Monday, July 22, 2013

More on the Pillorying of Rolling Stone

 Hey Boston, Why not attack the NYT? You hate the Yankees anyway.

The past week has been filled with the typical lies, hysteria and political grandstanding over the wholly manufactured insult to the victims (please) inflicted by Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone, which does produce some of the last remnants of serious investigative journalism in this rapidly closing society featured a cover picture of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhoknar Tsarnaev along with an in-depth story of how the young man went so bad. Rather than take the time to actually read the fucking piece the usual swine in the state/corporate media fired up the "Mighty Wurlitzer" and scrambled the winged monkeys. Thank God for the royal birth across the pond so this campaign of crap finally gets flushed out of the headlines, the venom directed at Rolling Stone by the sycophantic suck-up presstitutes whose investigative skills end at scribbling down anonymous notes by the beltway elite at a Washington area bar or cocktail party only betrays their betrayal of the craft.

One more vomit inducing exhibit is this - purportedly  in order to avenge the honor of Boston some nincompoop named Sgt.Sean Murphy of the Massachusetts State Police was relieved of duty after leaking an unauthorized picture of Tsarnaev after he was cornered like a rat by a virtual army of paramilitary police. So of course Murphy, much like fat George Zimmerman has become a martyr to the cause of escalating right-wing insurrection against the government and of curse the hated libruls (sic). This morning while reviewing the early news I practically choked on my coffee laughing at this ludicrous story on Fox News's website. The story, entitled Thousands rally online in support of Massachusetts cop who leaked bomber photos. Now anyone running short on time would glance at the headline and possibly assume that angry mobs were taking to the streets but that would of course be wrong. The key word of course is "online" and the piece in Fox's typical pants on fire fashion refers to a Facebook page very originally set up and named "Save Sgt. Sean Murphy". Not to be lost in the weeping and gnashing of teeth is that Fox covered every ridiculous teabagger rally that consisted of six or seven indignant pasty white fatties standing around in the parking lot of their local Waffle House with a "Show Us Your Birth Certificate" sign as though it were the million man march. The day that Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are both finally dead and roasting on spits in Hell will be a great day for America, that is if anything is left of it after their Julius Streicher inspired "journalism" brainwashed and inculcated violent behavior in so many for so long.

As for Boston and the ongoing keening about the trauma that the victims are being made to suffer because in a land where at least there is some remaining concept of a "free press" and "freedom of speech - DEAL WITH IT! If you take the time to go out and look on the internet at some of the collateral damage that is inflicted on innocent civilians in the foreign lands occupied by the American Empire I would say that you all got off pretty lucky. Especially since a good amount of you support the ongoing foreign wars and murder of women and children by bombs, drones and missiles and as the propaganda that was used to sell fear to the schmucks - the homeland is a battlefield too.This is the dark side of the country that you live in and don't preach that freedom isn't free or any of those other horseshit slogans, you Bostonians are after all the ones who allowed the paramilitary goon squads to put portions of your city under martial law, allowing the police and Homeland Security forces entry into your homes without warrants all to find one little punk. You people make me sick. Sometimes life sucks but it sucks one hell of a lot less when you don't live in a country that is in America's bombsites, the carnage in Iraq is unbelievable and it has been going on for one hell of a long time and that is just the most recent example, go and read up on how many civilians were slaughtered or incinerated by U.S. military forces in Vietnam. Better yet, go and research the U.S. support of murderers and torturers over the last fifty or so years, a word of advice is that you had best have a strong stomach when you read what has been perpetrated in the name of "freedom".