Saturday, July 20, 2013

Skittles From Heaven

"Barack promised change - and sure enough, things changed for the worse"

- Joe Bageant

El Presidente Obama promised "change" during his steeped in dishonesty run for the top job and he made good on that like a charm on Friday by changing the subject. Obama decided to inject himself into the fulminating aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, a roiling cauldron of racial trouble best left unstirred by the feds. This is not only rubbing salt into a still open wound but also providing a very fortuitous distraction from his NSA Gestapo having their telephone spying operations that were again renewed by the secret court without any public acknowledgement. The Obama remarks on the slaying of Trayvon Martin. "He could have been me 35 years ago" and the underlying threat of the DOJ contesting Zimmerman's acquittal not only serve as cover for the sinister machinations of the police and surveillance state but also only throw more fuel on the fire of our ongoing national downtrend in race relations, sure to fire up the rabble on both sides. Earlier in the week, Attorney General Eric Holder also made a foray into freshly wrapped case while speaking at an NAACP convention in Orlando. It was a wonderful opportunity to distract from his Justice Department's disgraceful persecution of reporters, whistle blowers and all who do not abide with every vile aspect of this increasingly malevolent administration. Holder too would prefer not to draw too much attention to the furious and ongoing hunt for former NSA contractor Booz Allen leaker Edward Snowden who will be brought back to Der Homeland in shackles and tortured as an example to all. Were this an earlier and less sophisticated time Snowden would just be publicly drawn and quartered like the Mel Gibson character in Braveheart but years of human experimentation in Gitmo and other CIA black sites have allowed the government to develop other methods. It is a sick and debauched evolution that fittingly belongs at Treblinka but that's the way we roll post 9/11. Not that I am an insensitive prick but the only real issue right now that is an existential threat is the NSA spying on everyone and everything.

Now let me preface what I am about to say with this: I am a law abiding, gun owner and a firm believer in the Second Amendment and our constitutional right to bear arms. I also believe that citizens of this country have the absolute right to use their legally ownerd firearms to stop harm to themselves and their families when threatened in a situation and location where it is merited. That being said I am embarrassed by the clownish antics of the gun lobby and  especially the NRA, an organization that long ago ceased to stand for anything but jacking up the profits of the gun and ammo manufacturers as they terrorize those most susceptible to paranoia and disinformation. I also feel nothing but disgust when there is an ugly public spectacle where  a death is caused by someone who is irresponsible (like George Zimmerman) because all that does is give more justification to the special interest groups that are hellbent on restricting gun ownership rights. This always results in a political feeding frenzy with both parties and their lackeys looking to score maximum points with their base voters. The administration shamelessly trots out poor Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords as a shill to sell policies while the opposition seems to have settled upon as their chief spokesmen for gun rights the jagoff Texas Senator Ted Cruz (Harvard educated and born in Canada) and the washed up, mangy former rock star Ted Nugent, a draft dodging baby daddy. I cannot possibly see how any self-respecting American would want to be associated with ANY of these assholes.

Obama has idiotically (but predictably) seized upon the Zimmerman verdict in all of its serendipitous travesty to shift all attention away from his administration's dismal civil liberties and human rights record. Now apparently aligning himself with Obama is the dyspeptic old fool John McCain, as usual slithering onto the Sunday morning bloviation circuit where state propaganda reigns. Consider that McCain also ardently defends big government whenever it comes to war, surveillance, show trials and torture. McCain also grumpily bitched about the ridiculous manufactured scandal over this week's Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. McCain practically sprayed flecks of spittle in denouncing the cover as "stupid", he obviously is still pissed off over the less than flattering expose that the magazine did of him a few years back entitled "Make Believe Maverick". You know when you are truly fucked when "bi-partisanship" only seems to exist whenever it comes to the media kingmakers and the need to ensure that civil liberties will never be restored, the military industrial and surveillance industrial gravy train will continue to roll. That Obama and McCain and the rest of the ready for television assclowns are treated with reverence as voices of authority truly shows how prophetic that the movie Idiocracy really is.

But I digress...

The Zimmerman case itself was exactly what you would expect in the state of Florida, the diseased penis of America where the freak flag always flies high and where the sitting governor is a man whose main claim to fame was that he once presided over the company responsible for the largest Medicare fraud in U.S. history. This is not a normal state and ranks right up there with Texas when it comes to oddities, freaks, perversion and general lunacy so just keep that in mind when considering all of this. That being said and not to get bogged down in any of the racial aspects of this thing but had the tubby self-proclaimed  neighborhood watch captain just listened to the cops and stayed in his car the nation would have been spared this entire sorry circus. Instead, with visions of Clint Eastwood movies dancing in his thick skull the out of shape 29 year old ignored the police advice and went after the black teenager, a lithe and muscular young man who just may have had more than a little bit of thug in him. A fight of some sort occurred and Zimmerman was getting the worst of it and then Martin was shot, nobody will ever know what really happened despite whatever hogwash is being peddled by both sides. The ghoulish media, the opportunists of both right-wing and left-wing stripes, worried gun industry lobbyists and the rancid Florida judicial system descended like vultures to feed on this tragedy. The entire nation was then subjected to yet another smutty televised trial (my god, has there ever been a country so obsessed with trials and punishment?) that much to the delight of Nancy Grace (who I strongly suspect gets sexually aroused over the slimy tales she covers) and the rest of the bottom feeders who were able to seamlessly transition from the Jodi Arias circus. We have come a long way from Judge Wapner in this land of court porn, once the potential for making money off of the crap was realized during the O.J. Simpson trial and the Rubicon was crossed. But that is another story for another time.

The Zimmerman case was a mind-boggling mess from the get go and the verdict was bound to set off a hellstorm of controversy no matter what the end result was. The only other witness to the incident is dead and as the saying goes, dead men tell no tales. George Zimmerman's father was a retired judge who appeared to be pulling strings behind the scenes, the alwyas 'fair and balanced' Fox's Sean Hannity gave the shooter a national platform from which to pontificate and Zimmerman's defense was be well funded by donations. The state of Florida botched it by bringing the second degree murder charge in the first place as reasonable doubt could have been established by a third-grader. The prosecution was so inept that at times it seemed to morph into Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden and the it wouldn't have been a shock to see Dancing Itos show up. Then there was the disastrous decision of putting Trayvon Martin's mush-mouthed girlfriend Rachel Jeantel on the stand without even bothering to consider that her inability to think or speak clearly would be exploited ruthlessly by the defense should have them all disbarred. The jury selection was farcical and lacked diversity and their credibility was immediately trashed days after the verdict when one of the ladies, known only as "B37" went on national television in an obvious attempt to cash in. I suppose that the less cynical should be surprised but anyone who has been carefully watching the descent and dismantling of America for a period of time recognizes the symptoms.

And now Obama is getting involved. The man has already proven that he is grossly incompetent and could fuck up a two car funeral and cynical aspirations aside over knocking the NSA revelations out of the news this is only going to lead to more problems. Never has a president been marketed so successfully and then turned out out to be an inept dope, the problem is that so much of the country is so dumbed down, brain washed and tuned out that they still keep buying his bullshit even long after the sell date has passed. The man actually is making many Americans come to the conclusion that maybe George W. Bush wasn't that bad and after all he did once send me six hundred bucks. Obama just allows his rogue Federal Reserve Chairman provide an endless flow money to the degenerate gamblers on Wall Street whose schemes will soon deliver the killing blow to the mythical American Dream.

So this is the sorry state as it currently sits as of Saturday morning in the soon to be smoldering ruins of this once great country. Detroit filed for bankruptcy the other day, it should be lost on nobody that the city was at one time an example of American economic and manufacturing prowess but that was back in the days before corporations were able to offshore jobs by the millions. Offshoring is like crack cocaine to short term profit driven executives and hedge fund hyenas and as brutally evident by 2013 Detroit - crack kills. And at this point free enterprise and honest capitalism is dead, we now have crack-ho economics as our national foundation. Nice.

Just imagine how a good explosion of race riots could bolster the case for not only more NSA spying, even stricter laws, more secret courts and of course further militarizing of the police. This will come in especially handy for Obama's successors when the economy finally careens into the abyss that is drunkenly stumbling towards thanks to Wall Street's overflowing punchbowl and Bernanke's heavy handed bartending.