Monday, September 9, 2013

Common Sense: Obama Flack's Condescending Pitch for War

With still absolutely zero proof that the regime of Syrian Bashar Al-Assad ordered the Ghouta gassing the hucksters in the Obama administration are now descending into the territory normally inhabited by used car salesmen.  Barry’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made the rounds on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit to pimp the coming unprovoked attack on Syria. In a storming of the sets of all five major talking head shows it was a feat of McCainesque proportions and a triumph to the ability of the fascist warfare state to splice modern technology with a Joseph Goebbels style message. With the war pornography of convulsing kiddies in excruciating agony already being promoted by CNN to manufacture consent in order to break down the defenses of many minds with pure, raw emotion the playing field was in essence prepped. Now it is time for the Obama game of thrones to demonstrate his power as a real, live war president.
It was during the McDonough Sunday whirlwind that the latest in the line of shifting rationales for Obama and Kerry’s attack was floated as a trial balloon. You see, hissed McDonough, his serpentine tongue flickering, the war can be justified if Americans would only apply the “common sense test” in order to to firmly affix the devil horns onto Assad. Just eat your broccoli like good children, shut up and trust us. This evil man is gassing his own people, just like Saddam did to Iranians with the full backing of the U.S. Notably, a story in the Sunday edition of the  New York Times despite blaming Syria’s compiling of chemicals on “Iran” and “Russia”, what should have been the lead was buried in that the story acknowledges that “some of the chemicals came from Western European suppliers and even a handful of American companies”.  This of course did not make it into McDonough’s talking points which should surprise nobody who understands the big con that is being played now.
So this is what it now comes down to in our sad state of  deteriorating Idiocracy in that the flouting of international law, defying the will of the American people and potentially starting WW III no longer even merits any actual proof. In addition to the dispensing of easily digestible lemming food by Mr. McDonough the rationale for this disaster in the making is also shifting now.  It isn’t even so much the twitching, gasping babies anymore that calls for a shock and awe response – it is tosend a message to Iran.  Now that the cat has been let out of the bag it is only more despicable and criminal for this grotesque perversion of an administration to continue to push the preposterous folderol of the chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians as justification for war. It has all been preordained, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)  is back on again after a four year interregnum. The first term of Barack H. Obama was all stagecraft, an elaborate hoax to fumigate the stench of Bush-Cheney and to put a friendly face on the same bloody imperialism that can only end in world conquest or world destruction. The Fozzie Bear fascism of Obama is exactly that, the proverbial iron fist was only concealed in a velvet glove but when it comes to the slaughter of innocents there is no difference, in the end they are just as dead. A statement that can also be used in regards to the still undetermined number of victims of the Ghouta gassing, are they really any more dead than if they were just so much “collateral damage” from one of Obama’s drone strikes or from Bush’s bombs and white phosphorous?
So we all wait with baited breath as Barry’s crackerjack team of liars, spin doctors and technicians  diligentlywork to put together tomorrow night’s teleprompter fodder. There are far too many who need no convincing whatsoever. The liberal apologist O-Bots, the misguided identity based groups who have been convinced that Obama has their back and the low information news consumer who wallows in state propaganda and wears his/her willful ignorance on their sleeve as though it were a badge of honor. There are those who are sick and tired  of war and want the government to fix what is wrong in America but they will be quickly and efficiently marginalized once the great dictator has spoken and his media smear machine does the rest. Congress? Please. A gaggle of contemptibly corrupt swine with closets chock a block full of skeletons and huge files aplenty in the archives of the NSA Stasi will rubberstamp Obama’s war with a resounding cadence of hundreds of jackboots stomping in unison.
The impeachment proceedings for Barry and the accompanying war crimes trials for the bitches and bastards in his administration cannot begin soon enough. The Hague will have to open another wing for these swine.