Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Obama War Machine's Propaganda Blitzkrieg

As Obama’s propaganda onslaught begins the burgeoning  media promoted “bromance” with former rival John McCain is an essential selling point for the coming murder of Syrian civilians. McCain, as bloodthirsty a bastard as this country has seen since the legendary General Curtis LeMay has never met a war that he couldn’t get behind. I suspect that a good deal of the old war criminal’s support for the American war machine derives from his role as the Pentagon’s de-facto king lobbyist, the rest of course is that he is a psychopath. The media’s favorite bloodsucking vampire was out on Monday making the case for the coming carnage with his trusty sidekick Lindsey Graham at his side and braying that the failure of Congress to rubber stamp Barry’s war would be “catastrophic”. The state media today (led by the NY Times which helped lie the country into Iraq) is trumpeting that Barry has landed the support of Bombs Away McCain as a backer of WW III. Call it the bravery of being out of range as  chickenhawks who never served in the military,  neocons of dubious national loyalty and self-proclaimed “mavericks” who never had to actually look one of those he killed in the eye (rather he dropped bombs on them) are again lining up to support the latest and perhaps final war for the U.S. Empire.
Yet it is foreign countries that are the ones doing the most pushing for U.S. entry into Syria. The culprits are ‘allies’ Saudi Arabia and Israel, both of which have missiles and military of their own yet want Americans to self-immolate and prostrate themselves in order to fight their damned war. Israel is making matters worse by reportedly engaging in a missile test in the Mediterranean, causing the Russians to react with alarm as the Obama regime has now sent forth the USS Nimitz carrier group into the Red Sea. Russia’s reaction is merited considering that the area is now packed with heavily armed naval vessels that are ready to rock on command. There is also the matter of our petulant emperor who  is still seething over Putin’s granting of asylum to former Booz Allen leaker Edward Snowden and despite the political theater of having congress sign off on his war has an itchy trigger finger as well as a demonstrable lack of morality. Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry has reportedly reassured Israeli leader Bibi Netanyahu that the plans for war are still on and has made it crystal clear that vote or no vote that Lord Obama has the authority to start the war on his own. Kerry has also been thickly slathering on the WW II “good war” metaphors as grist to the state media propaganda mills, inevitably comparing Syrian leader Assad to Hitlerand now proclaiming that the upcoming congressional vote is their very own “Munich moment”.  To illustrate just how outrageous that Kerry’s hypocrisy is there are stories now surfacing that he not long ago dined with “Hitler” along with both of their wives and at the time was saying that “Syria is an essential player in bring peace and stability to the region”.  The man is a absolute charlatan, his ginned up outrage over chemical weapons use is a mockery as his self-serving history shows he  fought for the very country that dumped millions of tons of Agent Orange indiscriminately on civilians in Vietnam.
The other foreign entity pushing for Obama to attack Syria is Saudi Arabia, our “partners in peace”and lo and behold who has resurfaced but Bandar Bush himself. Prince Bandar is working furiously to have the Obama administration attack and topple Assad and to provide the pigs of a loathsome and oppressive Saudi monarchy with more power in the region. There are currently reports, although I cannot vouch for their veracity that are starting to get out that Bandar himself is responsible for the chemicals that facilitated the Ghouta gassing. The story is from a Minnesota based website Mint Press News which possibly has been stormed by Obama’s government Gestapo because I’ll be damned if I can get the site to come up right now to provide a link to the actual piece so here is one from Antiwar.com. Liberal media watchdog FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) references the MPN story in asking the forbidden question in whose account is more credible? I would not believe a damned word that comes out of Obama and Kerry and I would also mention that the that Prince Bandar bin Sultan hails from is the same country from which fifteen of the nineteen September 11, 2001 hijackers came from. Bandar’s wife was also at one time reported to have sent money to the wives of two friends of the hijackers but The Kingdom was cleared of any involvement in funding the attacks by the Bush regime. This is the same Bush regime that allowed several planeloads of Saudi nationals to flee the U.S. while airspace was locked down in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. The presence of Bandar Bush and the Saudis in the push to attacking Syria has the stench of a very large rat.
The propaganda blitzkrieg is in full swing this week and will continue to ramp up next week as the corrupt and debauched congress returns from its latest month long taxpayer funded vacation to ‘debate’ Barry’s coming attack on Syria. Very conveniently the week also happens to be the twelfth anniversary of the Septermber 11, 2001 attacks so expect much demagoguery from both sides as they exhume the poor, dead victims of that tragic day and once again exploit them for political purposes. The fear factor will likely be ratcheted up as well with more apocalyptic conjecture about the Hitler/Assad regime providing sarin gas to terrorists who will then bring it to Smalltown USA and unleash it upon the citizenry. We have seen this before yet the sheeple have the memory and attention span of gnats and a good percentage will be duped again by the liars who run the war machine. The only saving grace this time is technology, the internet was not the source of information that it is today when Bush lied the country into Iraq over the pretense of Saddam’s WMD. There are also social networking and telecommunications tools that didn’t exist back in 2002-2003 which gives those who are able to think for themselves a medium to counter the state propaganda. Granted Obama’s Stasi is watching and recording ALL of it but they really can’t stop it either. For Barry’s rogue administration to start actually going after bloggers etc or throw the internet kill switch altogether it will expose for all our preening wolf of a dictator finally shorn of his sheep’s clothing.
And once a dictator has revealed himself it is only a matter of time until he falls.