Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama Goes into C.Y.A. Mode after Kerry's Rhetorical Blunder

During his six interview public relations blitz on Monday Barack Hussein Obama took advantage of a “breakthrough” in the ongoing media promoted Syria crisis to cover his own ass.  With public opinion polls showing a majority of Americans opposed to this latest idiotic and most ill-advised war of all the pope of hope capitalized on a John Kerry blunder. The Secretary of Skull and Bones provided the surprise out when he stated that the Assad regime could simply turn over all of the chemical weapons to an internationally neutral party to avoid war. The hated Russia rapidly moved to get their man in Damascus, Bashar Al-Assad to agree with their using Kerry’s opening to ride to the rescue, for the time not only preventing WW III but managing to look more rational and democratic than the fascist ruled U.S.  The entire scenario was made possible when the loutish buffoon Kerry developed one of his trademark cases of diarrhea of the mouth. During his wall to wall sales pitch for bogus secret intelligence on that affixed the Assad regime with complete responsibility for the Ghouta gas attack, he let slip that such a move would by Assad would be a game changer. His exact and widely mocked dialogue that turned him and his boss into Putin’s bitches for the second time in less than two months was – “Sure, he could turn over every bit of his weapons to the international community within the next week, without delay,” “But he isn’t about to.” The savvy Russians and Syria jumped on it like starved pitbulls advancing on a cornered rat and Barry had to put his missiles away – for the time being that is. The behind the scenes work by the war machine continues.
It is nice to see the liar Kerry hoisted on his own petard. His hypocrisy on this new war  turns his famous and phony Vietnam statement on its head by pushing to be the one who would ensure that some poor bastard will be the first one to die for a mistake. Even as Barry dances a dervish of spin in front of a national audience  Kerry is backing off his words, stating that it was only a “rhetorical” statement and not an actual condition of hitting the brakes on WW III. Obama must be delighted in that now he has a chance to save face by appearing to be a man of reason and just postpone the attack for awhile until either Syria is unable to comply within the given time frame to disarm or another chemical attack of dubious origin magically occurs to bolster the case. It is Saddam 101 taken right out of the playbook of Bush and Cheney’s neocon regime. Just use the extra time to move the goalposts so far out of Syrian range that there will be no way on God’s green earth that they can be met and hope for another mysterious gas attack on women and children. Am I Cynical?  Yes but the bastards who run this place are the most cynical creatures on two legs led by the hyena in chief himself. I am but an amateur.
So tonight will the much-awaited national address by El Presidente and there will most certainly be talk of weapons of mass destruction and inevitable references to September 11, 2001 as today is after all the eve of the twelfth anniversary of the granddaddy of all ‘terrorist’ attacks that became the lynchpin for our star-spangled police state. 9/11 is the event that forever changed America and changed it for the absolute worst. Every insane transgression against civil liberties has been undertaken because of the elite’s exploitation of that tragedy to reinforce their own positions of privilege as well as to create an impenetrable bulwark between us and them. It has been twelve years of dumbness, fear, rancor, racism, religious intolerance, government spying, corporate cronyism, war, gun-grabbing, political corruption and the government extraction of tax payer money to pay for their own enslavement by an out of control national security state that has made trillions since that day. Mr. Obama will be the latest to wantonly abuse it for political gain as he delivers his stemwinder tonight, patting himself on the back for avoiding an immediate war on Syria while facilitating those who are now putting into place the impossible conditions upon which Assad will soon be crucified upon.
In a side note Obama’s likely successor Hillary Clinton is revved up for war and ready for the U.S. war machine to kick ass and take names. For now Barry has once again emerged as the Teflon coated snake oil salesman that he always has been and dodges accountability for his enormously stupid “red line” ultimatum. But like a predatory animal laying low in the weeds he will bide his time and go for the kill as soon as the coast is clear for him to burnish his elite credentials and bask in the glory of being a war president.