accountable.

SPIEGEL: Who must be held accountable?

McCain: The head of the NSA, the president of the United States, the Congressional Intelligence Committees, all of these contractors we pay that were responsible for performing the background checks. There should be a wholesale housecleaning.

Now if I am reading this correctly, the ultimate Pentagon Rolodex man is actually expressing more than a bit of dismay over the tens of thousands of “contractors” who have descended on Washington as a swarm of money-eating locusts post September 11, 2001.  This is spot on but again, more than a bit peculiar from a man like Manchurian McCain who has been a key defender of the privatizing of military/intelligence functions for years. The amount of taxpayer money that is utterly wasted by this sort of crap is an abomination and should have mobs of pitchfork bearing peasants marching on D.C.  While it was awhile ago but not that long ago that I myself served in the armed forces we had actual military personnel cooking meals, doing laundry etc. as a part of their jobs. Then there is the case of “contractor” access, it is no small bug up the asses of the beltway establishment that Edward Snowden gathered his materials on the obscene degree of NSA overreach while employed by government “contractor” Booz Allen Hamilton. There are just some jobs what should not be entrusted to outsiders and Christ knows what sort of monstrous abuses have been undertaken in the name of profit from “contractors” who unlike Snowden did not have a conscience nor a respect for patriotism. And the money that is extracted from taxpayers at the expense of the needs of real Americans is far worse than the proverbial $500 screwdriver. Ike was so dead on when he warned of the rise of the Military Industrial Complex in his 1961 farewell address.

But then the influence peddlers began to fornicate with insiders like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney and others to turn those run of the mill jobs performed by actual American servicemen and women into lucrative sources of campaign funds that could be siphoned off. The whole privatizing of the basic functions of the military, whether it be mess cooks or mercenaries is an outrage but when McCain is asked tomorrow (if he hasn’t been already) he will accuse the German press of taking his words out of context. This is the key problem for our swinish political class, the pocket media has their back here in The Homeland while the concept of investigative journalism has not been turned into a near criminal activity in other parts of the civilized world.

When will Senator McCain just go away, resign, be committed to a mental institution or just simply kick the bucket and remove himself from a position of influence. He actually for a very brief time made some sense with his comments but once again flip-flopped – how the American media gives this man any respect or credibility is a textbook example of the greater problem the presstitues. McCain is a fool who has become a cartoon of himself and it is just not amusing any longer. Then what can be expected from a deranged, senile old bastard whose idea of “country first” was to put the Wasilla nincompoop Sarah Palin within a heartbeat of the nuclear launch codes.  This man is the strongest argument for term limits that I have ever seen.